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WoW Classic All you need to know about it

Nearly 15 years after its launch, World of Warcraft remains the most popular MMORPG to date. Although in the competition of multiplayer games such as MOBAs and royales, "World of Warcraft" has lost some glory, but as one of the most popular games in history, "World of Warcraft" is still thriving. This blockbuster Blizzard Entertainment game was launched at the end of 2004, became the best-selling PC game in 2005 and 2006, reached a peak of 12 million users in 2010, and has 140 million users. Over time, its number of players has decreased, but the game is still a huge sales force; the seventh expansion pack "Fighting for Azeroth" sold 3.4 million copies on the day it was released last year. Before the release of "WoW Classics", more than 2 million players created game characters, and when it was broadcast live on Twitch on Monday, there were more than 1 million viewers (this is a huge number for a game) watching, single Asmongold has more than 200,000 viewers watching it.

In World of Warcraft, players waited for several years, even more than 10 years, before they started playing classic WoW. For years, fans have been begging Blizzard to release some games that can play "Vanilla" and can only accept approved private servers. Last year, Blizzard finally gave the audience the classics they wanted. The community is very happy and the game has enjoyed a relatively smooth release. Fans are starting to count down the addition of a core feature every day.

But it is important to remember that "Classic" is not a hard restart, but a brand new game with completely different storylines and content patches. At least for a long time, the classic looks like World of Warcraft, which we are familiar with many years ago. There are roughly the same patch schedules and fighting nerfs, and even hope that there are fewer bugs. WoW classic is also like a rejection of the original World of Warcraft as a related cultural phenomenon. At the end of Blizzard, it looked a bit like surrender, or at least partially closed a door. Now, the original "vanilla" (we call it) game is hosted on the official game itself, rather than on a rogue server like nostalgia, which helps to stimulate the creation of "World of Warcraft Classic", which weakens World of Warcraft's status as a successful multi-purpose cultural force.

Gold is harder to get than WOW

In wow, everyone is a millionaire! It is much harder to get WoW classic gold. Not only is it harder to accumulate gold, but everything is very expensive. Your fast mount and horse riding skills will cost you more than 1,000 gold. It costs a lot of money to repair your armor. To buy potions, you need to be competitive in the raid, which will burn a hole in your pocket. What if you want to change the specifications for the weekend? Or because you accidentally chose the wrong talent and change your talent? Well, that would also cost you gold. In fact, the more you do, the more gold you will spend, so it is best to buy some in the MMOPIXEL!

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