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How to Make Best Elden Ring Bleed Build

Bleed Builds are the most OP ones in Elden Ring, being carried out throughout the other SoursBorne games. Well, it isn’t about the whole build that you put together, but rather the weapon you use for Blood Loss and then patch up different things to make it work out. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we will be sharing with you an incredible guide to making the Best Elden Ring Bleed Build.

A misconception is that the Bleed Builds are always around the Dexterity stat. But, that is not the case here. The Best Blood Builds in Elden Ring are all around a balanced Arcane and Dexterity altogether. 

Dexterity means you are more agile and deal more damage to the enemies, while Arcane means your Bleed Effect is going to tear enemies apart when the Blood Loss Build is completed. They are like Jelly and Butter together. 

How to Make Best Elden Ring Bleed Build

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What makes the Build Stand Strong?

When it comes to the Bleed Builds, there is something satisfying about them, especially when you complete the bar and the enemy just loses a huge chunk of its health. Another thing is that you are always in the mood for combat here because there is nothing to defend with.

You are all into attacking enemies with your menacingly strong and agile weapons. You will have to make things work out using your skills in dodging, timely attacking, and getting out of there before things get bad. 

There is always a sense of danger here while working with the Dexterity and Arcane will let you go for various builds, weapons, talismans, and so on. There is versatility here, making this build quite fun. 

Best Stat for Elden Ring Best Rivers of Blood Build

Just like before, your focus here should be going for the specific stats like Arcane and Dexterity first. Afterward, you can put your points in the area of Vigor and lately Endurance as well. 


The main source of your Elden Ring Bleed Build is going to be Arcane. The weapon basically scales with Arcane here in Elden Ring, helping you with incantations, casts, and so on. 

Besides Dexterity and Strength, most people like to put their focus toward Arcane when making a Blood Loss Effect Build just like this one. You can automatically enhance the discovery with it. 


It is one of the most offensive stats in existence, focusing on movement, quickness, and agility. Strength is the other side of the same coin here, focusing on power. 

When you wield any Bleed Weapon in the game, it is going to be a Dexterity weapon, at least most of the time if you want us to be honest here. The Katana, Pose, Fists, Fangs, and so on, all of them are Dexterity weapons.

So, it’s basically clear that the quickest weapons in the game are guaranteed dexterity-based weapons. Same as that when you are looking to make the Best Bleed Build in existence with your Rivers of Blood, you need to go with the Dexterity stat, enhancing your speed, and agility, ultimately building the Bleed faster as you hit enemies and allowing you to dodge them effectively as well.


You will find Vigor as a sub-attribute to push later on in nearly all the builds you will find in Elden Ring. The obvious reason is your health and as you proceed in the dangerous world of the Elden Ring, you will find enemies getting stronger.

They will one shot kill you all of a sudden and you wouldn’t want that because souls/runes drop and they are hard to pick later on. In order to tackle that, you will have to put points in Vigor, making your health bar extend and letting you live after multiple hits from enemies. It basically increases your life.


As you proceed with the Build, you would want to invest a ton of points in Mind as well because of its use with the Ash of War, Incantations, and Spells you will be using besides your Build. 

There are enemies that are resistant to the Bleed Effect and in that case, you will be using your Magic to take them down. Here, the Mind comes into consideration.

Recommended Distribution

  • 50 Dexterity

  • 45 Arcane

  • 40 Vigor

  • 30 Endurance and Mind

  • 18 Faith

  • 12 Strength

  • 9 Intelligence

You can make them feel perfect for your gameplay based on the build you like or the weapons you are choosing for your Elden Ring Blood Build. Higher points in Arcane and Dexterity are your main focus here, while Vigor, Endurance, and Mind come as secondary.

Our recommendation would be to put points in all the categories first and then proceed with putting points on what you want, as you proceed in the game. 

Best Class for Bleed Build

Best Class for Bleed Build

When you are getting started with a Blood Build in Elden Ring, there are two classes that come before any other. These are the Samurai and Bandit Classes. Bandit is your primary Class that is worth getting due to the sheer number of Arcane and Dex points.

Samurai Class is also mentioned as the Best one for a bleed because of the Equipment you are getting, along with a focus on Dexterity, as well as Endurance. You have Uchigatana and that beautiful Samurai Armor that makes the game strong. 

By the Way, Uchigatana is a Katana with a spectacular stance, amazing Bleed Effect, and effortlessness when talking about its usability.

Best Weapons for Elden Ring Bleed Build

Best Weapons for Elden Ring Bleed Build

In order to make the Best Elden Ring Bleed Build you will have to choose your weapon wisely. The weapon should have the Dexterity scaling, along with Arcane, and on top of all that Blood Loss Effect. There are quite a ton of weapons with Bleed, but with stats like these, you will find quite a few.

Make sure you have a Sacred Seal with you before you actually jump straight to the Weapons here. They are used beside the weapon you will be picking to inflict bleed. You might ask what’s the purpose? Well, Sacred Seals are used to cast incantations in the Elden Ring, putting them in your left hand, while the weapon is in your right hand. 

Dragon Communion Seal

The Seal you will be using here is none other than the Dragon Communion Seal. Yes, it is used specifically for the casting of Dragon Incantations and boosts them with a 15 percent increment on top. 

Also, it enhances your Bleed Stats effect done by the spells you are using. In order to use this spectacular Seal, you will have to put 10 points in Arcane and Faith.

Rivers of Blood

The Best Weapon to ever bless the gaming community is none other than Rivers of Blood. It is a Katana that comes with the special skill of Corpse Piler. It repeats the Slash Attack multiple times, building the Bleed Effect on enemies faster and dealing tons of damage.

You can get this spectacular weapon from the Bloody Finger Okina who is outside Repose Church on the Tops of Giants in the Southeast area. In order to wield it, you will need to have 20 Arcane, 12 Strength, and 18 Dexterity.

Uchigatana (Blood)

In case you picked the Samurai Class from the beginning because of the physically appealing suit, you start off with none other than Uchigatana. It is a Katana in the Elden Ring that causes Bleed Effect on enemies. 

You can also get this weapon from the Limgrave Death Touched Catacombs as well if you are interested. On top of all of this, you can go with the Ash of War here, known as Bloody Slash which takes the Blood Build on this weapon to a whole new level. 

In order to wield this weapon, you need to have 15 Dexterity and 11 Strength, which the Samurai Build already comes with.

Twinblade Godskin Peeler

Something unexpected here, but truly worth every bit of your precious time. The Godskin Peeler is a Dexterity Weapon in Elden Ring that also requires a considerable amount of Strength from you.

The Radagon Soreseal is a good thing to put when using the Godskin Peeler because of the Strength requirements here. When it comes to Bleed Effect Buildup, the Godskin Peeler comes as number 2, right after the Rivers of Blood.

You won’t be getting the Bleed initially after using the Twinblade here, but due to the agility, the style, and the power, it is known as one of the most powerful weapons in existence. 

Topping it off is the Black Flame Tornado skill that can also be infused with the Ash of War Blood, making it one of the best weapons for Elden Ring Bleed Builds. In order to use this weapon, you will be needing 22 Dexterity and 17 Strength.

Poleblade (Eleonora's)

Something unique and different from other weapons used to make Best Elden Ring Bleed Build is Poleblade from Eleonora. Twinblades are exceptional for Blood Loss building, specifically because of the Bloodblade Dance, which is the Special Skill.

After activating it, your character will start spinning, dealing AOE damage with slashes and tons of Bleed. The only thing that takes it down is the use of Ash of War and there is none here. 

Due to the unique attack pattern and Fire damage on top of Bleed Build, as well as agility, we can pretty much guarantee you that Eleonara’s Poleblade is the best Twinblade in the game.

Make sure you have 19 Arcane, 12 Strength, and 24 Dexterity in order to wield this weapon because it is the minimum requirement.

Nagakiba (Blood)

is Quite like Uchigatana but has more range, as well is harder to get. The only thing that makes it great is the Ash of War Blood, causing the passive bleed on the enemies or doubling the effects.

One thing that we do recommend here with the Nagakiba is putting Uchigatana as a dual wield. One of them is in your right hand and the other is in your left hand. Just have 22 Dexterity and 18 Strength in case you want to put Nagakiba (Blood) in your arsenal.

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Serpent God Curved Sword (Blood)

We don’t actually recommend going for this weapon or the next up we are going to mention here in our guide on How to Make the Best Elden Ring Bleed Build. Still, there are some players who don’t want to stick with the Katanas and in this case, the next candidate is the Curved Sword category. 

In case you are looking for a challenge or a weapon that scales with Strength and Dexterity while providing you with an exceptional Bleed on top, then stick with the Serpent God Curved Sword (Blood). 

It has the Blood Ash of War and the ability to be upgraded. You can also go a step further and scale the weapon with Arcane as well. Get 9 points on Dexterity and 13 on Strength to wield the weapon itself. The thing that makes this weapon lacking is its speed and agility.

Best Ash of War for Bleed Build

Best Ash of War for Bleed Build

If there is no Ash of War in your Build, then it actually isn’t related to Bleed in any way or form. To actually make the best Blood Build in Elden Ring, you will have to stick with a great Ash of War that makes your build stand out.

Below, we got some of the best Ash of War for your weapons that remained quite similar throughout the journey in Elden Ring. Whether you are going with Katana, Sword, or Spear, these Ashes of War will remain the same throughout.

You just have to make sure that the weapon has Blood Affinity before you pick it up for the Ash of War play. When you put the Ash of War on the weapon, the other scalings will be put down drastically.

Bloody Slash

When you use the Bloody Slash in Elden RIng, your weapon will be coated with Blood and there will be agile slashes on the enemies. The Ash of War itself has a medium range, but it does the attacks in an AOE. The damage is quite low on the higher levels, but at the beginning of the game, at the early stages, the damage is quite high. 

One thing to know is that the Bloody Slash doesn’t Build Bleed. Once you get to advance from the lower level to the higher level, make sure you are using the next two we are going to mention here in our list.

You can get the Bloody Slash from the Godrick Knight in Fort Haight.

Blood Blade

When you use the Ash of War Blood Blade, your weapon will again be coated with Blood. After using it, there will be a Bleed Build, unlike the Bloody Slash. You can even use it multiple times for exceptional Bleed Build and devastating damage to the enemies.

But, as a whole, the damage isn’t that great, especially in contrast to the Bloody Slash. But, the real reason it is better for mid to late game is its Bleed Build-up. You can get it from the Site of Grace, in the Altus Plateau, from Tear Scarab.


The most Legendary Blood Ash of War is none other than the Seppuku itself. You might have seen players striking themselves before going into combat. Well, that’s Seppuku right there. At the cost of your Health, you will cover your main weapon with Blood.

It will enhance its Bleed effect, lasting for 60 seconds and you can get it effortlessly in the Site of Grace, Freezing Lake.

Best Armor for Bleed Build

Best Armor for Bleed Build

While other things are quite important for the Bleed Build, especially when it comes to weapons, Armor and what you wear aren’t. You just have to make sure you are medium rolling in general, as a maximum. In case you are good with everything and you are light rolling, then it’s actually the optimal form of Bleed Build here.

Most of the time people put various pieces together to make their build stand out. In simple wording, it is for the aesthetics here. You can put in anything you like, but if you ask us for a recommendation, there are a few things;

Royal Remain Set

Well, the reason we put this set here is the passive ability, giving your HP regeneration when you are in the blink of death. On top of that the aesthetics of the Set are quite good as well. You can get it by fighting Ensha of the Royal Remains and going to the Roundtable Hold.

White Mask

You need to put in the White Mask here, which is a Head Piece meant for enhancement of the Blood Effect. You can get it from the Mohgwyn Invader. It will enhance the attack power when you have Bleed Build around you, either yourself or the team.

Raptor’s Black Feathers

It will give you a bonus on your attacks that are related to jump. Get it from the Sage’s Cave, but no need to fight enemies. There is a hidden wall there and you will find it behind that. If you can, just put a Claw Talisman with this and you will gain an extra boost on top.

Best Talisman for Bleed Build

The extras you need on your build are the Talismans. There are quite a few ones you can actually go for here that will fit the Bleed Build and we are going to mention them below, along with details on why we chose them.

Lord of Blood Exultation

Your go-to Talisman here in the Best Elden Ring Bleed Build with nearly any weapon you choose is going to be the Lord of Blood Exultation. It will enhance your attack power by 20 percent for a total of around 20 seconds in the game.

It activates when there is an enemy nearby getting affected by Bleed Effect. You are on a constant Bleed Build, doing Bleed damage to the enemies, so this right here is benefitting you a lot. With the White Mask of Varre, this truly outshines every other.

Radagon’s Soreseal

This Talisman will increase your stats, specifically related to Strength, Dexterity, Vigor, and Endurance, giving you a boost in these slots. There is a drawback here as well because you are getting the enhanced stats at the cost of taking more physical damage from enemies, around 15 percent more. Put some HP Flasks in your arsenal if you want to make it work out.

Radagon Icon

The GOAT of all time is the Radagon Icon which reduces your sorcery's time, taking less time to cast them. There are going to be incantations in this build which we are going to mention below and in case you want to make them work better, just put on the Radagon Icon.

You can literally spam your incantations with this Talisman. Butter on top, you will be given 30 dexterity just for the use of spells after equipping this masterpiece.

Marika’s Soreseal

It is quite like the Radagon Soreseal, changing your stats like Mind, Arcane, Faith, and Intelligence. It puts 5 points in all of those, while you will take more damage from your enemies in return. 

Well, we don’t actually want you to put it in your arsenal when every stat is perfectly in its place. But in case you are short of some type of Attribute like Faith,  Intelligence, Mind, or Arcane, just use it for the period till you can adjust them through level upgrades. 

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

It will enhance your attack ability, based on the three tiers of successful attacks. Quite important to have in the Bleed Build, especially when there are twin blades or you are just going all offensive on the field. The Winged Sword Insignia is the un-upgraded version that you can also use here.

Claw Talisman

A simple Talisman without any backend hidden mechanics. It will give you a boost on jump attacks, pumping them to 15 percent more. In the Bleed Build, you will jump attacking all the time, so it is a vital Talisman for those with this play style.

Shard of Alexander

Lastly, the Shard of Alexander will enhance your skills and attack power. In case you are with the Rivers of Blood Katana or any other Bleed weapon consisting of the Corpse Piler skill or something else, it will boost it up, making it much stronger.

Best Incantations for Bleed Build

Best Incantations for Bleed Build

The main focus here is your Weapon obviously, but there are certain times when the enemy you are facing has resistance to your Physical Attacks. In this case, you will be using Magic more often than you did like.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to take any extra steps with your Attributes, because the Bleed Builds are based on Arcane as their primary Attribute and your Incantations also revolve around this specific slot. 

We will be mentioning a ton of Dragon Incantations here because they are the best spells in the entire game and Bleed Effect spells are mostly Dragon related. In order to get them, go find dragons and get their heart, then take them to the Church or the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. 

For the most optimized Bleed Build or the strongest one, you need to have a pair of Bleed Weapons with Blood Incantations. Here are a few of those we recommend putting in your arsenal.

Swarm of Flies

After using this spell, the character will conjure Sawm of Flies, throwing them towards enemies in an AOE, dealing a ton of Bleed Damage to them. Get 16 Arcane and 11 Faith to use it.

Ekzyke’s Decay

You will turn into a Dragon. Yes, you will conjure a dragon that will throw a Scarlet Rot, dealing massive physical damage along with a magical one. The effect that enemies have to go through is Scarlet Rot and it is amongst the deadliest in the game. You will need 23 Faith and 15 Arcane to equip this.


The most legendary Bleed Incantation is none other than the Bloodboon. It will create blood slash, put fire on the ground, and has a ton of damage. Who is near the flame or on it, will receive damage per second. Put 17 on Arcane and 14 on Faith to use it.

Greyoll’s Roar

It is a Debuff Incantation that will take away the attack power, around 20 percent of it. In return, you will gain attack power, but it requires a massive 28 Faith and 17 Arcane to use it.


Elden Ring has some of the best builds to ever exist in any SoulsBourne games. But, there is one that puts every other to sleep except the magic ones. Yes, we are talking about the Blood Builds Elden Ring has to offer. Here in our guide we How to Make the Best Elden Ring Bleed Build.

There are various weapons you can use here, each one having a plus point the other while having a negative aspect on top as well. You can put together the Talismans, Armor, Incantations, and so on, as you see fit. 

This is the beauty of the Best Bleed Builds. You can put different things around, and mix together various things to make them stand out. It can be something unique that you can call your invention and goes perfectly with your style.

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