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Diablo IV Crafting Guide: Enhancing Weapons and Armor

Welcome to the exciting world of Diablo IV! In this action-packed game, crafting is an essential aspect of your journey as a hero battling against the forces of darkness. This guide is here to help you navigate the intricate world of crafting and empower you to enhance your weapons and armour to their fullest potential. Crafting in Diablo IV goes beyond simply finding items; it allows you to create gear that is perfectly tailored to your playstyle and character. Throughout this guide, we will explore the depths of the crafting system, unveiling its secrets and providing you with valuable insights to become a master crafter.

Gathering Crafting Materials

The process of Gathering Crafting does not only come from one specific way such as exploring, although it is a method, there are many other efficient ways to gather resources for your personalised weapons and armour.

Exploring the World

One of the most thrilling aspects of Diablo IV is the opportunity to embark on epic adventures and explore a vast and captivating world. As you traverse different regions, from haunting forests to ancient ruins, you'll uncover hidden treasures and encounter dangerous foes. This exploration not only immerses you in the rich lore of the game but also presents you with an excellent opportunity to gather valuable crafting materials.

Shimmering Discoveries

During your exploration, keep a keen eye out for shimmering nodes, chests, and interactive objects. These points of interest may contain precious crafting materials that can be collected when looted or interacted with. Take your time to thoroughly search each area and leave no stone unturned to maximise your chances of finding valuable resources.

Resilient Adversaries

The world of Diablo IV is teeming with formidable monsters and bosses, each offering a unique challenge. Defeating these powerful adversaries not only grants you experience and valuable loot but also provides a chance to acquire rare crafting materials. Engage in epic battles, unleash your skills, and emerge victorious to reap the rewards of your triumphs.

Respawning Riches

Remember that the world of Diablo IV is dynamic and ever-changing. Crafting materials may respawn over time, allowing you to revisit previously explored areas and gather additional resources. Stay vigilant and revisit locations you've already explored to take advantage of respawning materials and bolster your crafting inventory.

Diablo IV Crafting Materials

Salvaging Unwanted Gear

Salvaging Mechanism

In Diablo IV, salvaging unwanted gear is an efficient way to acquire valuable crafting materials. When you come across gear that no longer serves your needs or has become obsolete, you can salvage it at the Blacksmith to break it down into its core components. These salvaged materials can then be used for various crafting purposes, such as enhancing existing gear or creating new items.

Salvage Options

When salvaging gear, you have the opportunity to select which materials you want to extract from the item. Different pieces of gear will yield different materials, including common ones like metal scraps, leather, or cloth, as well as rarer components like enchanted shards or arcane essences. This flexibility allows you to tailor your salvaging process to prioritise specific materials needed for your desired crafting projects.

Salvage Bonuses

Diablo IV introduces a feature called "Salvage Bonuses" that can enhance your salvaging experience. By salvaging a certain number of items or reaching specific milestones, you can unlock bonus rewards such as additional crafting materials, increased chances of obtaining rare components, or even exclusive crafting recipes. While these bonuses can be earned through regular gameplay, some accelerated options may be available for purchase through in-game stores, allowing you to progress faster and gain additional advantages in your crafting endeavours.

Diablo IV Salvaging

Quests and Bounties

Quest Rewards

Throughout your adventures in Diablo IV, you will undertake various quests and bounties that offer exciting challenges and opportunities for rewards. Completing quests and bounties can grant you not only experience points and valuable loot but also specific crafting materials. These materials may be directly rewarded upon quest completion or obtained by looting enemies and treasure chests encountered during your questing endeavours.

Player-Driven Economy

Trading and Bartering

Diablo IV features a dynamic player-driven economy that allows players to engage in trading and bartering with fellow adventurers. As you accumulate surplus crafting materials or find yourself in need of specific resources, you can interact with other players to trade for the materials you require. By participating in the player-driven economy, you can acquire rare or hard-to-find crafting materials that may not be readily available through other means. These player-to-player interactions create a vibrant and cooperative community that fosters resource exchange and promotes collaborative gameplay.

In-Game Purchases

For those seeking to enhance their crafting experience further, Diablo IV offers in-game purchases that can provide additional convenience or cosmetic items. These purchases can range from special loot packs containing rare crafting materials to cosmetic skins that personalise the appearance of your gear. While these purchases are entirely optional, they can offer a huge shortcut to acquiring certain resources or allow you to showcase your unique style within the game.

Ultimately, the choice of engaging in in-game purchases is entirely up to you. Whether you decide to utilise them or not, they are a great help while trying to easily enhance and enchant your items, especially weapons and armour. Diablo IV offers a vast and thrilling world to explore and countless opportunities to gather the crafting materials you need to enhance your weapons and armour. So gear up, prepare for adventure, and delve into the world of Diablo IV to collect the resources that will help you become a legendary hero.

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Crafting Stations

There are 3 different Crafting Stations in Diablo 4, each having their own different purposes and their own work:


The Blacksmith serves as a crucial hub for crafting in Diablo IV, allowing you to enhance your weapons and armour to unleash their full potential. Within the walls of the Blacksmith's workshop, you'll discover a multitude of crafting options and opportunities.

Crafting Recipes

The Blacksmith offers a diverse selection of crafting recipes that enable you to create a wide range of base items, including swords, axes, chest armour, and more. These recipes can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as completing quests, exploring hidden areas, or defeating powerful enemies. Additionally, Diablo IV may offer special recipe packs or expanded recipe collections as in-game purchases, providing you with additional options to further diversify your crafting repertoire.

Material Enhancement

Enhancing your weapons and armour requires a steady supply of materials, some of which can be acquired through regular gameplay activities like exploration, combat, and looting. However, Diablo IV also provides in-game purchases that offer the convenience of obtaining specific materials directly from in-game vendors. These purchases can help streamline your crafting process by providing you with immediate access to the materials you need to upgrade your gear.

Master Crafters

As you progress through Diablo IV, you may encounter master crafters who possess unique skills and knowledge. These skilled artisans can offer exclusive crafting services, such as unlocking specialised enhancements or providing access to rare recipes. While some interactions with master crafters may require completing challenging quests or meeting specific requirements in-game, Diablo IV may also provide in-game purchases that grant you direct access to these esteemed crafters, allowing you to tap into their expertise and expedite your crafting journey.

Diablo IV Crafting Stations

Enchanting Altar

Enchanting Mechanics

The Enchanting Altar is a mystical station in Diablo IV that allows you to infuse your weapons and armour with magical properties. Through enchanting, you can enhance the attributes of your gear, granting powerful bonuses and customising your equipment to suit your playstyle.

Enchantment Options

At the Enchanting Altar, you'll encounter a wide selection of enchantment options, each offering unique effects and benefits. These enchantments can range from increasing your weapon's damage output to boosting your armor's resistance against specific elements. Some enchantments may be obtained through gameplay achievements or discoveries, while others may be available for purchase through in-game stores, providing you with immediate access to powerful enchantments to strengthen your gear.

Enchantment Materials

Enchanting requires specific materials known as "Enchantment Essences" that can be found throughout the world of Diablo IV. These essences are often obtained by defeating powerful enemies, exploring hidden areas, or completing challenging quests. However, for those seeking a more expedited path, Diablo IV may also offer in-game purchases that provide access to specialised Enchantment Essences, allowing you to accelerate your enchanting progress and acquire desired enchantments more efficiently.

Runesmiths’ Forge

Unleashing Rune Powers

The Runesmiths' Forge in Diablo IV is a sacred place where you can harness the power of ancient runes to bestow extraordinary abilities upon your weapons and armour. By combining runes with your gear, you can unlock potent effects and create truly exceptional equipment.

Rune Combinations

The Runesmiths’ Forge offers a vast array of runes, each representing a unique power or attribute. These runes can be combined in various ways to create powerful synergies and enhance specific aspects of your gear. Experimenting with different rune combinations allows you to tailor your equipment to match your preferred playstyle and create a truly personalised arsenal.

Acquiring Runes

Runes can be obtained through various means in Diablo IV. They may be discovered as loot from defeated enemies, found in hidden locations, or rewarded for completing challenging quests. However, for those seeking to expedite their rune collection, Diablo IV may provide in-game purchases that offer rune packs or special rune bundles, granting you immediate access to a wider range of runes and increasing your options for crafting powerful equipment.

In-Game Purchases

Diablo IV offers optional in-game purchases that can enhance your rune forging journey. These purchases may include exclusive rune packs, rare and powerful runes, or even cosmetic options to visually customise the appearance of your rune-enhanced gear. While these purchases can provide conveniences and additional rune options, it's important to note that the core gameplay experience of Diablo IV is designed to provide opportunities to acquire runes through exploration, combat, and questing.

Enhancing Weapons and Armor

  1. Crafting Base Items: Start by crafting or acquiring a base item of your desired type (sword, axe, chest armour, etc.).

  2. Selecting Runes and Gems: Choose the appropriate runes and gems that synergize with your playstyle and build.

  3. Adding Sockets: Utilise the Blacksmith or Jeweller to add sockets to your gear, allowing you to insert powerful gems.

  4. Runewords: Combine specific runes in a particular order to create powerful runewords that grant unique bonuses.

  5. Enchanting: Visit the Enchanter to add magical properties to your gear, such as increased damage or resistances.

  6. Reforging: Reforge your existing gear to reroll its properties, giving you a chance to obtain better stats.

  7. Augmentation: Use special materials to augment your gear, increasing its power and unlocking additional properties.

  8. Upgrading: Enhance your gear by combining it with other items and crafting materials, improving its quality and attributes.

Legendary and Set Items

Legendary Items

Diablo IV introduces a vast array of legendary items, each with its own unique attributes and powerful effects. These legendary items are highly coveted for their exceptional abilities, and obtaining them can significantly augment your character's strength and capabilities. While legendary items can be acquired through regular gameplay activities like defeating powerful enemies, exploring challenging dungeons, or completing epic quests, Diablo IV may also offer in-game purchases that provide access to exclusive legendary items. These purchases can offer you the opportunity to acquire sought-after legendary items more quickly, allowing you to enhance your character's build and dominate the challenges that await.

Diablo IV Legendary Items

Set Items

Set items in Diablo IV are special pieces of equipment that, when worn together as a complete set, provide incredible bonuses and synergistic effects. These sets are carefully designed to complement specific playstyles or build archetypes, and collecting and wearing a full set can greatly enhance your character's effectiveness in combat. Set items can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as defeating powerful bosses, participating in challenging events, or completing specific quests. Additionally, Diablo IV may offer in-game purchases that provide access to set item bundles or special set item recipes, allowing you to quickly assemble powerful sets and accelerate your character's progression.

In-Game Purchases

Diablo IV provides optional in-game purchases that can enhance your journey in obtaining legendary and set items. These purchases may include special legendary item packs, exclusive set item bundles, or even cosmetic options to visually customise the appearance of your prized gear. While these purchases can offer conveniences and additional options for acquiring legendary and set items, it's important to note that the core gameplay experience of Diablo IV is designed to provide ample opportunities to find and earn these coveted items through exploration, combat, and questing.


In conclusion, crafting in Diablo IV is a captivating and rewarding aspect of the game that allows you to enhance your weapons and armour, unleash mystical powers, and customise your gear to suit your playstyle. The Blacksmith, Enchanting Altar, Runesmith's Forge, and Jewelcrafting offer diverse avenues for crafting mastery, providing opportunities to create formidable equipment that will aid you in your battles against the forces of darkness.  

While Diablo IV provides optional in-game purchases that can enhance your crafting experience by offering additional recipes, materials, enchantments, runes, gems, and even exclusive legendary and set items, it's important to note that these purchases are not necessary to enjoy the core gameplay experience. The game is designed to provide ample opportunities to acquire crafting resources, discover powerful enhancements, and find coveted loot through exploration, combat, and regular progression. However, all the purchases offered will make life much easier and help you gain a lot of progress in a blink of an eye.

So, gather your materials, seek out rare recipes, experiment with enchantments, runes, and gems, and forge legendary items and set pieces that will mark you as a master crafter. May your crafting journey in Diablo IV be filled with excitement, discovery, and triumph as you shape your destiny and emerge as a legendary hero.

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