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Best Farming Spots for Gold in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2

Hey, fellow adventurers! Get ready for a fun journey that brings you back to the basics of the game. There are challenging missions, scary enemies, and, of course, plenty of gold to discover! Whether you're a pro or just starting out, gold is your ticket to getting awesome gear, cool mounts, and showing off. This guide is like your helpful map, showing you secret ways to get rich in Phase 2 of the season. So, grab your adventurer spirit, sharpen your blades, and let's go find some gold in Azeroth!

Before we dive into the adventure, let's check out some simple tips to kick start your journey to wealth in Azeroth. Start by exploring the basics and follow these tips to build up your riches. These easy steps will set you on the right path to success in the vast world of Azeroth.

  • Know your Class: Each class is good at different ways of collecting stuff. Mages are great at gathering lots of things at once, and Druids are awesome at picking herbs. Use what you're best at to get the most out of your adventures!

  • Mind the Competition: If the usual spots are busy, think about trying different paths or going at quieter times for better results. This way, you can be more effective in your farming and avoid the crowds during peak hours.

  • Track the Market: The prices at the Auction House go up and down. Use helpful tools like TSM to find things you can sell for more money. Buy the item when prices decrease and sell them when the prices increase. This is a simple way to increase your riches.

  • Start with a Profession: When you team up different jobs with gathering or farming, you can make a lot more money. For example, Alchemy and Enchanting go well with herbalism, and Skinning is great when you're defeating monsters. It's like putting together a winning team for your income!

That's it for the basics now we are ready to dive deeper for the riches in Azeroth!

Monster Mashing Mania:

Duskwood Vial Farm (Level 20-25): The potions you get from Worgens in Duskwood are worth selling because they can have cool stuff like the Blood Pike sword. But watch out, other adventurers might want the same spot because it's a good money-making place. Keep an eye out and be ready for some competition when you're trying to grab these valuable items!

  • Route to get it: Begin your journey from Duskwood Village, stick to the paths marked on your map, and clear out groups of worgen creatures effectively. After you've visited all the designated points, go back to where you started to make sure more creatures appear. This way, you'll get the most out of your adventure and encounters.

Stranglethron Vale Farming (Level 40-50): This area is full of cool creatures like Venomtail Spiders and Basilisks. They drop useful things like Black Lotus herbs, special recipes, and really powerful items like the Venomstrike Boots. But be ready, because other adventurers might want the same stuff, and you'll have to face some tough enemies to get these valuable items.

  • Route: Begin your adventure in Everlook, then explore the areas marked with spiders and basilisks, taking down their camps one by one. To cover as much ground as possible, think about making a loop around the southern half of the map. This way, you'll efficiently clear out the infested areas and make the most of your exploration.

Scarlet Monastery Library (Level 60+): Explore this dungeon over and over for awesome rewards! Big bosses give you valuable cloth and enchanting stuff, and even the regular enemies drop cool things to sell. Get a good group of friends together and dive into the dungeon to collect all these riches. It's a fun and rewarding adventure that you can do again and again!

  • Route: Go into the Library and stick to the path marked on your map. Clear out each room in a smart and efficient way. Use shortcuts inside the instance to save time on your journey. Always remember, working together with your team is crucial for success!

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Gold Guide

Gathering Materials and Goods:

Ironwood Trees (Level 30+): You can find special trees in Felwood and Winterspring that give Ironwood, a really important thing for making strong bows and staves. Even though it takes a bit of time to gather, each bunch is worth a lot of money. This is especially true if you're into Herbalism and Enchanting. So, it's a smart move to go and explore these areas!

  • Route: Start by picking a zone and explore the areas marked on your map, cutting down Ironwood trees. If there's a lot of competition, think about switching to another zone. To boost your earnings, combine this with mining Mithril deposits, which you can find in spots marked with gray squares on your map. It's a smart way to make even more profit from your exploration.

Fiery Felvine (Level 40+): A special herb called Gromsblood grows in Felwood and Winterspring, and it's super important for making powerful Alchemy potions. Because there's not a lot of it around, and many people want it, the prices are really high. Just be ready for some competition from other adventurers and watch out for the dangerous creatures that live in these areas while you're collecting Gromsblood!

  • Route: Start by selecting a zone and carefully explore the marked areas, collecting Felvine. Watch out for any dangerous wildlife in the area. If you encounter too much risk, you can explore an alternative zone, like Silithus. In Silithus, specifically mark Felvine spawns near the Ruins of Andorhal and Cenarion Hold on a separate map for efficient gathering.

Mooncloth (Level 40+): You can get a special cloth called Silithus Silk from Mooncloth Spiders in Silithus. Even though it's not easy to find, it's worth a lot of money because people use it to make really strong tailoring stuff. If you pair it up with Skinning, you can make even more money! So, keep an eye out for these spiders and collect that valuable Silithus Silk.

  • Route: Begin your adventure from Gadgetzan and stick to the paths marked on your map. Explore the areas infested with spiders, focusing on clearing out concentrated spawn points like the Scarab Ruins and Hive'Agar first. Take a systematic approach, looping back after covering each marked area for thorough exploration and efficient clearing.

Fishing the Riches out:

Dire Maul Fishing Extravaganza (Level 60+): In this special place, there are lots of pools filled with valuable fish like Blackmouth and Thunderhead Salmon. People use these fish to cook really fancy recipes. It's best to go with a group, but the money you can make from selling these fish is huge. So, team up and dive into the instance for some big profits!

Un'Goro Crater Oasis (Level 55+): In this area, there are cool spots called oases that have special fish like the Twilight Barb and Golden Darter. People want these fish because they give you special benefits and taste really good. But watch out, there are strong predators around, so be careful while fishing for these awesome catches!

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Gold Farming

Advanced and Alternative Approaches:

Auction House Flipping: Making money this way needs you to pay attention to the market and be patient. You buy things for less money when their prices are down because of market trends. Then, when the prices go up, you sell those things to make a profit. Tools like TSM can help you figure out when it's a good time to buy and sell. So, keep an eye on the market trends and use tools to find chances to make some extra gold!

Crafting and Selling: Mix skills like Alchemy, Blacksmithing, or Tailoring to make things people really want, then sell them to make money. Check what your server needs by doing some research, and make the items that are in demand. This way, you can adjust what you're making to match what people want, and it's a smart way to earn some extra gold!

Dungeon Boss Farming: Some big bosses in the game drop really cool stuff, like special recipes or materials for enchanting. It's best to team up with others for these fights, and sometimes there might be other adventurers trying to get the same things. But if you keep at it and focus on defeating certain bosses over and over, you can get some awesome rewards. It might take some dedication, but the results can be really worth it in the end!

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Alright, adventurers, you're all set to start making gold in Azeroth with the knowledge and tools from this guide! Use your class skills, avoid busy times, and try tools like TSM for smart buying and selling. Explore places with lots of monsters or gather valuable materials like Ironwood and Fiery Felvine. If you're crafty, mix professions for money or go into dungeons for boss loot. Be flexible, pick routes wisely, and with some planning, you'll be rolling in gold soon!

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