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Why Grind Dungeons in WoW Classic TBC

World of Warcraft Classic has finally taken the leap to Burning Crusade Classic, and there's tons of new content in TBC to explore on your way to 70.

You'll be able to get your first mount at level 30 (it's level 40 in Classic) and the mount and mount-training cost have both been reduced. Additionally, the experience needed to get from 20-60 has been lessened while the experience from quests between level 30-60 has been increased. More quests and quest hubs have been added and some existing elite quests have been toned down to non-elite.

While these aren't huge changes, they should make the leveling process a little less daunting for fresh characters.

There are some fantastic new zones with very engaging questlines, and these might be the obvious first stop on your leveling journey.

But if you want to get maximum value out of your path, it's worth suiting up for the WoW Classic TBC Dungeon grin.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic dungeon levels are not immediately obvious, but it's something you'll want to be aware of as you venture into the Outlands. Each of the 15 new dungeon instances are geared to a specific level range, offering valuable loot and experience points for players of the appropriate level. In fact, dungeons are going to be one of the fastest ways to grind to level 70 in Burning Crusade Classic, so they're well worth your time.

But for players wanting to play their own way to 70 in TBC, Dungeon grinding is a good middle ground between speed, efficiency, and entertainment.


One of the most convincing reason to Dungeon grind in Burning Crusade Classic is that Reputation is king, and Dungeons are a very efficient way to stack your Reputations while you level.

Reputation is the gateway to some very powerful gear, recipes, and more, so you will mostly tailor your path through to 70 to maximize your Reputation gains.


Along with this, after hitting level 70, going back through the quests of TBC and completing Outland will net you tons of extra WOW TBC gold. This is perfect to help you reach your Flying mount.

Estimates place this extra gold as the following:

Gold received from Outland quests pre level 70 - ~1700 gold.

Gold received from Outland quests after level 70 - ~4750 gold.


While there is some very powerful quest gear in WoW Classic TBC for pre-raid BIS, snagging some extra chase pieces along the way to 70 is a nice boost for many classes.

The Downsides

While Dungeon grinding is still one of the most efficient ways to get to max level in TBC, it doesn't come without some minor annoyances.

This includes not being able to push gathering professions as quickly, having to delay your exploration of Outland, and getting used to running the same Dungeons many times before you reach max level and Heroics.

Still, this process will be extremely efficient and worthwhile for players who don't mind Dungeons and don't mind completing the grind before seeing Outland the traditional way.

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