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Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Star Citizen 3.18

Star Citizen might be a cool-looking game where new and experienced players can live in harmony, exploring “The Verse”. But, things are quite different than they might seem because beginner players can be confused while stepping into this huge universe. To help fellow gamers Getting Started with Star Citizen 3.18, we compiled this Beginners Guide. So, let’s jump straight to the Star Citizen 3.18 Beginners Guide to help you out.

Signing up and Starter Packages

Unlike most of the games out there, Star Citizen has a very unique way of letting the players purchase the game, sign up, and get started with their personal account. To explore space and travel around, you will be requiring a Starter Ship.

But, that is not all, in order to play the game, you will also have to purchase the Package. There is a combo where you can purchase the Game, as well as get the Starter Ship at a decent price. 

Here at MMOPixel.com, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen Packages and Ships to save a ton of cash and utilize it later on to upgrade stuff.

Don’t worry about picking your first ship because you can, later on, Upgrade it, or even so, you can melt your ship. Melting means exchanging it for a better ship and paying less in return. 

As a beginner in Star Citizen 3.18, you just have to get a decent package with a starter ship to travel. Just that and nothing more! It will help you understand the concept of Star Citizen. 

If you ask us, our recommendation would be to get the Package with the Avenger Titan if you have some cash to spend on a genuinely incredible game like Star Citizen. 

Another thing to mention is that you can get the Star Citizen Packages from RSI. It is an authentic purchase spot for the Star Citizen.

Star Citizen 3.18 Controls and Game Modes

Graphics Settings

After you got yourself a good package to get started with the game and got into it, your job is to set up the Graphics Settings. Typically, when you start any game, the default ones are quite good based on your PC or Console performance. 

Here in Star Citizen 3.18, you will have to correct your resolution and choose the right one. Furthermore, you will find unusual settings like Face Tracking, TrackIR, Joystick Options, and so on. 

Movement and Interaction

You can choose the ones you know will affect the performance or leave them completely as they are. Then go inside the game and check out the controls. There are a ton of those like;

  • WASD to move around

  • F for interaction

  • Y to set up the Pilot Chair and Beds

Hold F to open the Thought System in Star Citizen. You can utilize it to open the Soda Can and drink from it, place it, throw it, stow it, and much more. While on a chair, you will get different options while pressing the F key.

Game Mode

The main Mode in the game is called the PU or typically called the Persistent Universe. What does it mean? For the most part, it is the entire Star System in Star Citizen and in this, you will find Four Major Planets included alongside their moons and space stations.

There are also Quick Match Modes that allow you to practice in the game and enhance your ships related to FPS, combat, or Ship cruising. We don’t recommend diving straight into them, rather get started with the PU. 

Out of the four planets, you can go for the Microtech or the New Babbage because they are the best locations for new players to get started with Star Citizen 3.18

Getting Started and MobiGlas

In Star Citizen 3.18, you will be waking up on your bed, which simply indicates whenever you spawn, you will be spawning at the location of the bed. To get up, you will have to press the F key or the Y key. 

Go outside from there and check out the massive world that starts off at the apartment building. Take the elevator to go down and then run towards the spaceport. When you start the game for the first time, there isn’t anything on you. 

For that reason, Star Citizen is typically referred to as a simulation because it indicates real life. So, you are waking up without having much with you and there is also not enough aUEC in your account to purchase armor. 

You can check all the stats, inventory, missions, and everything using your MobiGlas, which can be brought up using F1 Key. You might even ask, what is a MobiGlas? Well, it is a Holographic PDA that is used to control everything in the world of Star Citizen, therefore making it one of the most important tools in the game.

When you first open MobiGlas, you will find a ton of tabs there which is quite confusing. But, it doesn’t mean the usability is trash, rather it means the game is too massive for a single tool to check on. 

There is a Personal Loadout Tab, Map, Mission Tab, Ship Loadout Tab, and so on. You can check them out one by one to know what is there from the game for you. Familiarize yourself with everything here.

Space Flights

Now that you know about potentially everything else except the Space Flights, let’s talk about this in detail here. After you go towards the Spaceport in Star Citizen 3.18, you can go onwards to a Space Terminal, also called ASOP Terminals. This is the location you can spawn your ship in the game. 

Still, it doesn’t mean that you can sit on the ship here at the location, rather it means at the Terminal they will point out towards the location you will get your ship. There are hangers and you will have to go towards the hanger that the terminal will tell you to go and pick up your ship.

Find the elevator and take it to go down. When you are down, take the route to that hangar where your Ship has spawned. Get near the ship and press F to sit on the pilot seat or in a larger ship, you will just enter the ship and then you will have to go forward towards the pilot seat. 

After this, you will have to press F in order to power up your ship and then set it to flight. As soon as the engine starts powering up, the shields and everything else will start charging up as well.

Inside the ship, you can simply open the contract screen by simply pressing the F11 button. It will open the MobiGlas Contract Tabs when you are sitting inside the pilot seat of your ship. You can find the spaceport inside the Friends Tab on MobiGlas. Check it and you will be given permission to fly. 

It goes the same way when you have to land your ship at a hanger on a Ship Terminal in Star Citizen 3.18. 

  • You can press the Spacebar and CTRL on your keyboard to strafe around in 6 directions

  • Using the Mouse Scroll, you can increase or decrease the speed

  • To use the Cruise Control, you can press C

  • Press N to Retract the Landing Gear after you started flying

  • Use the Mouse Right and Left click to Fire the Guns

  • WASD to move

You should be going forward with your nose pointing upwards. That’s it! You will be reaching the space in Star Citizen 3.18 in no time at all. When you are in space, you have complete control over your ship. 

Did you know, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC from the trusted MMOPixel.com? Well, here we have amazing deals for you to utilize and get aUEC at the cheapest price. There are even Packages and Ships available here to help you out.

Finding Job and Making Money in Star Citizen 3.18

It is a Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Star Citizen 3.18 after all and without giving you a few tips to make money or find jobs, the guide is not going to be completed. 

Just like in real life, where everything revolves around Money or Cash, the same is the case with Star Citizen as well. Here, you will have to do various things in order to earn and use that to improve your lifestyle. 

In the beginning, we recommend you pick up everything you get, but as you progress your choice should be toward specific things in order to really get rich or even so, make money while spending less time traveling around or wasting time.


The first thing here is a mission and for new players, it is the only credible source to earn. Just like we taught you; open the MobiGlas and go to the Missions Tab. check out various missions available to you and learn about their categories.

There are delivery missions, bounty missions, special investigation missions, and much more. Once you start making your way in “The Verse” of Star Citizen 3.18, you will get much better missions and different kinds of them. Better Missions mean, better locations, more rewards, more aUEC, and fun time. 

Bounty Hunting

Sometimes new players are kind of running away from the Bounty Hunting Missions but that doesn’t mean they are not good. We recommend you always try to pick them up whenever you can. 

Even when you die during the Bounty Missions, you will just get back on the planet, sleeping on your bed and then you can do the same procedure to get your ship back. Don’t worry there are no costs on that because every Ship you get through the Star Citizen Game Package comes with insurance. 

That being said, the best way to earn money and learn the game mechanics at the same time is indeed none other than Bounty Hunting. 


One of the best things about Mining is that in Star Citizen 3.18, there are a ton of opportunities for newcomers. Before, when the game was initially released, the players were having trouble earning their way up the pyramid using Mining because there weren’t enough sources available.

Now, in Star Citizen 3.18, Mining is getting a huge buff that you can utilize to get a decent payout without touching the dangerous side of Star Citizen. There are two types of mining in the game, either it is Ship Mining or it is Hand Mining. 

Our recommendation isn’t to pick Ship Mining because you will be needing a specific Ship for that which is quite expensive even for a new player. Still, if you want to do it, you can get a Rental Ship free daily. 

Hand Mining is a good thing and you can do it besides other missions or stuff you are doing. If you go to a Moon of a Planet, you will find various resources that you can Mine yourself using the Tools. These tools are bought from Stores that sell you equipment.


Last but not least, the best option to Earn in Star Citizen 3.18 as a beginner or newcomer is none other than Trading. It is the easiest thing you can do in the game and still feel proud of yourself. 

In reality, you have to invest some cash to purchase goods and sell them for a good profit afterward. The same mechanic applies to Star Citizen 3.18 where you have to invest in goods and then sell them for a profit.

The requirement is that you have to earn cash first through the two things we already mentioned above in our Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Star Citizen 3.18. As you progress in Trading and go onward with the game mechanics, you will find that Trading is kind of a dangerous thing.

You might lose cargo that you spent all your investment on and you will even find Space Pirates trying to steal your stuff during the routes. To protect yourself, you will be needing Fighter Ships, good armor, a buddy to help you on Turrets, and so on. 

That is why you will have to start off with a low investment and then take one step at a time, understanding the mechanics of the game.

Quantum Traveling and Ship Display

Star Citizen is all about that massive Space System in which you can travel around, reaching specific Planets and Moons. You have to be in Cruise Mode in order to travel around in space, but that alone won’t be taking you to other Planets. 

There is another mode referred to as the Star Citizen Ship Travel Mode that utilizes Quantum Traveling in order to traverse long distances at once. Some of the beginners don’t even know about it or even so, don’t know how to use it. 

It is quite easy, you just have to press B and there will be Potential Destination pointed out on your Ship Screen. Go to the Blue ones for Quantum Traveling, while the Red ones are blocked. One more thing is that when you use Quantum Travel in Star Citizen 3.18, you will be using Quantum Fuel. 

After reaching the Blue Points, you again have to press the B button on your Keyboard and it will activate the Quantum Drive. Just keep the pointer towards the destination you want to go in and long distances will be traveled in a short time.

All the details are shown on the Ship HUD, including the points, the fuel levels, current speed, and much more. When you see the details for the first time, things are quite hard to understand, but afterward, you can get a hang of all the details. 

This screen is called the MFD or in simpler wording, Multi-Function Display. They are quite similar to real-life Jets and will show you the status of Shields, Power, Weapons, and even Comms. It is only on the surface level and once you progress in “The Verse” you will begin to learn all the details. 

Upgrades in Star Citizen 3.18

After getting to know every bit of detail you need to get started with Star Citizen 3.18 as a beginner, you can now proceed to learn about the Upgrades. It involves both the Personal, as well as the upgrades related to Ship. 

Your first priority should be the Personal Equipment Upgrades which include buying armor, guns, healing equipment, and other equipment. You can get them from the stores that are found on Space Stations or even Planets.

For a starter, getting these things is quite Budget Friendly, while after progressing in the game you will come across the Ship Upgrades, as they are quite expensive. They include Power Planets, Coolers, Weapons, Shields, and other equipment. 

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all the detail in Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Star Citizen 3.18. We know that Star Citizen is quite a unique game for starters, but trust us, it is worth every effort you throw at it to get better. You are free to do anything you like and that affects the path you are walking on in the game afterward. So, this is one thing that you should always keep in mind when starting out in the game. 

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