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WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Tier Sets

Ever since the release of WoW Dragonflight Season 4, players have been liking the new additions and changes in the expansion. From season 1 to season 3, Blizzard gave fans the opportunity to take matters into their own hands and cast votes for their preferred transmogs across all class sets. The selected were used as Dragonflight Season 4 tier sets. In this guide, we will go through the tier list winners one by one.

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Death knight

With 9980 total votes, the Dragonflight Season 4 tier set transmog for Death Knight will include the Season 3 model. Tier set Bonuses include: 

Unholy: (2) Set Bonus: Apocalypse calls out one more Magus of the Dead as a set bonus. Now, up to four adjacent opponents are hit by a barrage of Shadow Bolts fired by your Magus of the Dead Shadow Bolt.

(4) Set Bonus: Your Magi will now cast Amplify Damage, increasing the damage you inflict by 5% for 10 sec, and the duration of your current Magi will be extended by 0.5 sec for each rune you spend.

Frost: (2) Set Bonus (Frost): 20% more damage from Howling Blast. After consuming Rime, your subsequent Frostwyrm's Fury will deal 5% more damage, accumulating up to ten times. The Frostwyrm's Fury, which is 30% effective and cannot Freeze foes, is summoned by the Pillar of Frost.

(4) Set Bonus (Frost): For 12 seconds, foes struck by Frostwyrm's Fury will receive 20% more damage from your critical blows.

Blood: (2) Set Bonus (Blood): 10% chance to bestow Vampiric Blood for 5 seconds, along with a 20% increase in damage for Heart Strike and Blood Boil.

(4) Set Bonus (Blood): You receive a 5-second boost in strength of 10% when you obtain Vampiric Blood, which infuses you with Vampiric Strength. You gain an additional 0.5 seconds of Vampiric Strength with your Heart Strike and Blood Boil.

Dragonflight Season 4 Death knight Sets

Demon Hunter

The Dragonflight Season 4 tier set transmog for Demon Hunter will have the Season 3 model.

Vengence: (2) Set Bonus: Your damage and healing are enhanced by 2% and your stamina is increased by 2% for 8 seconds, stacking up to 5, when you attack a target afflicted with Sigil of Flame.

(4) Set Bonus: The periodic damage of Sigil of Flame has the potential to flare up, breaking off an extra Soul Fragment from a target and causing additional damage equal to 75.9% of Attack power. Your investment of 40 Fury shortens its cooldown by 1.0 seconds.

Havoc: (2) Set Bonus: Blade Dance has a 50% chance to Throw Glaive an enemy for 35% damage with each slash, and it immediately initiates Throw Glaive on your primary target for 100% damage.

(4) Set Bonus: Throw Glaive extends The Hunt's damage-over-time effect by 6 seconds and cuts down The Hunt's remaining cooldown by 2.0 seconds.


The model from Season 2 will be present in Druid's Dragonflight Season 4 tier set transmog.

Feral: (2) Set Bonus: Smoldering Frenzy, awarded by Feral Frenzy, increases all damage you do by 20% for eight seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: Feral Frenzy has a 15-second shorter cooldown. In Smoldering Frenzy, foes burn for ten seconds while you deal fire, dealing 10% of the damage.

Restoration: (2) Set Bonus: Two more allies can now be healed by you and your Grove Guardian's Nourishes within 40 yards with a 40% effectiveness rate.

Guardian: (2) Set Bonus Casting Ironfur or Raze/Maul raises your maximum health by 3% for 12 seconds, stacking five times, and increases the damage dealt by razors by 20%.


Augmentation: (2) Set Bonus The duration of every third Prescience is increased by 100%.

Devastation: (2) Set Bonus: Use Obsidian Shards to disintegrate and pierce opponents, dealing 18% of the damage dealt as Volcanic damage over 8 seconds.

Preservation: (2) Set Bonus: Reversion healing has the potential to instantly cast a subsequent Living Flame that deals 50% more damage or healing. stackable up to twice.


The Season 1 model will be included in Hunter's Dragonflight Season 4 tier set transmog

Survival: (2) Set Bonus: Damage from Carve, Butchery, and Raptor/Mongoose Strike increased by 12%.

Beast mastery: (2) Set Bonus: For 15 seconds, a Dire Beast is summoned by Bestial Wrath.

Marksmanship: (2) Set Bonus: 20% more damage is dealt by Rapid Fire. Trick Shots deal 100% of regular damage and cause Rapid Fire to unleash a Volley for six seconds.

Dragonflight Season 4 Hunter Sets


This one will also have the season 3 model: 

Arcane: (2) Set Bonus: Increased spell damage by 2% for 20 seconds, accumulating up to 10%, is awarded by consuming Clearcasting.

Fire: (2) Set Bonus: Phoenix Flames is applicable. Charring Embers deals 14 seconds of increased damage to all opponents you harm, increasing their damage taken from you by 6%.

Frost: (2) Set bonus: The damage of Glacial Spike has been boosted by 10%, and when it breaks through a frozen target, it bursts, causing 20% of its damage to adjacent opponents. lessens damage once eight targets are hit.


The monk tier set List includes:

Windwalker: (2) Set Bonus: The damage from your next two Rising Sun Kicks or Spinning Crane Kicks is increased by 40% when you use Fists of Fury.

Brewmaster: (2) Set bonus: In addition to dealing 40% more damage as Shadowflame, Breath of Fire also heals you for 50% of the fire damage you deal.

Mistweaver: (2) Set BonusMaking a New Mist's first target receives Chi Harmony, which increases their healing from you by 50% for eight seconds.


The transmog will have a season 2 model. 

Protection: (2) Set Bonus: For eight seconds, Avenger's Shield increases Versatility by 6%, giving you and your nearest ally the title of Ally of the Light.

Holy: (2) Set Bonus: Light's Hammer or Holy Prism cooldown is shortened by 2 seconds or 60% more by Holy Shock's critical strikes.

Retribution: (2) Set Bonus: Expurgation deals 30% more damage and lasts for an extra three seconds.


This one will season 2 model according to votes: 

Holy: (2) Fixed Bonus: Holy Word: Serenity gives its target a 14-second recharge. Holy Word: Sanctify heals allies by applying 5 seconds of Renew.

Shadow: (2) Set Bonus: Provides a 25% chance of triggering Shadowy Insight. Mind Blast gains four more Insanities and deals 30% more damage when Shadowy Insight is consumed.

Discipline: (2) Set Bonus: Smite increases the duration of an active Atonement by 2.0 seconds and increases Penance and Smite damage by 20%.


Outlaw: (2) Set Bonus: There is an extra 10% chance that Sinister Strike will hit again.

Assassination:(2) Set Bonus: Natureblight gives you 1.0% Attack Speed and 1.0% Nature Damage for 6 seconds for every 10-energy used. Up to 12 cases of Natureblight may occur simultaneously.

Subtlety:(2) Set Bonus: There's a chance that using Rupture, Eviscerate, or Black Powder may bring forth a shadow clone that will echo your finishing move and do 70% more Shadow damage.

Dragonflight Season 4 Rogue Sets


Restoration: 2) Set Bonus:  You have a 15% higher chance of critically striking when Healing Stream Totem/Cloudburst Totem is in use.

Enhancement: 2) Set Bonus: Primordial Wave calls forth a Lightning Feral Spirit, which for 15 seconds enhances the amount of Nature damage you deal by 20%.

Elemental: 2) Set Bonus: Primordial Wave additionally gives you all three of the bonus effects of Elemental Blast for 10.0 seconds and deals a 70% effective Elemental Blast to the target.


This will have the model of season 2: 

Demonology: (2) Set bonus: When a Demonic Core is consumed, a Doom Brand is applied. It explodes after 20 seconds, delivering shadow damage to enemies that are in the area.

Affliction: (2) Set Bonus: Soul Rot lasts for an extra 4 seconds and increases damage by 15%.

Destruction: (2) Set Bonus: You may be able to obtain Chaos Maelstrom by consuming Soul Shards, which will raise your critical strike probability by 10% for ten seconds.


Fury: (2) Set bonus: The likelihood of a critical strike and rampage damage both raised by 12%.

Arms: (2) Set BonusThe chance to critically strike increased by 10%, while the damage from Mortal Strike and Cleave increased by 15%.

Protection: (2) BonusBy using Rage, you can potentially make your next Shield Slam consume your bleeds on a target, instantly dealing 100% of Thunderous Roar's damage and 40% of the leftover damage from your Deep Wounds and Rend, as well as lowering your damage taken by 10% for five seconds.


After player voting, we now only have the top Tier Sets back for this season. Don't wait another moment to claim them all. Fortunately, you have a ton of sources to choose from this time around. Happy Gaming!

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