World of Warcraft Classic Will Shut Down Auction House For five Days

As World of Warcraft Classic transitions from Vanilla to The Burning Crusade in the coming weeks, players can expect some bumps along the way.

WoW Classic players will be unable to use the in-game auction house in the coming days, and during the transition, players have been notified that the Auction House will not be available to anyone.

As revealed by Blizzard on the game's official forums, auction houses across all WoW Classic servers will be shutting down at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET on May 14, and won't be brought back online until the arrival of the game's Burning Crusade pre-patch following server maintenance on May 18. WoW Classic's Auction House Is Shutting Down For 5 Days Ahead Of The Burning Crusade Pre-Patch. The move is being done to help get the game's existing servers ready for their Burning Crusade upgrade, as well as to prepare new, Classic Era servers which won't receive the pre-patch.

Blizzard is advising players not to post items on the auction house shortly before May 14, as nobody will be able to use the auction house during the maintenance period and deposit fees for posting items will be unable to be refunded. And as the movement between Classic and TBC Classic nears, the WoW Classic gold orders on our website will also not be available for auction house transactions, and we recommend that you choose Mailbox trading methods.

The Auction Houses will be unavailable between 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. EDT) on Friday, May 14 and whatever time the pre-patch becomes available on May 18th, then Auction house transactions will return to normal.