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Why you should try playing Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is considered one of the most unique projects in the gaming industry because it combines the theme of adventure, open space exploration and large-scale confrontations between humans and alien invaders, in which it is important to repel an attack that was repelled by several types of characters at once.

You will be doing destiny 2 boosting on one of the selected characters, which will depend on your favorite gaming style.


You must choose one of three game classes, which will become your main one in the next hours of gameplay and leveling up in Destiny 2.

All selected characters will be equipped with small arms, but depending on the role and development of the class, they will have unique skills, mechanics and gaming capabilities.


This is a hero who is always equipped with heavy armor, despite the fact that the development of the era has advanced into the distant future and the hero can often resemble a medieval knight who has an impressive stature and steel fists, which he can launch into battle along with small arms and the ability to activate a shield, which will protect the hero himself and all allies who are behind him.

It is important to remember that the shield has a directional action and if you do not take into account the direction of the attack, you can miss attacks from the flanks and rear.

As you already understood, this is a defensive character who stands in the forefront and, in addition to small arms, uses various mechanics and skills to prevent opponents from reaching allies. Particularly effective against raid bosses, who deal strong and lethal damage to all types of characters, except the titan itself, which perfectly holds it off, especially with the support of healers.

Titan can also provide a good grind, due to the ability to provoke and hold a large number of enemies and not die under their onslaught longer than other heroes and, if necessary, scatter them around with powerful blows to the ground.

Without titan, it is difficult to imagine a truly fast and stable D2 boost as part of a group.


This is a hero who never stops relying on magic, in any game stages and regardless of the main mechanics.

You can develop your hero towards attacking spells in order to inflict stable magical damage on a cluster of enemies - this is one of the best heroes specifically for grinding, because it consistently attacks all types of monsters.

A warlock can also go the healing route - create special zones in which all non-hostile characters will receive healing and enhancing effects.

Otherwise, he is an attacking hero who uses ranged weapons and combines his attacks with magic to deal high damage and provide a consistent Destiny 2 boost.


This is a full-fledged hero and shooter who focuses only on attack mechanics in his gameplay.

The Hunter can use stealth skills and grenades, as well as melee weapons, to fight all types of opponents at any range and conditions and retain the ability to disengage from combat if necessary.

Of course, it is better not to bring the battle to the point where you have to switch to a knife fight, because these are dangerous and unfavorable conditions, because the hunter remains a ranged hero and his element is to attack from a distance and knock down the enemy’s armor, acting from behind Your allies who provide your cover.

If the Titan provides protection, and the Warlock provides healing and buffing, then the Hunter can deal massive damage even alone, because it is a full-fledged attack class in Destiny 2.


D2 has a format that allows you to prepare for a raid theme, or have a dungeon that you can regularly run with a small group, or alone.

This is a linear gameplay in which you enter the dangerous zone and begin to destroy the boss and the entire retinue that will try to prevent you from doing this.

All strikes are designed for a group of three characters, who will be able to receive enhanced equipment and weapons that will help strengthen their offensive and defensive potential and prepare players for more complex formats of raids, grinding, quests and other gameplay.

If you wish, you can even complete the strike alone - all the characters in Destiny 2 have enough attacking potential to do it alone, but you need to be prepared for the fact that it will not be easy, and you must first destroy the entire retinue and only then switch to the main boss.

The main prize for your efforts will be 100% receipt of all the drops for killing the boss, but remember that such rewards are of a chance nature, in which you can get any item that is in his drop list.


Raids play a dual role in Destiny 2.

On the one hand, this is a format for uniting players to complete difficult tasks, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to get an alternative way to obtain unique pieces of equipment and weapons that often cannot be obtained in any other way.

Raids come in varying degrees of difficulty, and the higher the difficulty, the greater the chance of getting legendary equipment.

To successfully complete dungeons, you need a tank and a healer, as well as attacking heroes.

There are many guides and other ideas on how to complete difficult raids in small groups in order to take the entire reward for yourself, or have an increased chance of receiving it, but it is advisable that you first complete the raid in the classic way, so that you understand all the peculiarities of the behavior of the boss and his guards, understand all the dangers of setting up a dungeon and when you understand what to expect and what roles each character plays, you can move on to the complex format of killing the boss as part of a small group.

Leveling up

If we compare all the ways to gain levels in Destiny 2, then first there will be quests and contracts, then grinding on locations - that is, clearing monsters that suit your levels and only then raids and strikes, and then the latter are needed more for interesting gameplay and getting opportunities to get valuable items to strengthen your hero.

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