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Diablo 4 Mount Guide - How to get your First Mount?

Traversing the massive world of Diablo 4 is a task none can perform on their legs. To help you out, there are mounts. You can’t actually unlock them early on in the game because you will have to do certain tasks and then get your first mount. If you don’t know anything about this and are having trouble getting your first mount, we have here the Diablo 4 Mount Guide to help you out.

Diablo 4 Mount Guide - How to get your First Mount?

Why Mounts?

Besides just traveling the Diablo 4 world using your legs and running from one destination to another, there is a concept of Fast Travel in Diablo 4 as well. Then why are players always looking for the mounts?

Fast Travel in Diablo 4 is based on waypoints. You will complete areas and then unlock various waypoints. That doesn’t mean you can just use fast travel and reach the destination instantly.

The waypoints are spread across the Sanctuary, far off from the location. Even if you use fast travel to reach a destination, you will still have to run for long distances. This is the same story as before and to help yourself out, you can use the mounts.

How does Mount work in Diablo 4?

At this point, you already know about the concept of mounts here in Diablo 4. But, going into the depths, it is used to basically go around and explore. You are moving faster on the mount than on foot, traversing the areas of Sanctuary faster.

You can use fast travel to reach a specific area and further use the mount to reach the locations, missions, and quests much faster. Just like everything else in the game, there are multiple boundaries here.

After you get out of your mount, you will have a 10-second cooldown, which is quite a lot in MMO games. You can’t simply ride the mount and get out, spamming it around. 

One more thing is that once you are indoors or when you are in dungeons, you can’t basically call upon your mount. Furthermore, you also won’t be able to enter combat mode while you are riding the mount. 

You can, however, flee from combat using your trusty mount, but make sure that the 10-second cooldown is kept in mind. In case you are hit with an attack while you are mounted, you will be forced into combat.

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How to get your First Mount?

How to get your First Mount in Diablo 4

In order to unlock the mount in Diablo 4, you will have to pass through various instances. One such instance is that you will have to progress the game to Act 4. It might sound easy because Acts 1, 2, and 3 can be done without any particular order.

But, the major drawback here is that Act 4 can only be unlocked after you completed the previous 3 Acts. After you are done, you will get a new quest known as the “Mount: Donan’s Favor”. 

You might know it as the Mount Quest or the Donan’s Favor Quest. Both are basically the same. The good thing here is that this quest isn’t hard and neither is far off. It is quite easy to do and gets you the Mount instantly.

After you take the quest and progress, you will be sent to the Stable Master, who is present in the popular area of Kyovashad. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a penny here and get the first mount completely free.

In case you are one of those individuals who had the game pre-ordered, you can basically get the light bearer mount skin here as well. The most expensive one, known as the ultimate edition of Diablo 4 gets you Temptation Mount. 

Summoning the Mount

The final thing that you need to understand is, how to summon the mount in Diablo 4. It isn’t a hard process, you will just have to press the summon (default) button to call upon your trusty mount. 

Keep in mind that once you call the mount, ride it, and dismount, you can’t summon it again for 10 seconds straight. 

Dismount Abilities of Classes

Dismount Abilities of Classes in Diablo 4

Strangely enough, each class in Diablo 4 has his/her own Dismount Ability when getting out from the mount. You will have to unlock these skills from the skill menu before trying them out for yourselves.

  • Druid - Will become a werebear and then smash the ground after dismounting

  • Necromancer - Does a mount leap and then calls upon the spikes from the ground

  • Sorceress - After dismounting, will freeze the enemies

  • Rogue - Does a mount leap and throws fire arrows

  • Barbarian - Does a mount leap and smash the ground

Two things that you need to keep in mind here. The barbarian will require a two-handed weapon and the rogue will require a ranged weapon to showcase their dismount skill.

Diablo 4 Mount Guide - Customization

Diablo 4 Mount Guide - Mount Customizations

You can go to the stablemaster and from there get the new mount to change the appearance. One thing to keep in mind is that customizing them isn’t quite cheap and you sometimes have to spend 100k Red Dust to get something like Reins of Bloody Steed.

In the chests, you can find the mounts that you can use at the stablemaster and you can find some from monsters as drops. You can further put the mount bardings and trophies as well.

Complete missions, loot the drops, buy from vendors and get bonuses through the game. They can make your steed look ridiculously good.

The Verdict

Mount is one of the most essential things in Diablo 4. Due to the sheer massive scale of area in the game and the minute details, you are bound to move around with your mount. Otherwise, it will take you hours to do only one part of the quest. Here is our Diablo 4 Mount Guide, where we share with you details on How to get your first Mount, Customization, and the restrictions as well.

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