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Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide - Earning and Spending Obols!

Diablo 4 offers you multiple in-game currencies, some being common, and others being special. The common ones are used generally in the game like diablo IV Gold while the special ones have their own specific purpose. Obols are one of the special in Diablo 4, that you can call similar to the Diablo 4 Blood Shards. If you are having trouble earning and spending them in the game, we have here Diablo 4 best Obols farming guide. So, let’s get started!

The curiosity vendor is a concept in Diablo 4 followed by the previous one where you can earn new currencies for specific items. You can use the Obols to get items with various rarities and all of that depends on your luck in the game.

While considered a chance, you might be blessed with a legendary aspect during that random chance, which isn’t easy to get elsewhere.

Furthermore, they are used to get the whispering keys as well that are used to further open special chests that aren’t opened any other way. You can refer to Obols as one of the most essential things in the game, specifically for players that are in the late game and looking for some special legendary aspects.

Obols and Curiosity Vendors

Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide - Spending them at Curiosity Vendor

The first thing that pops into the head is using the murmuring Obols. These are basically used at the curiosity vendor in Diablo 4, who can’t be found in the hub town and he sells you some random items without any identification.

You can get gear from him and after the purchase is done, you will get to know the identity of that specific thing. It can be a legendary, a common, an uncommon, or even a rare gear.

You can also get your hands on the whispering keys through these vendors, so they are basically tied to your Obols.

Increasing Obols Carrying Capacity

There is one thing, however, which is that you can’t always have unlimited amounts of Obols at a single time. This limited amount is somewhere around 500 in a single time by default. 

All the extra ones are just out of capacity and lost in the game. But, you can find the altars of Lilith and increase these considerably.

You can also go through each sanctuary region and increase your renown to ultimately increase your Obols capacity as well. This requires rank 4 renown with each region. 

With R4 Renown, you will enhance the carrying capacity to +80, and with the altars of Lilith, it can be increased to somewhere around +20.

Getting Obols in Diablo 4

Getting Obols in Diablo 4

Coming to the main part of this Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide, there are many ways you can get your hands on some Obols. These are the;

  • Main Quest Rewards

  • Side Quest Rewards

  • Dungeon Events

  • World Events

The open world events are going to be your main source here in earning some and there are tons that Sanctuary has. These open-world events are the random ones and not the boss events where you can fight ashava or other world bosses.

Keep in mind that you can’t just start with the points we have above. You will have to complete these events in the mastery level, both the quests and the side quests and you will get 35 Obols. 

These are linked to the character on which you completed those quests. In side quests, you might also find extra Obol bundles, so it is advised to keep an eye out always on the map.

Another high chance of you getting Obols in Diablo 4 is through the cellars and dungeons. They have a high chance of giving you events and rewarding you with tons of these Obols in return for completion.

Spending Obols in Diablo 4

Spending Obols in Diablo 4

Now, when it comes to spending them, this is where things get complex. You will have to find the curiosity vendor who is located in the sanctuary's major hubs. They have a specific title - PUrveyor of Curiosities. Find this word written on the map to get to them.

Obols Cost for Items

Following the are prices for items at the vendor;

  • Two-Handed Weapons cost 75 Obols

  • Rings cost 60 Obols

  • Amulets cost 60 Obols

  • One-Handed Weapon cost 50 Obols

  • Boots cost 40 Obols

  • Pants cost 40 Obols

  • Gloves cost 40 Obols

  • Chest Armor cost 40 Obols

  • Helmet cost 40 Obols

  • Off-Handed Weapon cost 40 Obols

  • Whispering Keys cost 20 Obols

You can spend your precious time finding Obols or you can just buy cheap Diablo 4 Gold and Diablo 4 Items here at MMOPixel.com. We have all sorts of Gems, Elixirs, and Boosters for Diablo 4 available as well.

Items Worth Spending Obols On

Items Worth Spending Obols On in Diablo 4

Obols are hard to get and not all of these things are worth spending some Obols on. So, to help you with that, our recommendation in the Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide would be to spend them mostly on the rings, gloves, and whispering keys.

Whispering Keys

Just as we already mentioned that whispering keys are special keys in Diablo 4 used to open some locked chests. These are mostly found in the open-world part of the game and have exceptionally good loot for the players.


You can body gear much about in everything, but gloves are mostly not found commonly. With gloves, you can also go with nearly all the offensive affixes the game has to offer. 

You might also need specific skill affixes that are found with gloves and that is why we recommend getting them.


One of the most essential gear parts in the game is rings and is worthy of making specific builds. Costing you 60 Obols doesn’t seem quite right for an item of this size, correct? Well, it does cost a ton of Obols, but these are the only ones that can roll the legendary resource aspect as well.

Furthermore, rings are quite good with affixes based on the offense. This includes a critical chance and other buffs related to the conditioning.

Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide - Farming Strategies

Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide - Farming Strategies

Before we get started, it is important to mention that once you get to the late game, every mechanism turns upside down and the game changes completely. So, our strategy for farming Obols in Diablo 4 is based on early and mid-game.

If you want bulk Obols without wasting time anywhere else, you can just go to the North of Menestad and farm the vents there. This is a small town located just inside the fractured peaks area. The steps for that are given below;

Go to the Monestad and from there go to the North. Here, you will find an event spawning. Each hour, the type of event will change, so you should make sure that event is a quick one.

  • Just like you complete any other event in the game, go through it as well

  • Collect the reward and the loot

  • Go to Kyovashad by opening a portal

  • From Kayovahad, you should go to the area of Monestad

  • Go back to the event and it will again spawn just like before

On the other hand, sometimes the event doesn’t spawn on its own automatically. To trigger it, you might need to do the teleportation part again and again until it does.

So, you are basically farming an event and in return getting a ton of Obols in a short time. This does work out great for the early and mid-game but doesn’t work for the late game.

In the late game, you already have a ton of amazing Obols farming methods that seem useless in one way or another.

Complete the event and at that exact moment go back to Kyovashad. Then from there go to Menestad and it will reset the whole event. In the same location, you will find another event taking place.

Why Kyovashad? Well, if you don’t teleport to Kyovashad first, then the instance won’t be reset and you will be empty-handed.

With each event, you will get somewhere around 35 Obols, completing side quests. In two minutes you can get through the event, based on a good build. If you are just getting started, it can take you longer. Within an hour you can get 500 Obols and what more do you want from the Best Obols Farming Guide?

The Verdict

Obols are one of the main currencies of Diablo 4 and also the special ones. Using them, you can get various items, but the most notable of them are whispering keys, rings, and gloves. The legendary aspects are also the reason, but they are covered in the rings part here. The main reason that players are typically fond of them is their rarity, as they are hard to get. Our Diablo 4 Best Obols Farming Guide mentioned the Earning Ways and Spending Ways. Then again, we have the Best Farming Location and Loop to help you get the most Obols in a short time instantly.


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