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WoW Classic TBC: what to do at Level 70
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By Anna|December 2, 2021|1081 Views,1 Comments

we’ll give you many ideas that might keep you busy for the next upcoming months.

Gaming News
WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 offers a ton of new content
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By Anna|September 17, 2021|1044 Views,0 Comments

WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 is introducing new 25-man raids, and a new Arena season, amongst other bits of content!

Gaming News
Why Grind Dungeons in WoW Classic TBC
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By kevin|June 17, 2021|968 Views,0 Comments

Dungeons are going to be one of the fastest ways to grind to level 70 in Burning Crusade Classic, so they're well worth your time.

Gaming News
WoW Classic TBC Gold Making Tips
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By kevin|June 17, 2021|2458 Views,1 Comments

The reason you should invest your WoW Classic TBC Gold now is that almost everything will get more expensive after TBC Classic released, and even before that.