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Dark and Darker Ranger Beginner's Guide

The Ranger of Dark and Darker is a challenging class to learn since they are less ready to fight head-to-head than other classes and are a little easier to kill. Learning the Ranger requires accuracy and patience. The Ranger relies less on cunning and subterfuge than the Rogue, but they still need to be constantly aware of their surroundings in order to repeatedly escape the dungeons. If you have a detailed guide to follow, it will be a little bit easier, though. Here is our Ranger guide for Dark and Darker.

Ranger Class Overview

It's split evenly between the tankier and more squishy classes in Dark and Darker. The Wizard, the Rogue, as well as Ranger, are all rather weak in terms of builds, whereas the Cleric, Fighter, & Barbarian can take a few blows with no difficulty. Yet, the Ranger has a medium to long-range shooting capability that is virtually unmatched.


  • Is capable of combating the majority of PvE foes almost entirely safely.

  • Can kill an opponent with the correct skill setup and accurate shot before they have a chance to react.

  • Is able to use their traps to further confuse any enemies pursuing them.

  • When using the Field Ration Ability, has passive healing

  • Is a class with excellent interaction speed, which means that traps, doors, campfires, and revive shrines all activate more quickly.

  • Is able to overcome its one flaw—that it offers no melee options—by building one particular melee setup.

  • It's simple to fight as a team without striking any teammate.


  • Is extremely susceptible to reloads.

  • Regarding fascinating archery-related talents, it's kind of boring. lacks any special arrows of any kind, such as explosive, poisonous, or fire arrows.

  • Has no way of accelerating their movement or slowing down the opposition, so once the gap is closed, they're in serious trouble.

  • For individuals with less-than-stellar targeting skills, an almost hard class to play.

  • Extremely awful in small areas.

  • Must be significantly more accurate than, on average, spell-casters like wizards, whose ranged attacks have much bigger hitboxes.

Dark and Darker Ranger Class

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Best Perks for the Ranger Class

The majority of Ranger work will be accomplished with a bow, even if you carry a sword as a backup weapon. In order to optimize damage, we'll want to front-load the bow with projectile-centric perks. In order of priority or level of unlock, we suggest the following benefits.


Sharpshooter adds 15% more damage to headshots than the baseline bonus. However, if you're using a crossbow, your first perk should be Crossbow Mastery to benefit from the 50% increase in reload speed.

Nimble Hands

This accelerates the bow firing animation by 15% so you can fire more arrows down range. Ideally, this will eliminate your target before they approach and try to melee you.


When using a bow, Kinesthesia works best because it gives you a 10% movement speed boost while the bowline is being taught; if you're using a crossbow, use this perk slot for Sharpshooter instead. If you can stack movement speed buffs with expensive gear high enough to remove this, Trap Expert is a great substitute if you like to set ambushes.

Ranged Weapons Expert

When using ranged weapons, Ranged Weapons Expert RWE increases attack power by 5%. This can provide a little bit extra power, but if you feel like you're already dealing enough damage, feel free to experiment with this slot. If you can't find a blade or rapier, Spear Proficiency will come in handy, but Trap Expert is just plain ridiculous fun.

Best Skills for the Ranger Class

One of the few characters in Dark and Darker where practically every skill is worthwhile employing is the Ranger. Ranger skills range from exceptional to still good at their worst, unlike those of other classes which have both good and bad ones. But generally speaking, players favor the following abilities from least to most often used among their finest Skills:

Field Ration

Provides the Ranger with a food item that, when consumed, will restore 25 health.

True Shot

Arrows shoot more quickly and spend a shorter period in the air, giving the enemy less time to react and try to swing back at the Ranger.

Quick Fire

When using Quick Fire, which fires three arrows quickly one after the other, a Ranger with good aim can almost immediately kill an opponent.

Quick Shot

Quick Shot simply speeds up the Ranger's firing rate for 5 seconds, which, if they hit every shot, could easily be the course of the entire battle.

Dark and Darker Ranger Class Skills

Best Gear and Weapons for the Ranger class

The Ranger, like the Rogue, will perish quickly if forced to face off against the majority of other players. Attempting to engage in a melee can quickly lead to death, even with high-end armour and weapons, which are purple and above. Focus on your agility and resourcefulness while choosing gear. Agility will speed up your movement and attack animations, while resourcefulness will make it easier to connect with objects in the world, such as doors and campfires.

Your ranged weapon should be your initial point of concentration and most likely your most expensive piece of equipment. Spend money wisely to make sure you're maximising your damage from a range because the Ranger doesn't have many advantages or talents that concentrate on anything other than ranged weapons. The Windlass Crossbow in its current form should be avoided because reloading it would force your viewpoint downward, leading you to lose all situational awareness regardless of how quickly you can reload. Any bow with 25 or more damage should cover the costs, though.

Choose a backup weapon after you have your main weapon prepared. Although rapiers & arming swords are simple possibilities in this situation, a ranger will require a different weapon in case the battle grows too close for bows. Your playstyle should be centred on keeping everything that can destroy you out of melee range, so you should feel free to scrimp on spending a lot of money on armours that don't improve your essential traits.

The Ranger as a Solo class

The Ranger is an excellent solo class if you play to your abilities. At the beginning, you may find it difficult to fight goblins in the Goblin Cave mode since it takes many arrows to kill them. Nevertheless, if you have the proper equipment, including—and maybe most importantly—a Spear, you can eliminate these adversaries fast and with minimal damage.

PvP is also a lot of fun with the Ranger, especially when you're just up against one other person. If you hit a player in the head, their health will be depleted. Only a Rogue, a Wizard using Haste, a Fighter using Sprint, or even a Berserker have the capacity to overtake you in the game.

Tips and Tricks to consider as a Ranger

Here are some "generic" tips for the Ranger Class:

  • Being able to hit opponents with incredible headshots from angles they would never anticipate or be capable of responding to in time makes playing Ranger half the enjoyment. As nobody generally looks up while playing, many Rangers, for instance, like to ascend the ladders in the library area & fire from above.

  • It's important to annoy your foes as much as you can when fleeing away as a Ranger. People may act foolishly out of pure annoyance when traps are left in places they wouldn't expect. Another technique that appears to be fairly effective is setting up two traps, one directly behind the other. The majority of the time, chasing players will get caught in the first trap, quickly set up the second trap to keep their Ranger target in sight, and then take one step forward before being caught again.

  • Most of the time, it's great to pass through the Zone when a Ranger is kiting PvP opponents. The players pursuing the Ranger won't be capable to afford to be as watchful around corners and other hazards once the Ranger returns to the safe area because they will be rushing to leave the Zone as soon as possible. However, if the Ranger simply keeps shooting at them from the location where they are attempting to retreat to safety, it will only increase their level of panic.

  • Finally, keep in mind that the majority of other classes are primarily melee-focused. So, when being pursued by other players, Rangers can simply run past the enemy and then swiftly turn & fire at the players to hold them down, allowing the attackers enough chance to aggro onto them.


With this, we come to the end of our Dark and Darker Ranger Guide. This great class can be considered a blend of the other classes and is fun to play. After going through this guide, you can enjoy the game using the Ranger Class!

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