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Dark and Darker How to Level up?

With the fourth playtest of Dark and Darker concluded, interest in the hit Ironmace game has recently increased, and many seasoned adventurers are returning to the game's heart-pounding action. Several have compared Dark and Darker to a cross between Escape from Tarkov & Dungeons & Dragons. Yet the game's extraordinary description has likely contributed to its enormous success, with the most recent demo averaging almost 100,000 active players.

Yet, the learning curve for this dungeon crawler PvEvP experience is rather high, and it may be very intimidating for new players. For those who are just starting out in Dark and Darker, getting gear and leveling up should be their main priorities. Thus, if you're having trouble gaining ground in Dark and Darker's severe dungeons, go through our Dark and Darker Leveling Guide below.

Leveling System in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, leveling functions just as one would anticipate. A character gains access to previously restricted mechanics and features as they level up. Nevertheless, unlike other games, leveling up in Dark and Darker does not yet result in improved stats. Players assume that here is where they'll be able to boost certain attributes like Strength or Agility (based on the ideal stats for their class) when they level up because there is a Class Training page in the game that is presently inaccessible. This is where a lot of the 'build' variation that gives characters a more distinct feel would come into play.

Dark and Darker Levelling

Leveling at the moment just allows players access to more Perk Slots, with 1 available by default, 2, at level 5, 3, at level 10, and 4, at level 15. Other than that, leveling doesn't have any "numerical" benefits, especially after level 15. The many microtransactions throughout the RPG Dark and Darker are carried out using Gold, a digital currency. If you want some Gold without having to play the game, we suggest placing an order from MMOPixel, one of the best online retailers for such transactions. We maintain competitive pricing while providing outstanding customer service.

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Gaining XP in Dark and Darker

Now that the fundamentals have been learned, where do new Dark and darker gain EXP? There are a lot of different approaches you can take here. The most straightforward approach is to enter the dungeon and kill other players or NPC foes. But in addition to this, there are other more acts that award EXP, such as:

  • Opening Chests.

  • Having loot in their inventory as they exit the dungeon.

  • Opening Portals (of either color).

  • Descending further deeper into the Dungeon.

  • Completing the Dungeon's escape.

All of these acts result in EXP, which should answer any questions players may have had about why someone in their party leveled up more quickly than they did. As this will probably change between this alpha and the official release, there aren't really any statistics available currently about which Dark and Darker action grants the most EXP. Nonetheless, players have observed that performing the following actions makes their EXP gauge jump rather noticeably:

  • Passing through a blue portal to leave the dungeon.

  • Use a Red Portal to enter a deeper level of the Dungeon.

  • Defeating the boss at the Red Portal floor's conclusion.

There are other ways to gain a lot of EXP quickly, such as killing a lot of players in a single game or fleeing with a lot of gear, but the strategies mentioned above are the ones that tend to give the most overall.

Dark and Darker Guide

How to level up in Dark and Darker?

The fact that XP is presently not shared between party members should also be noted. This means that if you sit back and let your buddies do all the killing or looting, you won't be gaining as much XP as they are. Now that we understand everything in Dark and Darker that will grant XP, here are some suggestions for rapidly leveling up:

Kill More Enemies

In Dark and Darker, killing the enemy is the main way to level up. You'll encounter a variety of enemies as you move through the dungeons, all of which you must kill in order to advance. Killing more foes will increase your experience, which will eventually result in leveling up. It's crucial to keep in mind that only the person who successfully finishes off an enemy will gain experience, so work with your squad to make sure you're using your full potential.

Play Solo more often

While playing the game solo can make it considerably harder, you will receive every experience point possible from the enemies and chests you come across. We advise sticking with the Forgotten Castle as your starting point, but if you're searching for a true challenge, the Goblin Caves include some of the most punishing encounters that Dark and Darker currently has to offer.

Explore the Dungeons

Leveling up in Dark and Darker depends on a variety of factors, including how well you can navigate the dungeons. Players will need to work together to effectively travel through the various floors because the game is meant to be difficult. Explore every inch of the dungeon as you can given that the more difficult the floor is, the more experience you'll gain. Although gear is more significant than the level in the early game, it's also crucial to give safe extraction priority.

Try to open plenty of portals 

Open all of the Blue or Red Portals nearby if you feel secure and are able to do so before entering one to leave the dungeon. Experience gains are presently not quantified, however activating Portals of any color will give you some extra experience. Open as many Portals as you can because the only drawback is if you pass away before entering one and escape, so make sure to clean up your area before using this leveling technique.

Get the final shot to kill the monsters

The only way to get experience points from PvE monsters is to get the kill or "last hit" on them. Unfortunately, this means that killing creatures won't earn you experience points. If you have a small party, do your best to last hit any PvE opponents you come across to level up quickly.

Dark and Darker Monsters

Go through a Red Portal

You will receive a tremendous quantity of experience points for entering a Red Portal and exploring further into the dungeon, which can be a great method to level up quickly. We advise against using a Red Portal unless you don't care about the stuff you have with you or have very high equip and are with a complete group due to the last floor of the dungeon's severe difficulty.

Go to killing; if your group is well-equipped, you may also farm far more experience points from the creatures in this dungeon stage than you could in the previous one.

Use a Blue Portal to leave the dungeon

The best way to gain experience points is by fleeing through a Blue Portal rather than using the Red Portal and finishing that floor of the dungeon, which is probably not an option if you are unfamiliar with the game and want to level up quickly.

Although it is presently unknown whether the amount of stuff you carry influences how much XP you earn, using a Blue Portal to leave the dungeon will grant you a significant amount of experience points and is a significantly more practical way to level up for inexperienced players than using a Red Portal.

Some important points to remember!

  • Sadly, EXP is not presently distributed among players in a party for kills (both PvE and PvP).

  • For receiving EXP for kills, it appears that the "final hit" is what really counts 
    It appears that opening the chest itself, rather than the quantity of stuff taken from it, is what actually awards looting experience points.

  • If the player doesn't leave the dungeon, looting, killing, and other actions will continue to award EXP; otherwise, many individuals would be trapped in a level 1 cycle.

  • EXP is given in the new Experimental Solo-only Mode, although it's far less forgiving in terms of enemy location and spawns.

  • EXP for PvE kills does appear to depend on the adversary type. On the second floor of the Dungeon, for instance, a simple skeleton will provide less EXP than the majority of creatures.


In Dark and Darker, leveling up is a difficult yet worthwhile experience. Players can successfully traverse through the dungeons, fight opponents, and advance their skills by fusing strategy, coordination, & a little bit of luck. Red portals are the quickest route to level up, but until they have the equipment to travel through the upper-level levels, inexperienced players should prioritize safe extraction. These tricks will help players level up more quickly & get the most out of their time in Dark and Darker. With this note, we come to the end of our guide on leveling up. Do read our beginner's guide to Dark and Darker to get a good hold of the game. 

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