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Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18

Star Citizen is a type of game that you either love or hate. There are no in-betweens here. But, as with any other game out there, Star Citizen has seen some good days and bad days, as the developers changed it around in the past few years. 

Yes, the game is surely going in the direction we were told in the beginning, but we all want to look at the new features being added to the game as well. With all the news roaming around, the developers really put up amazing work on Star Citizen 3.18 and here in this Guide, we are going to show you the Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18. 

The development of Star Citizen has been in process for around 10 years, less or more. With the new updates rolling out, the team behind its extraordinary game is pushing limits by giving us quality-of-life changes, new technology, concepts, gameplays, and other things to experience. 

Considering all of this, you might have heard that Star Citizen is specifically putting the focus on Salvaging, Race Missions, PES (Persistent Entity Streaming), and SM (Server Meshing). So, we will go into detail about all these Features of Star Citizen 3.18. Let’s get started!

Persistent Entity Streaming and Server Meshing

Star Citizen is quite already a completely different game from any other in the genre and there is no other game that even comes close to giving you crazy space adventure. That being said, Star Citizen 3.18 will give you two new technologies, referred to as SM and PES. 

It will completely destroy all other games in the genre and Star Citizen truly needed this. Both of these techniques will allow you to store the items that you want to leave and then recall them again. 

The game has tons of features and developers really obtained from adding this technology because it was quite hard to do so. Imagine in the whole galaxy system, you are adding a new feature that stores guns in the server. Honestly, it was quite impossible to add, but the developers did think about it and added it, resulting in it being the Best Feature of Star Citizen 3.18 or one of them.

So, what’s the actual use of PES and SM in Star Citizen 3.18? There are an unlimited number of items to keep track of, before Star Citizen 3.18, it was quite impossible. But after it, things are quite manageable, allowing you to track in real-time as well. 

You can’t do the same for the bigger items like Buggies, Ships, and so on, but the update tells us that direction is the right one for Star Citizen lovers. At roundabout 4.0, we might be getting a polished version of the same stuff.


When it comes to the Biggest Update of 3.18, Salvaging is possibly the thing that gets mentioned the most. On the other hand, it is also a feature that we all have been hoping for some years. The developers did take their time, but it was worth every second. 

It brings to you the biggest loop, along with the addition of new features, related to missions, earning aUEC, new Ships, Material Collection, and so on. Even exploration takes effect from Salvaging. 

With Salvaging fully implemented in Star Citizen 3.18, you can find Ships that are kind of old including both NPC ones or Player ones. Afterward, you can scrap the materials in the Ship, sell them afterward for a good price, or use them as means of repairing your own ship.

There are two new ships coming in Star Citizen 3.18, but out of both, there is a single ship that takes the Salvaging Update. One more is already present that gets a major boost due to Salvaging in Star Citizen 3.18. We are talking about Drake Vulture which is a new addition and Aegis Reclaimer which is an Old Salvaging Ship.

Both of these Ships are used to do Salvaging in Star Citizen. They have their own pros and cons, Vulture is a single-person Ship, while Reclaimer is a multi-crew ship. The Multi-Crew one surely has a ton of cargo space, while the single-player one isn’t made to have a large cargo. Just enough to do Salvaging and store the Materials.

Along with that, there are also Multi-tool Attachments in the game that are meant to Salvage the Ships or repair your Ship, using the materials you will find from Salvaging. Here is a Guide to Help you Buy New Ships in Star Citizen 3.18.

Tier 1 - Cargo Refactor

Star Citizen 3.18 is also bringing some Physical Changes to the game as well, duly bound to Cargo Refactoring. Cargo Grid is a completely new addition to the game and with that, the process of moving or storing Cargo is easier than ever before. 

Some ships come with the Cargo Grid and using that you can store the Cargo there, without having to go to specific locations. With every good thing, there is a bad path as well in Star Citizen.

Now with the addition of Cargo Refactoring, the Cargo on your Ship and the items can be stolen as well. Before you can Log off, you need to make sure your Ship is in a safe place, so that the Pirates don’t steal your precious stuff.

There is a Soft Death State getting added to the game as well. In this state of your Ship, the vehicle won’t explode, rather it is more Disabled. It will lower all the safety mechanisms of the Ship, giving more easy access to stealing.

New Daymar Crash Site

Yes, you heard that right! The developers were working on a completely new Daymar Crash Site and it is coming as one of the Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18. This was done by the CIG Montreal Team, which is a new one made to handle tasks. 

The section gets you the Crusader MSR Crashed, as well as the famous Origin 600i Derelict. Both of these locations are included in the Daymar Crash Site update. Along with that, there are completely new missions that you can do here, mostly revolving around going deep and spotting the wreckage. 

When the players die here, their remains stay there. So, don’t worry when you come across the dead bodies of other players because of the PES Feature that is also implemented.

There is both good and bad news related to the New Daymar Crash Site. The good one is that it is going to be exceptionally detailed, unlike previous location additions. The bad news is that it is the only new site we will be going to experience here. 

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Hurston and MicroTech additions of Canyons and Rivers

We all can agree on one thing… “Star Citizen needed more Rivers and Canyons more”. The developers heard us and with the Star Citizen 3.18 Update, we are getting Rivers, Lakes, and Canyons in the game.

Hurston, as well as MicroTech, are completely re-done, converting to the River area and it can be seen in around 40 locations. These will give the game a completely new look, allowing you to utilize the Flying Ships much better in low-flying areas.

We haven’t heard of any missions, loops, or other Features along with these areas. In our speculations, it could be because developers wanted specific areas in the game just to explore and have fun traveling around. You can also make your own race in these beautiful areas because Star Citizen is a sandbox Open World Game, not your typical strict games that don’t let you do anything.

Changes in Orison

As we already mentioned in our Guide to Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18, there are no new locations except Daymet Crash Site. But, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t updates on the Map as well.

The Orison is getting a ton of changes, giving you more tilt toward the gameplay and quality of life. In the area, you can travel out of the atmosphere, going at around 10 km maximum for quantum travel. 

Crusader is a dead ship nowadays, but due to the elimination of the need to travel far in space, it is going to get a lot of hype in Star Citizen 3.18 update. Besides this, there is also a new Greycat PTV Racetrack added to this location.

You will find it around the Convention Centre and it is a little fun feature being added to the gameplay side of things. If you are completely frustrated in traveling around, doing various missions, you can now go to Orison and take part in a fun Racetrack to cool yourself. 

One more surprising thing for you. Previously you needed Ships to take part in all types of Missions available for Orison. The developers looked after it and now you can take part in missions without needing a Ship. That is great for beginners, as Orison is a bit tilted toward Starters now.

Security Post Kareah

This will surely be amongst the Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18 for lovers of Security Posts, Crimes, and Prisonment. You could go and clear your crime status at multiple locations, but with the implementation of 3.18, it is completely changed.

There is only one place where you can go and clear your crime stat, which is in the Security Post Kareah. It has the biggest changes in the whole game, with a new layout, highly trained AI NPCs, more challenges, and Prisonment often. 

Security Post Kareah is now a massive attracting zone for the Bounty Hunters and it will in return make it more interactive. The Security Post Kareah brings a ton of Gameplay loops for Bounty Hunting and Criminals. 

Addition of Race Missions

Last but not least, Star Citizen 3.18 brings to you Race Missions. Yes, they are finally here, and with a lot of bangs. It is great news for people who love racing in Star Citizen or want to experience Time Trials. 

With 3.18, there will be a total of around 7 Race Tracks, where you can take your turn in the system, test your Buggy Skills and go for Time Trials. XGR Racing Community made most of these tracks, so they are originally going to be great.

The implementation was done by none other than the new CIG Montreal Team which is also responsible for all of these Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18, which we just mentioned. You can look at these loops in the Mobiglass. 

Final Verdict

Star Citizen is getting a ton of updates and changes recently in its 3.18 update. Many people are going for speculation, while others are discussing things that might not come. Here in our Guide to Best Features of Star Citizen 3.18, we tried to put together the best things that you will experience in the latest update of Star Citizen. Don’t forget to Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC when you need them.

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