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Dark and Darker Tips and Tricks

A harsh fantasy first-person shooter dungeon adventure, Dark and Darker claims to be unforgiving. In order to find loot, you'll enter a dungeon that is dark & dangerous, but you must be cautious of the monsters and other explorers who might or may not be hostile. Going alone is risky, so let us provide you with some advice in our guide on Dark and Darker tips & tricks!

Before beginning with Dark and Darker

To enter the dungeon, you must first create a character. There are now six classes that can be used in the game, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. You are given a brief explanation of the functions of the classes in the game, but you must actually use them in order to fully understand them.

Don't worry too much about your first character; instead, just choose whatever strikes you as cool at the time. Every class has a character creation option, so you are not required to stay playing as one if you don't like it. You are now prepared to enter the dungeons! Keep in mind that your first runs will certainly end miserably & abruptly, but don't quit! You can also refer to our beginner's guide to Dark and Darker for better understanding the gameplay.

Stay cautious and get used to the DARK environment

You'll undoubtedly notice the game's darkness - and we do mean darkness - right away. Torches scattered around the dark halls and, of course, your own individual torches are the only sources of illumination for you. You have three torches at first, but you can restore torches you've tossed by picking them up. Because you can't avoid what you can't see, it's always a good idea to light up dark locations. Also, keep your ears open because most opponents and traps in the game have a distinctive sound that lets you know when trouble is nearby.

This is especially crucial when trying to find enemy players. A player will create quite obvious noises if they are jogging or bouncing about. Find the source of the noises, avoid the players, or engage them in combat. Last but not least, there are numerous items lying around the dungeon, including boxes, barrels, jars, and much more. Enemies can frequently become momentarily trapped on these items, providing you an assist in battle. In conclusion, being aware of your surroundings and alert can help you prepare for combat engagements and anticipate what is ahead. In this game, getting an advantage over an adversary is crucial, so be watchful!

Dark and Darker Environment

Get a hold of the Combat System

Take note of how your center reticle changes as you swing your weapons. It will occasionally transform into a little box & other times into a line with arrows. They serve as directional cues for how your weapon will move when you swing it. You can actually aim your assaults, which is why the game shows you this. Although it might not appear that way at first, this game actually uses precision hit detection. A hit from a weapon only counts if it really makes contact with a body part. The most damage is dealt while striking an opponent in the head. Hitting the chest causes great damage, and striking the limbs does the least damage. When you can, try to attack the head. Your swing animations will go at different speeds depending on your class & weapon. Use your weapon to its full potential; it could make the distinction between life & death.

Despite the absence of a stamina meter, blasting your attacks will ensure that you miss every opportunity, which will quickly lead to death. You must block the attack's direction if you are using a shield. If you are unfamiliar with the swing animations, this can be a little challenging, but it can be helpful in a situation. Always aim for the head!

Avoid enemies whenever possible!

The majority of enemies who use melee weapons can be avoided when fighting them. Approach them really closely, then begin to retreat right away. You'll set up a swing, but you'll be far enough away to avoid being struck by it. Step back in, get a few hits in, & then step out once more. If required, repeat this procedure.

The best method to escape damage is typically to dodge! The key to escaping strikes is movement in general; you can jump across horizontal swings, and duck under high swings, to name a few. Shields are a little problematic and shouldn't be relied upon, although they can be useful in dire situations. With enemy players, things get a little more complicated, but the idea is the same. Keep a close eye on their swing animations & be sure to avoid them appropriately. If you want to study swings but don't know how they attack, try baiting some swings.

Your ability to move more quickly when your weapon is concealed can help you get out of a perilous situation. When things start to seem awful, don't be scared to retreat!

Dark and Darker Enemies

Always keep checking the minimap!

Because of the Death Swarm, which is indicated by the red area on the minimap, the safe playing area will gradually get smaller. Make sure you're moving toward the safe area, which is indicated by the white circle.

When interacting with creatures or other players in the heat of the moment, it can be extremely easy to lose your senses. Always check your minimap to be sure you're on the right track. If you get trapped in the Death Swarm, you will gradually lose health until you pass away. It's pretty much a quick death if you're trapped in a particularly crowded space with adversaries still there.

Play around with your Perks

Since there are just four slots available and each class normally has a pool of eight perks, you must carefully choose how you would like to develop your character. Test each one out to choose which you like. Characters have active talents that can change the course of a battle in addition to benefits. You possess two skill slots that are instantly available. Classes are similar to perks in that they typically only have four skills.

You can use spells if you belong to a class that has access to magic. Before you can equip spells, you must first equip a Spell Memory talent in one of your skill slots. Second, there is a memory cost for each spell. The limit on your spell memory can be exceeded, although doing so slows down your spell casting. You can, however, equip an additional set of spells if you attach Spell Memory to both of your skill slots. Although it is a possibility, your spell-casting pace will probably be slow.

Waste no time in looting and Escape!

You can scavenge dead monsters and opposing players. Enemy players typically have a tonne of gear and treasure on them, whereas monsters will have a random variety. Prior to stopping to plunder, make sure the area is empty.

You'll find supplies & consumables like bandages or potions in addition to treasure. If you are hurt, seek out a secure location and apply a bandage to restore some health. Make sure you are secure before applying bandages because it takes a long time. The safe zone would eventually reduce to a small region towards the conclusion of the game, which is roughly ten minutes in. At this point, blue pillar-shaped Escape Portals begin to spawn in the safe area. To begin the summoning procedure, which takes some time, interact with one. Keep an eye out for players that are waiting to surprise you and hide! There will be a blue Exit Portal when the summoning is finished. To complete your run and get all of your priceless loot, enter it.

Dark and Darker Loot

You are free to hang around and continue your search for more loot until someone enters the Escape Portal. However, doing so carries a great deal of danger because hostile players could take it, forcing you to find a replacement. The general rule is to use an Escape Portal as soon as it opens in order to be safe than sorry. Every treasure you have on you as well as any equipment that isn't a starter item for your class will be lost if you pass away in the dungeon.

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And with that, you very much understand the fundamentals of Dark and Darker. We must stress once more how difficult this game is and how many times you will die. But don't give up - dying is a necessary part of the process. You should learn a little bit more about the nuances of the game mechanics with each death, hopefully. Next time, you'll perform better!

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