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Where to Find Sliver of Adderstone in New World

The developers of the New World have added an extremely rare material called Sliver of Adderstone. Unfortunately, this material is quite hard to come by, and players need to grind quite a lot and pray to lady luck to a large extent for this item. So, is it worth grinding out this item? Is it even worth it? Let's find out.


Slivers of Adderstone is a special resource found in the New World. It is so rare to procure that players have posted threads on various forums, claiming that it isn't a real item, and the developers added its name to prank the players and send them on a wild goose chase. Other players have claimed that the rarity is bugged; in reality, it is way easier to obtain; the developers just need to fix this. However, nearly a year later, no such patch was added that changes anything pertaining to this item, and it really is this rare.

For any avid New World player, this resource is truly important, and it is recommended that everyone grab this item to improve their gaming experience.

What does this item do?

Are you ever out adventuring, realizing you cannot carry more items? Then you have to go through the painful dumping of items, prioritizing which one is valuable and which one can be gotten rid of without long-term consequences. The other alternative is that you are over-encumbered and have to walk slowly to your base of operations. It is painful to happen to a player, and it can happen easily to even the most skilled players.

Luckily, the developers added an item to ensure this problem is a little less common, and adventuring needn't turn into a resource prioritization mission. Yup, you guessed right, this item is the Sliver of Adderstone. This item is a special resource, with a weight of 0.1. Like other special resources, this item infuses certain perks into craftable equipment. 

This special resource's effect is that you can hold 50-95 more weight. It is called 'Extra Pockets.' When infusing your gear with this item, you can locate it in the Special Resources expanded menu. Hoarding items will still be hard, especially if you have a knack for grabbing everything, but things will be easier once you use this item for its perk.

Finding Sliver of Adderstone in New World

How do I grab this item if it's so rare?

Considering the rarity of the item, some special efforts need to be put in to have a chance at procuring this item. First, ensure you have the decent gear to hunt for this material. 

First things first, make sure to get your hands on mining armor. Make sure it has the perk 'Reinforced Mining Luck.' A mining set is a set that drops from enemies that are level 20+ and are also rewards from certain missions. Make sure your mining skill is at a high level too. If you cannot find this armor, you can buy it at the trading post in exchange for money. Since you will also be roaming in the wild, make sure you're strong enough to evade and take down danger. Finally, make sure you have enough luck on your pickaxe. My pickaxe has 6.4% luck, and it's somewhat manageable.

Now that you are geared with the optimal armor, it's time to eat some dishes to increase your mining luck. Eating any meal that has potatoes in it (example – Herb Roasted Potatoes) grants you higher mining luck up to 1400 points. Make a bunch of these dishes if you plan on grinding for long, as you don't want to return to your base to make the same dishes.

Now that you have maximized your luck using in-game mechanics, it's time to head out and explore the world of Aeternum and look for Boulders. Don't leave a single boulder untouched, and farm each one. Another benefit to this grinding is that your mining level goes up since you are farming boulders. This is a great source of passive mining XP while you look for the item.

It may seem like a huge waste of time, but you can get the item in due time with enough patience and time invested.

What if I don't want to grind this much?

Grinding for the Sliver of Adderstone can be a daunting task and sometimes can make you wonder why you are even grinding for it. But you continue due to the Sunken Cost Fallacy, especially when you have spent a lot of time on it.

There is another way to get it that may be easier than others. You can scour the Trading Post and hope someone has set up a sell order. You can also set up a buy order and hope someone fills it too. However, due to its exceedingly high rarity, there might be people who might not be willing to sell you their commodity. In the off-chance that they do, it will be extremely costly and might be worth it to grind it yourself.

What if one day you see the Sliver of Adderstone on the Trading Post? This is an item everyone is gunning for, so you need to grab it quickly. But what if you don't have the money ready? Someone else might grab the item you were desperately grinding for. It is unfortunate, but it can be fixed if you keep spare money around.

New World coins can be earned by grinding various aspects of the game. However, it can sometimes be hard to have enough coins due to the player upgrading and buying new gear sets. Thus, sometimes you may not have spare coins for the Sliver of Adderstone sell order. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this. You can acquire New World Coins in exchange for real money, at cheap rates!

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Sliver of Adderstone in New World

Common Tips for this item

Spending your time grinding in higher-tier areas might be a good idea, as those places have a slightly higher drop rate, given they pose a higher risk and danger. Some places are – Restless Shores, Everfall, and Devil's Quarry in Monarch. These places aren't guaranteed to have a higher drop rate, but it is worth a shot if you have the stats and gear to survive these places. Remember, you need every bit of luck on your side. Keep in mind that an easier way to increase storage space is to grind leather and make bags with extra pockets in the same amount of time, which is also way easier than the Sliver's grind.


The Sliver of Adderstone isn't the easiest item to grind in this game; it's certainly doable. You just need enough determination. We hope this guide gave you a general idea of how to acquire the item. Now roam around the lands of Aeternum, farming every boulder, wearing your fancy mining armor, cooking your favorite potato dish, and grinding for that Sliver of Adderstone!

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