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Best Offense Teams in Madden 24

Introducing Madden 24, the latest installment in the iconic Madden NFL video game series.With its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, Madden 24 promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to football enthusiasts and gamers alike. The latest edition of the game has much more content than any of its predecessors, but the competition is also high this time. As a result, when you delve into the virtual playground, a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked is understanding the significance of knowing about the best offensive team. In the dynamic world of Madden 24, where strategy and precision reign supreme, having an elite offensive lineup can be the key to victory. 

Having a team composed of top-tier players, each possessing unique skill sets, can elevate your gameplay to new heights. The art of selecting the right players, devising effective plays, and mastering the intricacies of offensive maneuvers can be the differentiator between triumph and defeat. Whether you're a seasoned Madden pro or a newcomer eager to make your mark, delving into the world of offensive strategies is a pivotal step towards mastering the game. So, as you gear up to navigate the digital football battlefield in Madden 24, remember that a deep understanding of the best offensive team can tip the scales in your favor and pave the way to gridiron glory. That’s why we have prepared this article where we will be discussing the best offensive team that are currently available in the Madden 24 game. There are various reasons for selecting these teams and one of them certainly is their ratings in the offense department. Other factors would be discussed in the article. Make sure you read the entire article so that you don’t miss a thing. With that out of the way, let’s begin with the Best Offense Teams in Madden 24.

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Quick View of top Offense Teams with Offensive Ratings

  • Kansas City Chiefs - 91


  • Cincinnati Bengals - 91


  • Philadelphia Eagles - 90


  • Buffalo Bills - 89


  • Dallas Cowboys - 88


  • Minnesota Vikings - 87


  • Baltimore Ravens - 86


  • Cleveland Browns - 85


  • Los Angeles Chargers - 84


  • Miami Dolphins - 83

Kansas City Chiefs

With an overall rating of 92 the Kansas City Chiefs reigns supreme in this installment of the Madden NFL franchise. Although, in their offensive ratings they share the first place with the Cincinnati Bengals who have the same 91 points. But who can argue for the chiefs offensive ratings especially when they have both Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. 

The Kansas City Chiefs have Harrison Butker as the Kicker. Though his overall rating of 78 doesn’t do justice with his abilities. He has a power rating of 96 and his accuracy is rated on 85. Chiefs will be without a fullback this time and Tommy Townsend is going to be the best Punter in Madden 24 with the overall rating of 83. In Madden 23 Townsend’s rating was just 73, and this is quite a jump in ratings. Townsend has a leg power of 97 rating which is the second best of the Madden 24.

Madden 24 Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati Bengals

With an overall offensive rating of 91, Cincinnati Bengals tied at first place with the Chiefs. The Offensive line is full of superstars and some are new additions to the previous roster. Let’s have a look at them.

On the top is Orlando Brown Jr. with astounding ratings of 83 followed by La'el Collins with overall ratings of 81. Alex Cappa’s overall rating is 80 also, Ted Karras with overall ratings of 80, and Jonah Williams with overall ratings of 75 are there. Bengals also have Cordell Volson, Cody Ford, Max Scharping and Trey Hill among others. Brown could have been rated more but his previous season might be a factor why he is still at 83.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles are rated as 91 in overall ratings and 90 in overall defensive ratings in Madden 24. Having the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive playbook is recommended as the team is the runner up of the most recent Super Bowl and has some really great offensive ratings. The playbook focuses more where the quarterback and the Halfback get the lead and take action. Thay have a heavy offense unlike the Kansas Chiefs. 

Top players for the Philadelphia Eagles are - Lane Johnson with an overall rating of 98, then we have Darius Slay with 92 rating. Jason Kelce has a rating of 92 as well. Others on the team are AJ Brown with 91 ratings, Haason Reddick has a rating of 90. They also have Dallas Goedert (89), Jalen Hurts(88), DeVonta Smith (87), Jordan Mailata (87), and James Bradberry (85). 

Buffalo Bills

An overall rating of 90 and an offensive rating of 89 makes Buffalo Bills a strong contender for this year’s title. They rank number 4 in Offense and number 2 in defense. Clearly, the roster is well suited for defensive approach. Why we are saying this is because they got 3 players who have ratings of 90 or above in their line up. RE Von Miller (94 OVR), SS Jordan Poyer (90 OVR) and CB Tre’Davious White (90 OVR) make a really good defense. 

On the other hand the team's offense lacks depth. Their weakness which is evident from looking at the current roster is of Running Back and Wide Receiver. They have Josh Allen with an Overall Rating of 94 as the quarterback. Josh Allens makes up for the lack of Running back and wide receiver. Barring Allen there is just another offensive player with a 90-above rating, Stefon Diggs. Stefan Diggs rating of 96 is the best offensive rating for the Buffalo Bills. But after that they have Dawson Knox with a rating of 83. This shows you why they lack depth in offense.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys with 88 offense ratings are again a strong contender for the Madden 24 season. Their roster is balanced and allows them to execute terrific gameplay on both sides of the ball. The offensive line is led by none other than Zack Martin whose overall rating is 99. Another player accompanying him would be Tyron Smith with 89 overall rating. 

The Dallas Cowboys also have CeeDee Lamb as their top receiver with an overall rating of 89. The Offense seems decent enough but the problem lies at the Tight End which is left vulnerable after Dalton Schultz moved to Houston. Brian Schottenheimer has been assigned the duties of the top-end and it would be interesting to see how he handles that.

Madden 24 Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have an overall offensive rating of 87. Considering the Minnesota Vikings enter the second season of Kevin O'Connell's offense, this rating is a great compliment. The Vikings were a team that finished sixth overall in yards (6145) and ninth in points (424) the previous season. They ranked sixth in terms of yards (4484) and fourth in terms of touchdowns (30) in the air.

Kevin O'Connell is eager to test out Jafferson in all the possible formations and why not he has got the ability to do that. Seeing this can be a quite amazing gaming experience for all the game lovers. Passing attack seems completely balanced with the likes of Jordan Addison, KJ Osborn and TJ Hockenson taking the charge. Isis believed that their Passing attack was going to be much more dangerous than any other team but only time will tell.


This will be all about the Best Offense Teams in Madden 24. We've the top 6 as the Chiefs, Bengals, Eagles, Bills, Cowboys, and Vikings. Their offense ratings are quite high compared to any other team in the Madden 24 game. They have got good players and that’s why their overall ratings soars high as well.

The other top offensive teams on the list Baltimore Ravens (86), Cleveland Browns (85), Los Angeles Chargers (84), and Miami Dolphins (83) are good offensive teams but lack somewhere in the offensive line that’s why their rating is not as high as other teams on the list. With the right tactics and good offensive playbooks any team can win the championship. Having a team of star-studded players does not guarantee a championship. You have to win as many games as possible and know what your team’s strength is. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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