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Best Multi Crew Ships in Star Citizen

Typically you have to worry about a planet or two in games but here in Star Citizen, you will have to worry about the whole Star System. You are traveling around in Space with your trusty Ship but all of a sudden you require help from others to do missions or fight off enemies. That is where Multi Crew Ships come into consideration and here we have a list of the Best Multi Crew Ships in Star Citizen for you to try out.

Why go for Multi Crew Ships?

While you are doing good with your Single Person Ship and you don’t need any help, why would you even consider going for the Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen? For the most part, Star Citizen isn’t made to be a single-player game. 

In Star Citizen 3.18, the Stanton System is going to get a ton of expansions. The New Star System will give you never-ending opportunities and in the virtual Sandbox world, you can live the life you love. 

You can put in the effort together with your friends by getting the Multi-Crew Ship because it can’t be done otherwise. Yes, you can play the game Solo, but the Multiplayer scene takes the game to a whole new level.

The game is useless without you making new friends, playing, or doing missions with your favorite people. That’s the whole purpose of Sandbox. You can’t go exploring alone in the Pirate or Bandit-filled Space System. 

Even if you are doing Missions alone, the results aren’t quite good and you might need the help of someone to push yourself out of the boundary. Even escaping from Prison requires you to call your true friend. 

If you are the person who would like to go up a notch and get Multi Crew Ships, we have here an amazing Guide on the Best Multi Crew Ships in Star Citizen. So, follow on with the Guide to take on missions, boost your productivity and make a league of your own in the Star Citizen 3.18 Universe.

Best Multi Crew Ships in Star Citizen - Category Wise

One more thing to mention before we jump to the List. In Star Citizen, there are a ton of Multi-Crew Ships and each one is made for a different purpose. Here in our Guide, we will mention Best Multi Crew Ships in each category, so that you are well off for every journey ahead.

Best Multi-Crew Ship in Class - Anvil Carrack

In the whole game, Anvil Carrack has several times been regarded as the Best Ship to exist, nevertheless, the best multi-crew ship. The reason is its versatility, capabilities, its size, and sub-captain ship class. 

There is a medical bay that allows the player to himself or herself, increasing vitals. In case you die in combat, there is a Spawn Point in the Ship that saves you from the hardships of traveling, picking the ship, and so on. 

In return, you can save a ton of time and make the missions easier to do. Most of the time players choose Anvil Carrack because of this specific reason, but there are tons of other options as well. 

When it comes to multi-crew capabilities the ship has tons of availability for the crew members and also for storing stuff. There is a hanger bay in this ship that allows you to put in more things like Pieces and storage of material, and therefore, you won’t have to go towards the maximum weight capacity of Anvil Carrack.

Four Size and Turrets in this ship allow you to take the fight in the enemy area and do the most difficult of missions with ease, taking you to bring your friends on those missions. Lastly, there is a space for additional ships inside the Carrack that you can utilize in case of emergency.

It is super useful for exploration, storage, combat, doing tasks, and all with the full crew. But, that all comes with a price that is the highest you will ever face in the whole game.

Anvil Carrack is a Dream Ship for most people but due to the prices of aUEC in the game, the majority just forget about ever having it. But, that has recently changed because here at MMOPixel.com, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC to get your favorite Multi-Crew Ship. There are also amazing deals on Packages and Ships here for you to utilize.

Best Multi-Crew Ship for Salvaging - Aegis Reclaimer

In Star Citizen 3.18, Salvaging is getting a pump, and will be one of the best features added to the game. Using this you can simply destroy and take the hull off the ships. Then you can get their debris or materials out, either selling them for a profit or using them to repair your own ships in Star Citizen. 

There aren’t many ships that can do that as of now. The new one which is coming with Star Citizen 3.18 is a single-person ship with a small cargo space. While Aegis Reclaimer is the existing only Multi-Crew Ship that allows you to do Salvaging, as well as Cargo Refactoring. 

It isn’t all because the ship also has a large size, allowing you to put two Salvage Operators. There is one person who is piloting, while another one can be on the Turret. You can also sell the Cargo directly in Star Citizen 3.18, adding to the gameplay loop and providing you with a lot of value.

  • You can get the Aegis Reclaimer for around 15000k aUEC.

Didn’t catch up with the Latest Star Citizen 3.18 Update? Well, here we have an amazing Guide on Salvaging in Star Citizen 3.18 to help you understand everything in detail.

Best Multi-Crew Ship for Cargo - Drake Caterpillar

If you are someone who always gets out of the Cargo Space in Star Citizen and the enjoyment is always messed up with buddies, then the Best Multi-Crew Ship in Star Citizen when it comes to Cargo Space is Caterpillar. 

Using this, you can take part in the Gameplay Loop of Cargo Hauling. It can add up to the sources of Revenue in Star Citizen and benefit you from the whole process. Other ships can also give you quite a lot of Cargo Space like Starlifter, but it doesn’t come with weaponry.

This is why we mentioned Caterpillar in our Guide to Best Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen because it comes with a lot of Cargo Space, as well as weaponry to depend on when the time comes. 

The crew capacity of Caterpillar is 4 and it is the perfect balance between protection and profit. If you need help with cargo, it provides you with a ton of hands. With the design of this ship, you can always do customizations around, like storage, carrying, cargo, and so on.

  • You can get the Drake Caterpillar for around 4600k aUEC

Best Multi-Crew Ship for Long-Range Combat - Aegis Retaliator

Multi-Crew Ships aren’t quite good for Long Range Combat. At least, that is why beginners are told. But that is all false because Retaliator is an exceptionally well Multi-Crew Ship that you can use to Bomb and fight off enemies in the long range. It is all because of the missile system that this ship has. 

There are Torpedoes that you can use having Size 9. Not only that, but when it comes to defense, the ship also plays an incredible part. Ground targets are always a pain when it comes to Multi-Crew fights and this ship unloads its power on the ground targets, giving you those amazon Flyby Shots that we watch in movies. 

Yes, you can now play those shots yourself. Coming to the main point, you can also get crew members in here and a minimum of 4 members can be with you at difficult times. 

Sounds quite an expensive ship right? Well, the ship has a plus point which is its price. The ship is extremely budget friendly for what it gives you. In case you don’t have enough to get a large ship like Hammerhead or a Carreck, then you can go for the Retaliator which fulfills all your needs. 

The only downside to this amazing Ship is that it has a massive size and as a fighting ship should come with maneuverability, it doesn’t. But, when you know you are a good pilot, you can always make up for that and in turn, prove that Relallator is one of the Best Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen. 

  • You can get Retaliator Bomber for around 4000k aUEC

Best Multi-Crew Combat Ship - Aegis Hammerhead

With a good price, everything is possible. Even a Multi-Crew Ship can be the best Combat Ship in the whole Star Citizen. The Aegis Hammerhead is a ship that is not like any other in the game. It comes with extreme firepower; like 6 Torrents, and 4 Weapons of 4 Size and you can utilize them for destroying multiple Ships in space. 

For that reason, Aegis Hammerhead is referred to as the deadliest Ship in the whole game. Yes, the Large Size is an easy target, but the firepower makes up for all of that. You can even avoid the shots from enemies and make them miss if you are a good enough pilot in Star Citizen 3.18. 

Even if you are someone who is getting used to piloting, don’t worry because The Aegis Hammerhead comes with a large 3 Shield 2 Size Generator that you can utilize in Combat for styling alive. It works flawlessly for an extensive period of combat.

It is Combat we are talking about here and whether Idris is in your way or Gladius is coming to get you, there are no worries. But unlike the other Best Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen, we mentioned here, for the full capabilities of Hammerhead, you will need to get a full crew on board. Without it, you are vulnerable and the firepower isn’t that good. 

  • You can get Aegis Hammerhead for around 12500k aUEC

Best Multi-Crew Ship for Utility - RSI Constellation

The famous Constellation from RSI is also one of the Best Multi-Crew Ships, but it does the job quite differently. In the whole RSI Constellation Series, you can find various ships but mostly, it depends on what the person actually likes to fly around. 

In Stanton, you can take the RSI Constellation with some crew members you like putting in. There is a ton of versatility, we will give it that. It comes with decent fire, butter on top, there are turrets, and a Merlin Fighter that you can deploy when combat gets heated up. 

On the rear of the ship, you will find this feature and the ship itself is quite super easy to use, especially for the pilots or people who are getting used to the Multi-Crew stuff in the game. On the Rear side, you can also find space for Land vehicles, which makes Planet Exploration quite easier. 

  • You can get RSI Constellation Andromeda for around 3550k aUEC

Best Multi-Crew Affordable Ship - Drake Cutlass Black

Last but not least, it is time to mention something that beginners can purchase because they are low on aUEC. Cutlass Black is one of the best Budget Ships in Star Citizen, naturally making it into our List of Best Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen as well. In the Pledge Store you can easily find it, as well as in the game. 

You can get the Starter Packages to get this Ship as an addition to the Package as well. So, there are various easy-to-save aUEC on this Ship and get it at a Discount Price. Worried about aUEC? Well, you can Buy Cheap aUEC from MMOPixel.com. 

There are various models of the Cutlass, just like the RSI Constellation. We are talking about the Black Variant here which comes with Multi-Crew capabilities, a decent price tag, and versatility. There is good storage space here as well and you can take part in the Cargo Hauling Loop. 

When it comes to combat, you don’t have to worry because there are 3 Weapons of 4 Sizes and you can also use them Single Handedly to take down difficult targets. With the 3 Turret Size installed, the Firepower enhances but you need support from the Crew Members. 

When you get the co-pilot with you, the Flying and use of Millies become effortless. Therefore, the Cutlass Black is one of the Most Affordable Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen, coming with a ton of features for Beginners. You can call it Jack of All Trades and Master of None.

  • You can get Drage Cutlass Black for around 1380k aUEC

Final Verdict

Star Citizen isn’t the typical Sandbox, rather it is one of the biggest games to ever exist. There are whole solar systems you explore and planets you can travel around in. When it comes to exploration, there are Ships made for nearly everything, including Cargo, Salvaging, Combat, Bombing, and so on. Therefore, here in our Guide to Best Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen, we listed the best ones in each category, so that things are pretty easy to catch up. 

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