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10 Best Weapons for Shipment Map in COD Mobile

Shipment is one of the smallest and favorite map in COD Mobile. It offers great graphics and a square-shaped design, where the players get a lot of fun. Using the best weapon in COD Mobile can improve your kill streak and gaming experience. In this article, you will know which are the 10 best weapons for Shipment Map in COD Mobile, according to my perspective.

10 Best Weapons for Shipment Map in COD Mobile:

1. AK117:

AK117 is an Assault weapon that works great in Shipment Map. The recoil of the AK117 is low and offers 48 Mag attachment, meaning that you can kill multiple enemies in Shipment with fewer reloads.

AK117 with optic in Shipment Map COD Mobile

It has 25 damage which is decent for small maps. I would recommend to use AK117 in a cover location in order to achieve good gameplay.

2. DR-H:

DR-H offers a 32 damage which is excellent to kill the enemies in a few fires. However, it offers a maximum 30 Mag attachment, which means you need to reload this weapon many times. Due to its damage, this weapon is on this list.

You can use a Monolithic Suppressor to reduce the sound and improve the range. DR-H works best in cover and non-cover locations.

3. FR .556:

The reason for adding the FR .556 assault weapon to this list is due to its firing experience and default optic design. It offers 27 damage, but its default optic is wonderful for close-quarter combat.

In Shipment Map, it's great for Hardpoint matches, because you can use it for close-range enemies.

4. QQ9:

If you want to rust on the enemies in the Shipment map, then QQ9 is the good weapon for it. Its ADS Time is low, which is suited for close-range players. However, its recoil is slightly high, but still, this SMG works great in Shipment.

Red color QQ9 SMG in Shipment Map COD Mobile

You can use the 45 Extended Mag attachment, which helps to kill more enemies without reloading the weapon many times. In the barrel attachment, you can use a Monolithic Integral Suppressor to improve its mobility and reduce the sound.

5. PP19 Bizon:

Getting a great experience in COD Mobile is mandatory to fulfil our fun. The PP19 Bizon offers a pleasant feeling in the game, especially when used with Monolithic Suppressor. 

ADS Open of PP19 Bizon SMG with double kill streak in Shipment Map COD Mobile

It's an SMG weapon that has 30 Damage which is good enough for smaller to medium maps. You can use Large Caliber Ammo A to get 64 Mag in the game. The recoil is comparatively lower than other SMGs, making it great for maps like King, Crash, Nuketown, etc.

6. RUS 79-U:

RUS 79-U is a balanced weapon that is suited for close to medium-range enemies. If you have good hand control, then this weapon helps you to kill more enemies in the Shipment map.

When RUS 79-U is used with the YKM Integral Suppressor Light barrel, your ADS time increases and sound reduces, which is beneficial for small maps.

7. Fennec:

Fennec is an SMG weapon that has high recoil but works best in close-quarter combat. When the Akimbo perk is used with Fennec, you can give double damage to the enemy. 

Fennec is suitable for Hardpoint and Domination matches in Shipment. This gun is not for camping. So, the players should use Fennec who rushes or doesn't like to camp in the game.

8. KRM-262 Shotgun:

Shotgun lovers should use KRM-262 in Shipment Maps because it delivers a great experience with one shot one kill. In fact, Shipment is the best map to practice and improve your accuracy with Shotgun.

KRM-262 can kill an enemy in one shot from a close range. Using the Lightweight perk in the Shortgun Loadout will 5% improve your running speed which makes difficult for your opponents to kill you. In this time, you only need to one shot to the enemy.

9. Chopper LMG:

Chopper is a great LMG for Shipment map when used with Heavy Handle underbarrel. It offers a 100 Mag, which is excellent for killing many enemies in the Shipment map.

You can also achieve Nuke in the Shipment map with Chopper LMG easily. It's suited for all types of ranges, i.e. Close to Long range. I would not recommend to use RPD and M4 - LMG due to their high ADS time.

10. DL Q33 / Locus Sniper:

The DL Q33 and Locus are great choices for Sniper lovers for Shipment map in COD Mobile. If you're a pro or want to become a pro in Sniping, then you should use DL Q33 and Locus.

It's a bit difficult to play in close-quarter combat with Sniper, but the fun we get after killing the enemies with it is outstanding. Snipers also have High Damage which mostly kills the enemies in one shot.

2 Tips to Improve Your Gaming Experience in Shipment Map:

Here are the Two Tips which help to improve your Gaming Experience in the Shipment map:

1. Molotov Cocktail:

Shipment is a small map, where Molotov Cocktail helps to fire the ground on a particular radius. When an enemy comes to the affected area of your Molotov, their health decreases due to fire on the ground. It is best for Hardpoint and Domination matches in the Shipment map.

Molotov Cocktail in Shipment Map COD Mobile

2. Lightweight Perk:

Lightweight perk improves your running speed by 5%. Shipment is a small map, so once your running speed is better, then it makes the enemies difficult to kill you.

Which Scorestreaks are best for Shipment Map:

If you use suitable Scorestreaks, then you can convert your Shipment gameplay to the next level. Here are the three Scorestreaks that I recommend to use in the Shipment map:

AK117 Loadouts with Cluster Strike, Stealth Chopper, and VTOL Scorestreaks in COD Mobile

1. Stealth Chopper: 

It is an attacking helicopter which kills the enemies via fire. It is an AI-controlled scorestreak which unlocks when completing a 1000 score without dying. Stealth chopper can improve your kill streak in Shipment. However, it doesn't kill those enemies which are using the Cold Blooded perk and located in a covered location.

2. Cluster Strike:

A Cluster Strike is a continuous missile attack on a desired location for a particular time. It kills the enemies affected by Cluster Strike missiles. It unlocks when completing a 950 score without dying, which lets you activate on a Hardpoint or Domination capturing location. Shipment is a small map so that you can achieve a lot of kills with Cluster Strike.

3. VTOL: 

VTOL is a manually controlled missile-throwing Airship that allows you to kill enemies. This scorestreak is excellent for Hardpoint and Domination matches because your opponents need to capture these points to speed up their kill limit. VTOL allows you to kill the enemies in an affected area via Missiles. However, you need to complete a 1600 score without dying to unlock VTOL in the game.

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