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Best Beginner Ships in Star Citizen

Star Citizen gives something for everything in The Verse. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or a professional who is looking for Ships in Star Citizen, you will find an amazing thing to get you rolling in the game. But, Beginners have the most issue while trying to pick a Ship because of low income, too many choices, and versatility. Don’t worry, here we have an amazing Guide on the Best Beginner Ships in Star Citizen to help you out.

Ships in Star Citizen - Why Beginner Ships?

In Star Citizen, there is a primary mode of transport, which is referred to as a Ship. It isn’t like our Ship, but rather flying ships that can take you across the whole Star Citizen System, going from one planet to another in search of something. 

It doesn’t matter that much to amateurs or professionals in the game, rather most important for Beginners because they are getting introduced to the vast world and experience. 

The Free-to-Play players are also going to be included here in Beginners and for them, getting a Ship is the same as buying the game itself. Every Ship in Star Citizen has its own pros and cons, therefore we will be going in-depth into the BEst Beginner Ships we are going to mention here.

Our goal is to mention Ships that Beginners can easily purchase without going out of their budget. When you are spending a higher price on Ships, then that ship needs to be specifically for a certain reason like Cargo, Salvaging, Fighting, or so on. A Beginner Ship needs to be versatile, and able to perform various activities at once.

Why not Cutlass Black?

For the most part, Cutlass Black is a kind of expensive ship. Most people prefer Cutlass Black for Beginners but honestly, it goes out of the budget by far. You can get it for 115 Dollars which is the middle point. 

Aegis Avenger Titan

This ship is the model for the Beginner Ships in Star Citizen. Even after its release, it got a lot of recognition from players because of what it was putting at the table for Beginners. It has versatility and capabilities and it can even be upgraded to suit your needs. 

Aegis Avenger Titan is great for those who are just getting started with the game and need something all-around. Even Free-to-play players can put their trust in this ship to explore the entire Star Citizen System. 

It comes with amazing controls, maneuverability, and speed that make it great for piloting. You can even take on enemies that are present in different locations of the atmosphere, along with the ability to navigate planets easily. 

Furthermore, when it comes to defense, Aegis Avenger Titan also has capable firepower. It comes with a 4-Sized Nose Mount and 3-Sized Dual Wing Mounts. You can target the ships, especially those that have Bounty on them without missing your shots. 

You can upgrade the Gimbal Mount in Star Citizen and then exchange it for an amazingly powerful or larger weapon. All in all, when you are looking for the Combat capabilities in the Best Beginners Ships for Star Citizen, as well as going solo on the journey, there is nothing better than Aegis Avenger Titan.

  • You can get Aegis Avenger Titan for around 70 Dollars in Star Citizen

Don’t have enough to buy ships as a beginner? Well, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC from MMOPixel.com. To get started with the game, you can even Buy Cheap Packages, as well as Ships from us. 

CO Nomad

If something Unique is that you need? Then CO Nomad is the one you are probably looking for as a Beginner in Star Citizen. Yes, we know the price is a bit high but it is still in the range of Beginners, that’s why we are mentioning it in our List of Best Beginner Ships in Star Citizen. 

In the category of Starter Ships in Star Citizen, the CO Nomad is probably one of the fastest and even around the price tag of 100 dollars, it is quite fast. But it is not all because using the CO Nomad you can do much more, including Universal Traveling. 

For Defensive purposes, there are three Shield Generators of 1 Size which makes it one of the strongest in this category. There isn’t a need for any upgrades here because it has 3 Sized 3 Hard Points and a Missile Launcher as well. 

In case Harder Bounty Missing is your destination as a Beginner and you love Ship Combat then CO Nomad is the perfect fit for you. There are no flaws in this Ship, rather you will find pros. 

There is even a small Kitchen and a Bed here for you to relax after a long journey of combat. You can even save or log off the Ship without having to travel long distances for a place to rest. Alongside this, you have a ton of storage here in the Co Nomad and it is quite useful in Star Citizen 3.18 or even after that. 

You can also Mine Vehicles using this Best Starter Ship in Star Citizen because of that rear large storage space. It can even give you the ability to take part in the gameplay loop which is quite limited for other ships. 

The one downside to Nomad is that it is expensive, as we already mentioned above. But if you can afford this, then it is worth every penny you used to buy it. Some people even refer to it as the Best Premium Beginner Ship in Star Citizen because of its large storage, weaponry, design, and versatility.

  • You can get CO Nomad for around 95 Dollars in Star Citizen

Drake Cutter

Out of all the Ships we mentioned here in our List of Best Start Ships, Drake Cutter is the latest one. It was released at the end of the year 2022. Being something new, the developers put extra spice in it; making it better looking and creative for the game ahead.

Coming to the features of Drake Cutter, you will find exceptionally large cargo, allowing you to do missing delivery, salvaging, and cargo refactoring without any issues. You can even take ground vehicles like Hover Quad from one Planet to another using this Ship. 

Along with that, there is a complete living space in the Ship, along with a luxurious bed to leave the game and save it without losing your items. You can live in the shop, logging off and doing your activities in the real world without worrying about anything getting lost. 

This is not all to Drake Cutter because there is a Large Quantum Fuel Tank here as well. Starter Ships aren’t quite good for traveling long due to their low fuel tank storage. You have to stop on a planet to refuel your ship, but that is not the case here because there is an exceptionally large tank for fuel storage. 

You can even take on multiple trips in the Star Citizen System without having to stop somewhere in between. On top of that, there is a Daster Drive in the game that allows you to quickly get from missions to missing without inconveniences. 

The real issue with the ship is its defensive features. There is only a single 1 sized Shield here that isn’t quite good for combat purposes. Unlike the other Ships we mentioned here in our List of Best Beginner Ships in Star Citizen, the Drake Cutter is the worst when it comes to combat. There isn’t enough firepower and you also don’t have enough to save yourself when getting hit by enemies.

It doesn’t mean that the Ship can’t be used in the Combat Missions of Star Citizen because you can take it out on the Bounty Contracts, but make sure that you are on the lower level side of Missions. You will suffer in Dog Fights. 

  • You can get Drake Cutter for around 75 Dollars in Star Citizen

Final Verdict

Star Citizen has a lot of Ships and each one comes with its own pros, as well as cons. If you are a player who got started with the game and looking for Best Beginner Ships in Star Citizen, then follow on with our Guide. Keep in mind that we divided the 3 Ships based on the Most Premium, Versatile, and Budget Friendly. They have their own usability!

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