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WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Guide to Best Starter Dragons

World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion brought players into the heart of the Dragon Isles but also let them discover the ancient homeland of Dragonkind and even spawned the ability to ride the dragons themselves. At the onset of Season 4, Blizzard added new dragon mounts to the game and made several adjustments to the existing ones, breaking the dragon-riding meta. The choice of the starter dragon mount is crucial for the initiating players in the Dragon Isles, as it will determine how they perceive the early game.

New Additions and Changes to Dragon Mounts in Season 4

Season 4 has brought several exciting additions to the dragon mount roster. Players can now acquire the majestic Crimson Gladiator dragon, a powerful and imposing mount reserved for those who have proven their mettle in the arena. Additionally, the mysterious Obsidian Worldbreaker dragon has made its debut. It is a terrifying beast capable of devastating entire landscapes with its explosive abilities. 

Existing Dragon mounts have experienced many improvements and adjustments. The Emerald Dreamwarden, one of the top picks among players for its dream-based abilities, is definitely worth your while - it has received an improvement in its defensive capabilities. It is now an ideal choice for players who are seeking tanky mounts. While the Azure Skyterror used to be an unstoppable force with offensive abilities, it is now reduced with a small nerf in offensive capabilities to maintain a balance within the game.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Starter Dragon

When deciding which starter dragon mount to select in Dragonflight Season 4, the players need to consider some vital aspects so that they can finally make a wise choice.

Mobility: Agility and adaptability are important traits of any mount, especially in the expansive and varied terrains of the Dragon Isles. Dragons with high speed and agility can help players deal with the environment faster, lowering travel time and providing a great gameplay experience.

Utility: The dragon mount itself can provide special abilities that allow the rider to gain different advantages. Some dragons are better at moving larger amounts of cargo, thus making them very useful for gatherings and other transportation tasks, while others assist in combat-oriented abilities that help the players in difficult situations.  

Combat Effectiveness: This is not necessarily a high priority, but some players should want to know about the offensive and defensive capabilities of a dragon mount. Some sorts of dragons with great damage or large defense can be very useful in fighting monster corpses when the player needs additional power to beat enemies.

Ease of Acquisition: Players must examine the preliminary conditions and expenses required to acquire a certain dragon mount. Some dragons might be easier to acquire than others, making it easier for beginners to travel to the Dragon Isles.

WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Dragons

Top Starter Dragon Mounts for Season 4

With the various factors in mind, here are some of the top starter dragon mounts for Season 4 in different categories:

Best Overall Starter Dragon: The Emerald Dreamwarden

The Emerald Dreamwarden is a majestic green dragon with the power of the Emerald Dream, having a well-rounded set of abilities and statistics. Besides, balanced mobility, good defense capabilities, and unique dream-based ability enhance the versatility of the all-rounder dragon starter.


  • Balanced mobility and speed

  • Robust defensive capabilities

  • Unique dream-based utility abilities


  • Slightly lower offensive power compared to some other dragons

  • Limited combat-oriented abilities

Best Mobility Starter Dragon: The Azure Skyterror

A lithe and potent blue dragon flying with great agility, the Skyterror is known for its immense ability to move swiftly and turn in the air. Huge mobility makes this dragon mount stand out among rivals and it is the top option for the players, who enjoy fast rides through the Dragon Isles region.


  • Unmatched speed and agility

  • Excellent for quickly traversing long distances

  • Nimble and responsive controls


  • Relatively low defensive capabilities

  • Limited utility abilities beyond mobility

Best Utility Starter Dragon: The Crimson Gladiator

Crimson Gladiator is a red dragon, powerful and the most skilled dragon in combat utility. Being notable for its numerous qualities, which can turn a battle's balance, this dragon mount certainly would be a superior companion for a player looking for a versatile friend to have by their side in challenging scenes.


  • Powerful combat-oriented utility abilities

  • Area-of-effect attacks and defensive buffs

  • Versatile support for various playstyles


  • Relatively slow and cumbersome movement

  • Limited mobility and maneuverability

Best Combat Starter Dragon: The Obsidian Worldbreaker

An alarming and destructive black dragon, Worldbreaker is a mighty force to encounter anywhere on the battlefield. Possessing extreme offensive as well as defensive abilities, this dragon mount is just what players desire a strong combatant to accompany them in their battles.


  • Devastating offensive abilities and high damage output

  • Robust defensive skills and a high health pool

  • Excels in head-on combat situations


  • Limited utility beyond combat

  • Relatively slow movement and maneuverability

Easiest to Acquire Starter Dragon: The Verdant Wyrmling

The Verdant Wyrmling is a fresh dragon of a young green color, a typical picture of a dragon in the Dragon Isles. The malicious dragon mount is readily available early in players' journeys and is perfect for those who want to try their hands at dragon-riding for the first time.


  • Easy to acquire, with minimal requirements

  • Decent mobility and speed for a starter mount

  • Good introduction to dragon riding mechanics


  • Limited abilities and lower overall stats

  • Outclassed by more advanced dragon mounts as players progress

WoW Dragonflight The Verdant Wyrmling

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Tips and Strategies for New Players

For new players embarking on their dragon-riding adventure in Dragonflight Season 4, here are some helpful tips and strategies:

1. Prioritize dragon mount acquisition: As soon as you acquire the requisite level or attain the requirements, focus on obtaining your first dragon mountThis will result in major mobility and gameplay enhancement.

2. Efficient use of dragon mounts: Master the utilization of your dragon mount's specific skillset and consider strategies that can be most beneficial. The dragons are equipped with innumerable skills, they can be crucial in battles or exploration as well as resource collection.

3. Upgrading and customizing dragon mounts: As the game goes on, check carefully for chances to upgrade or personalize your Riding a dragon. Some dragons can be equipped or fitted with special abilities and aesthetic enhancements, which will make them unbeatable performers and look even better.


The start of the Dragonflight Season 4 has made a massive and positive impact on the Dragon mounts of World of Warcraft. Whether you choose a starter dragon mount based on its speed, usefulness in battles, or ease of acquisition, there is a starter dragon mount to suit your needs.

The Emerald Dreamwarden is an excellent starter dragon since it offers a good mix of characteristics, such as mobility, defense, and exclusive dream abilities. The Azure Skyterror is the right choice for speed-loving and agility-oriented players, and the Crimson Gladiator and the Obsidian Worldbreaker are perfect for players who want to have quick battle utility and raw power. Finally, the Verdant Wyrmling provides an easily accessible option for players just beginning their journey of dragon-riding.

It is indeed, the variety of dragon mounts in Dragonflight Season 4 that highlight the experience. Following this guide will be a good route to take. But you will also be able to try different dragons and find one that meets your needs. Embrace the thrill of soaring through the skies on the back of these magnificent beasts and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Dragon Isles.

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