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Best Elden Ring Blood Build Guide

Blood Build - The most fierce and beloved Elden Ring Build at the same time. While other builds in the game are mostly around magic, poison, or utilizing other spells to inflict damage, Blood Build is actually a Hemorrhage focused effect. Within a short duration, you will have to get the Blood effect box filled up and it does massive damage in return. In return, the target is going to lose health, losing a massive chunk of health. Well, here’s our take on Best Elden Ring Blood Build Guide to help you make Bleed Effect Focused Elden Ring Character that can take on any enemy thrown at you, either in PvP or PvE.

Previously in other souls-like games, it was known as a Bleed Effect, but now in Elden Ring, the developers gave it the proper name of Hemorrhage Effect. Both are the same and there is no difference here. So, let’s get going with our Elden Ring Blood Build Guide.

Best Elden Ring Blood Build Guide

One thing to mention beforehand is that you will be needing a ton of runes to make these builds. For that, you can Buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes here at MMOPixel.com

About our Elden Ring Bleed Build!

  1. The Blood Build in Elden Ring is focused on the Hemorrhage status. After it builds up, the enemy will lose a portion of their health to the Bleed Element in the game

  2. The more attack speed you have, the faster this Bleed Build will happen and it will take away the health of enemies

  3. There is a specific class for every build that works flawlessly. For Blood Loss, the best one is no doubt Bandit Class. It has exceptional stats for it. You can also go with Samurai because of Uchigatana.

  4. The weapons you are going to go with are our Ghiza’s Wheel, Uchigatana, Bloodhound Claws, and Fang. Then again, the most exceptional weapon you need to get for Bleed is Rivers of Blood.

  5. Incantation is optional and you can use some incredible like Swarm of Flies, Bloodflame Blade, Bloodflame Talons and Bloodboon

  6. Sacred Seals are essential and you can put in some like; God Slayer’s Seal, Erdtree Seal, and Dragon Communion Seal.

  7. The armor you are going to use here is the Crucible Tree Set, War Surgeon Set, and Raging Wolf Set. All of them have the aesthetics and the requirements for making the Best Elden Ring Blood Build.

  8. To buff everything up, you will need some Talismans here as well like the Erdtree Favor, Lord of Blood Exultation, Godskin Swaddling Cloth, and Millicent’s Prosthesis.

  9. Just like before, you have to go with speed here. Yes, it is something that you can sometimes compromise on, but the rule of thumb here is to stick with the attack speed, dodging and making the Blood Loss Bar build faster.

Getting Started!

Best Class for Blood Build Elden Ring

So, the first thing that you need to be with a spectacular Blood Loss Build is your class. We already covered that in our About Us section, but let’s get into the details here as well.

The Starting Class you are choosing really doesn’t matter as you proceed onwards because they only matter for super early games where you are picking up specific gear and stats. Nothing to worry about here because you can pick anything you like.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that some of the classes are still better for specific scenarios. For Blood Loss, you can go with Bandit, which is our recommendation. You can also pick Samurai if you want things done effortlessly.

One particular example of this can be that the Samurai Build has incredible stats with Dexterity. So, wielding Uchigatana and other Katanas in the game is quite beneficial for them. That’s definitely something you need to look after.

Gear for Best Elden Ring Blood Build

In this section, we are going to mention Armor, Seals, Weapons, and Talismans. All of them are specifically for the Bleed Build in Elden Ring. One more thing to notice here is that everything here is based on personal preference or what most players actually like.

Again, you can change things around and get something that has similar stats and play style in order to take the best out of your build. Nearly all the Best Bleed Weapons are coincidently Dexterity-based weapons. 

The reason is that the Bleed Weapons need speed in order to make things work out. If it were a Strength weapon, the slow speed wouldn’t even build up blood effect here. Some of the weapons we are going to mention here are based on Strength, but they still have a spectacular speed.


The first ones we are going to mention here are Katanas because they are actually the best ones. The classic slash style, quick speed, bleed effect, and that stance fit perfectly. Then we are going to move toward the Greatswords.

They aren’t that agile and neither the stance lets you attack quickly, but they have more Bleed Buildup per attack, as well as more damage per attack. The Scythes are also exceptionally well and their aesthetics go beautifully with the theme here.

You can use all of these weapons to attack from a distance. Some are pretty mild, while others are quite ranged. Then there are super close weapons like daggers or claws which are also good with Blood Effect in Elden Ring. All of them have their own pros and cons, and they pretty much depend on how you are using them.

Some of them are also great for heat, while others aren’t so much. Whips are exceptional for masters of Elden Ring or Souls games but are meant for attacking one enemy at a time or launching others in PvP plays.

Our suggestions include;


Elden Ring Uchigatana

One of the most versatile and multi-use weapons in the game that can help you throughout your early game and even sometimes take you from mid to late game. The best thing about this weapon is that it is exceptionally easy to get in the game.

All of that depends on the upgrades you are putting on the weapon here. If you have a specific Bleed Build like we are mentioning here, then you can take it to the end of the game itself.

Furthermore, you don’t have to die with all the mess in the game in order to work with it in an Elden Ring Blood Build because of its capabilities and mix with incantations.

Ash of War is another thing that works with this weapon. Our recommendation would be to stick with Seppuku because we are going for Bleed Effect here in the game. Using this, you can quickly build up the loss which is quite higher than the usual amount in your Uchigatana.

In the Elden Ring 1.09, developers introduced a new Ash of War System. Using that on the Uchigatana, you can put your favorite affinity, scaling it with the stat of your choice.

All of this combined makes it one of the best weapons for the build you are making. Our recommendation here would be to stick with either the Keen Affinity or the Heavy one because of how well they go with the Uchigatana.

With them, your weapon will have A scaling on Dexterity and Strength after reaching level +23.

Attack Stats of Uchigatana are;

  • 115 Physical

  • 100 Critical

Guard Stats of Uchigatana are;

  • 45 Physical

  • 30 Magic, Fire, Lightning, Holy, and Boost

Bloodhound’s Fang

Elden Ring Bloodhound’s Fang

Let’s get out of the Katana realm for a while and talk about Greatswords. The Best Greatsword for Elden Ring Bleed Build is none other than the Bloodhound’s Fang. It is a Curved Greatsword that you can also get early on in the game after being in the field for a few hours. After you reach the Limgrave area, you can just get this weapon and start making your Bleed Build.

One thing to note here is that being a Greatsword, you would want to get your hands on some essential stats like Strength and Dexterity. This weapon requires a minimum of 18 Strengths and then a minimum of 17 Dexterity. After these stats are met, you can use this weapon flawlessly.

Strength might be required here but still, the main stat for the Bloodhound’s Fang is none other than Dexterity. When you take the upgrade to +7, there is B on the Dexterity Scaling and there is C on Strength. So, that ultimately makes a lot of difference.

On top of all that, there is that amazing Bleed Buildup. It is amongst the few Greatswords that actually have this ability and this is the reason we have it mentioned here in our list.

Quite similar traits are also found in other weapon types like Daggers, Scythes, and even Katanas as we already mentioned here in our Best Elden Ring Blood Build guide.

You can also put Ashes of War here, but the Special Skill known as Bloodhound’s Finesse is spectacular, as players will start dancing around in combat, building Blood Loss Bar quickly as the blade hits the enemies.

Attack Stats of Bloodhound Fangs are;

  • 115 Physical

  • 100 Critical

Guard Stats of Bloodhound Fangs are;

  • 45 Physical

  • 30 Magic, Fire, Lightning, Holy, and Boost

Bloodhound Claws

Elden Ring Bloodhound Claws

Both the previous weapons we mentioned here were for ranged combat. If you are looking for an Elden Ring Bleed Build that is agile, powerful, and tackles enemies at close combat, then there is nothing better than the Bloodhound Claws.

Unlike daggers, these are actually fists that players can equip on the hands to attack at close range. As you are throwing your fists around, it means the attack speed is fast. 

The requirements aren’t that big of a deal here as well because you need only 15 Dexterity and 10 Strength to wield these dual monsters. The best scaling is with Dexterity and then the next up is Arcane, which has a B at the maximum level.

If you like to go with a pure-blood loss build, then you can choose that armament and select the Blood Affinity here. One thing to mention is that, after you change the affinity, then its scaling with Arcane, Strength, and Dexterity becomes poor.

On the other hand, your bleed effect plain skyrockets, buffing from 60 points to somewhere around 82 points which is amazing.

Just like the previous two, you can further buff the weapon itself with some incantations and consumables along with it. All in one, if you are looking to have a go-to Pure Bleed Weapon in your hands and want a Blood Build around that, then there is nothing better than the Bloodhound Claws.

Attack Stats of Bloodhound Claws are;

  • 99 Physical

  • 100 Critical

Guard Stats of Bloodhound Claws are;

  • 38 Physical

  • 22 Magic, Fire, Lightning, Holy, and Boost

Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden Ring Ghiza’s Wheel

This one is a big monstrous weapon that turned into a fan favorite but before it was referred to as a meme. When you single-hand wield the weapon and use its basic attack, the weapon’s front starts spinning.

Actually, this weapon is a spinning wheel up front that the player uses to either slash or spin the wheel. Might look strange, but in reality it is quite strong. Not as agile or quick in contrast to the others we have in our Best Elden Ring Blood Build Weapons. 

You will be needing a huge amount of Strength, which is 28, and then again, only 18 Dexterity to wield this amazing weapon. The worst thing is that this weapon doesn’t even have good scaling with either of these weapons. It is maximum goes to C on good days with Strength or Dexterity.

Don’t lose your hopes lad. When it comes to Colossal weapons in Elden Ring, the Ghiza’s Wheel is the only one with a Blood Loss Effect and has quite high amounts of that as well. You can even take out singular smaller enemies with their strength, but make sure you are timing your attacks here. There is no room for errors. 

When you are fighting enemies with better health like bosses or other foes, then you need to make sure that the Bleed Effect is made up at the correct time. When the enemy uses its powerful attack, you can make an entry and use the Spinning Wheel to deal with Bleed Damage immediately.

You can’t buff it with other items or even spells here, which is a minus point here. Neither can you put Ashes of War. But, there is a Spinning Wheel special skill that we already mentioned here. 

When you use that, the wheel starts to spin from forward and deals a ton of continuous damage to enemies, building a blood loss bar quickly in return.

Attack Stats of Ghiza’s Wheel are;

  • 156 Physical

  • 100 Critical

Guard Stats of Ghuza’s Wheel are;

  • 73 Physical

  • 43 Magic, Fire, Lightning, Holy, and Boost

Rivers of Blood

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood

Last but not least, we are here in the end-game of weapons for Bleed Builds in Elden Ring. Yes, we are talking about the Rivers of Blood up next. This Katana has Blood mentioned in the name and you know things are going to pop off here.

Nearly all the mid to late-game players know of this spectacular Bleed Weapon in the game because it is a Hemorrhage Machine. With timely attacks, you can deprive massive health chunks of the enemy. 

Just like we mentioned before that most mid to late-game players know of this weapon, meaning early games can’t get it unless they reach the Mount Tops of the Giants in Elden Ring.

Just like any other Katana in the game, the physical look of Rivers of Blood is quite basic, while having the simplest moveset as well. The regular attacks you do aren’t special as well and then again Blood Loss is average. All of this is low, especially when you match up with Moonveil or other Katanas.

But, being the best weapon in the game means there is something completely different here. Yes, that something special is its Special SKill known as Corpse Piler. When you activate it, the player will start throwing off quick slashes in series here.

Amazingly, all of those slashes have Blood infused on them and have a massive range in contrast to the already good range of the Rivers of Blood. It is all done when you press the button once.

After pressing two times in a row, your character will throw off more slashes, making a unique combo filled with the Hemorrhage Effect. Some even say that this combo is the fastest blood effect builder in the whole game.

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You can consider Seals as Staves in the game through which you can use Incantations. Most of the Faith Builds utilize them to cast Faith-Based spells. But, the story with Seals is totally different here because they can enhance incantations in the game.

Unlike Staves, Seals are quite a few in number in the Elden Ring and each one of them is different from another. They are hard to locate and then find in the game as well. The question of how well they perform in the game is based on their scaling with Arcane and Faith.

We are making a Blood Build here in Elden Ring, but the bad point of Seals is that there isn’t one that specifically boosts this effect or the developers haven’t released one yet. Still, you can use some of them to go around the town in your fancy blood-based gear;

  • Godslayer’s Seal - It boosts the Incantations of Godslayer type. After reaching +14, it scales with Faith with an S. Pretty impressive!

  • Erdtree Seal - A solid booster that enhances all around. After the +5 upgrade, it scales with Faith with an S.

  • Dragon Communion Seal - Enhances all the Dragon Communion-type incantations. After reaching +7, it scales with Arcane with an S rank.

You might be wondering why we have Arcane mentioned in a Dexterity and Strength major. Well, in all the Incantations using Blood Effect, you will be using the Arcane more frequently than those.


Elden Ring Bleed Build Incantations

Seals weren’t in higher amounts here, but Incantations are quite a few, as well as exceptionally strong. Not all of these are going to buff things up because they are Incantations or Spells, but we are going to mention one that will boost your weapon and increase blood loss.

Another thing we should mention beforehand is that these Incantations require two major stats from your end. Both of these are Arcane and Faith. Yes, we know things aren’t looking too good for the melee build with the Bleed effect, but trust us, these Incantations are going to take it up a notch. Just put 17 points or more in both of these stats as a precaution.

Don’t ever try to put only these incantations here because they are optional in every build you will be making. The Blood Incantations should be put beside the weapons we mentioned here in our Best Elden Ring Blood Build Guide.

Bloodflame Blade

Whenever you are making an Elden Ring Bleed Build, you need to put the Bloodflame Blade Incantation. Yes, it’s that good! Bloodflame Blade is a buff that enhances the right-hand weapons with an effect known as Bloodflame. 

Physically you can identify it by a Red Glowing Effect, enhancing your Bleed Effect for the armaments, filling the meter quickly with each hit you deal using your right-hand weapon.

You can put it with any weapon you like, especially those we mentioned here in our beloved guide. We recommend putting it with Bloodhound’s Fang but don’t put it with Sword of Night or the Flame.


When you use the Bloodboon Incantation in Elden Ring, your character will make a Bloodflame and then throw it in a small AOE upfront. All the enemies in front of you are hit with a Bloodflame and burn for a small duration as well.

We don’t have any AOE spell in the game and this adds it up here, making your Bleed Build much better than before. The theme here is to start stacking this and you can create a field of Haemorrhage causing continuous damage to enemies.

Furthermore, you don’t have to get too close to the enemies here because you can use it at a range.

Bloodflame Talons

While the previous ones were easy to use, this one is quite tricky. You will have to get close to the enemies and then target them accordingly. Make sure you aren’t missing the target. Both of these things are hard to do with Incantations but there is a good aspect here as well.

The damage and bleed effect of Bloodflame Talons is devastating. You are taking the risk of getting close here but the reward is equally good.

When you activate this Incantation, your character will make a red claw in front. Amazingly, when you use it, the damage isn’t caused by the Incantation itself, but rather an explosion after a few seconds that throws Red Flame bursts in the air. 

Yes, that was the tricky part here alongside small range and targeting. The risk is equally better rewarded as well.

Swarm of Flies

If you are low on GPU power then we don’t recommend using the Swarm of Flies in Elden Ring. This Incantation completely breaks the game because of its monstrous damage and graphics. 

When you use it, the character will conjure or call upon Swarm of Flies with Bleed Effect, charging forward and dealing damage to anything that comes in their way. The graphics, however, are a bit demanding and might break the game for those just barely running the game on their systems.

Along with damaging the enemies, this will also stagger them and stop them from performing any action toward you, which is a feat of its own in the game. Alongside this, there is high physical damage and high blood loss here as well. 

In case the enemies love standing in the shadow of Swarm of Flies, it will start building the Bleed bar at a spectacular speed. Butter on top, you can cast it multiple times as well. Yes, you heard that right, you can cast it multiple times to stack the effects.


Elden Ring Blood Build Armor 

While coming to the Armor for your Elden Ring Blood Build, there isn’t anything, in particular, you can go with. It depends on you which suits the aesthetics, the build, and the play style. Just make sure you aren’t going for a heavy roll here. Stick with a light and a medium roll for the build because you are on the attack side and dodging is your only means of being safe.

We mentioned all types of weapons here starting from a small light claw to something like a Colossal wheel and also having a midpoint as Katana. It depends on you which suits your needs and what works best for you. 

When you have a heavy weapon like a wheel or a Greatsword, then make sure you are on light armor. But you can put a heavy one on a claw or a dagger here. This is something we thought was important to mention.

Another thing you can do here is that after points in a slot that you need urgently, try putting a few in the Endurance as well here. It will enhance your Equip Load and you can carry more load.

You might have already seen that all the weapons we mentioned here are Melee, making it an all-around Melee Build. You will have to go closer to the enemies in order to attack them, being in their range of attack as well. 

The benefit here is your damage and ability to inflict Bleed Effect on enemies. In order to dodge the attack on a closer range, you will need to move light or medium, but never heavy. Some of our recommendations are;

War Surgeon Set

It isn’t that good looking and neither there is any damage reduction, but there are some particulars here you might be interested in. There is a unique ability related to the Headpiece or Helmet of this set (White Mask).

It will enhance your attack power to 10 percent more, activated only when you have successfully put a Blood Loss on any of your foes in the game. The time is quite good as well, giving you the buff for 20 seconds straight.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t stack, but the boost remains active when you successfully cause Hemorrhage. 

Defense Stats are;

  • 14.4 Physical

  • 19 Magical

  • 20.3 Fire

  • 21.6 Lightning

  • 20.3 Holy

Resistance Stats are;

  • 127 Immunity

  • 91 Robustness

  • 108 Focus

  • 118 Vitality

  • 29 Poise

Crucible Tree Set

Not all the players in Elden Ring can dodge or parry successfully because it requires training, time, and experience. If you are one of those who can’t, you can just go with the Crucible Tree Set. It can be effortlessly carried, can get you through the mid-game to end game, and then you can also feel safer without having to dodge always.

Just remember that you need to put some points in Endurance as well here and then you will be able to medium roll or effortlessly move around. The issue with it is that the rolling animation is trash here, but still, the other positive points overtake them.

Defense Stats are;

  • 33.8 Physical

  • 25.6 Magical

  • 24.2 Fire

  • 22.6 Lightning

  • 27.6 Holy

Resistance Stats are;

  • 120 Immunity

  • 170 Robustness

  • 84 Focus and Vitality

  • 71 Poise

This here is the recommended pick for those looking to make the Best Elden Ring Blood Build but don’t know how to dodge here.

Raging Wolf Set

In case you are the other way around and know you can effortlessly dodge any attack thrown at you, then there is nothing better than the Raging Wolf Set here in Elden Ring. It’s exceptional for evading attack and considered best in that regard. 

When talking about the weight, it is quite low as well here, allowing you to light roll with a lighter weapon like Katana. Even with a heavy weapon like the Wheel or the Greatswork, you can still manage to medium roll with a great pick like this one.

The only thing lacking here is the Defense, which was good in other armor we mentioned above. The defensive stats aren’t poor here, but rather it is decent. Another great point for picking this set in Elden Ring Bleed Build is its appearance. The aesthetics are incredible.

Defense stats are;

  • 33.8 Physical

  • 25.6 Magic

  • 24.2 Fire

  • 22.6 Lightning

  • 27.6 Holy

Resistance stats are;

  • 120 Immunity

  • 170 Robustness

  • 84 Focus and Vitality

  • 71 Poise


Elden Ring Blood Build Talismans

We are in the end-game here mentioning the Talismans for Bleed Builds in Elden Ring. There isn’t any limitation here when talking about them because Elden Ring has tons of them while having multiple ones great for a single task.

Still, we have some Best Elden Ring Talismans for the Bleed Build which can help you take the build one notch up.

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

Just like before, this Talisman also has Blood mentioned in its name, meaning it’s going to be a banger. It enhances the attack power to 20 percent when you have a Blood Loss effect in your build. 

Another spectacular thing is that the build doesn’t necessarily need blood effect on your part, you just need someone to have it in your team and the buff is yours.

As your main source is Hemorrhage, this is a heavy buff in your power. You already have many bleed sources here, meaning you don’t have to worry about the buff activating. 

Remember when we talked about the White Mask of War? Well, that works flawlessly with this, increasing the buff to around 30 percent.

Millicent’s Prosthesis

In case you are sticking with something like a claw, katana, fist, or other quick attack weapons, then this talisman is just made for you. It will give you +5 Dexterity and enhances the power of your attacks after successful attacks.

The whole theme for the Hemorrhage Effect is to attack quickly with successive attacks in order to let the Bleed Bar fill up faster. The Physical Damage gets boosted here, meaning you can quickly kill the enemies.

Godskin Swaddling Cloth

Speed is the main theme here and Godskin Swaddling Cloth Talisman is tailored around that. It is quite similar to the Prosthesis we mentioned above and after you do rapid attacks, the Blood Loss meter fills quickly. 

Erdtree Favor

Lastly, we have here the Erdtree Favor. It enhances your Equip Load, your Health, and also your Stamina. All of these things are required in higher amounts in this build, meaning you are getting them without putting points in those slots.

You will be able to take more punishment in the game while keeping your ground here. Having a melee build means things are going to get bad here and this Talisman is for this type of playstyle.

Elden Ring Blood Build Playstyle

Elden Ring Blood Build Playstyle

We mentioned it many times here in our Best Elden Ring Blood Build Guide, but let’s talk about it again. Your main goal here is to get close to enemies and start attacking them as quickly as possible.

When the enemy attacks you, your main source of defense is dodging. Yes, you heard that right! You can put in good defensive armor just like we mentioned here, but the best bet is going with dodge and learning it. 

Don’t let the Bleed Bar drop and keep successfully attacking the enemies to build the bar. Once the bar fills up, the enemy will take massive damage. This was the basic concept here.

When you stop attacking the enemies, the Bleed Metre is going to stop building up and your goal is to increase it without falling too much. Here in our guide, we mentioned various weapons and it depends on you which one suits your needs. 

In case you are not sure, just like one you like and then build your experience with it. All the weapons are the same when it comes to Bleed Build. After getting a hang of them, get compatibility with the Bloodflame Blade. 

Get in combat, pull off some attack, and get back. Then again, go in and continue it till the bleed bar fills up. Some of our weapons can stagger the enemies, while others can quickly build the bar with their Special Skills. In the end, it all drops down to what you are comfortable with.


That’s every detail mentioned here in our Best Elden Ring Blood Build Guide. First of all, we mentioned some of the best Weapons for Bleed Build Elden Ring has to offer, then we went to Seals, Incantations, Talisman, and Armor. 

Keep in mind that we tried making the Guide in a way that covers different playstyles, ranges, strengths, aesthetics, and so on. In the end, it depends on you, which one works best for you.

The basic concept of a Bleed Build is the same throughout, there are no changes in that. Just make sure you are learning Dodging Mechanism in Elden Ring to maximize the build effect. Don’t forget to Buy Elden Ring Runes at MMOPixel.

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