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Diablo IV Fractures Peaks Zone Guide

Well, there are 5 regions in Diablo IV, whether you have just started or have been playing this franchise, these regions play a massive role in your campaign. The fractures peak is one of these 5 regions and this is quite a ride. You will face the cold harsh environment and be ready for the fierce monsters that inhabit it. Now, knowing a bit about it helps a lot in your journey and we have brought that for you just here as you will get to know everything you need to succeed here and move past other players.


Waypoints are magical devices that allow you to fast travel between different locations in Diablo IV. They are very useful for saving time, reaching events, and exploring the world. Each waypoint you discover also grants you 20 renown, which is a currency that can be used to unlock various benefits.

There are 35 waypoints in total, spread across the five regions of Sanctuary. Most waypoints are located in towns and villages, but some require you to clear strongholds or progress the campaign to unlock them. You can see all the waypoints on the map and teleport to any of them by pressing M.

If you want to unlock all the waypoints quickly, you can team up with a friend who has already done so and follow them as they teleport around the map. This way, you can get all the waypoints in about 20-30 minutes. Waypoints are essential for fast travel across the region. There are seven waypoints in Fractures Peaks, located in the following towns:

  • Margrave: southwestern part of Dobrev Taiga

  • Yelesna: southwestern part of Galle Valley

  • Nevesk: southwestern part of Desolate Highlands

  • Kyovashad: northeastern part of Desolate Highlands

  • Menestad: western part of Sarkova Pass

  • Bear Tribe Refuge: northwestern part of Seat of the Heavens

  • Nostrava: western part of the region, after cleansing the stronghold

Diablo 4 Waypoints


Strongholds are special locations that are corrupted by evil and must be reclaimed by the players. They offer unique challenges and rewards, such as vendors, dungeons, and waypoints. Each stronghold has a set of tasks that you need to complete before you can face the boss and light the Wanderer's Shrine. Completing a stronghold also grants you renown and unlocks an Altar of Lilith.

Now, we have a total of 15 strongholds, which means there are 3 of them for each of the regions of the Sanctuary. Here you have to either make progress in your campaign or even clear the other strongholds before you can access them. It wont be an easy fight because the enemies would be much stronger than you, around 2 to 3 levels so be prepared.

Here are some examples of strongholds in Fractures Peaks:

  • Nostrava: a town of cultists that worship Lilith and sacrifice their own people. You need to survive their ambush and free their prisoners before facing the priestess and her minions.

  • Malnok: a frozen cavern infested with ice demons and undead. You need to destroy their altars and free their captives before facing Malnok, a giant skeletal dragon.

  • Kor Dragan: a vampire castle which as the name suggests, feeds on the blood of the living. So here you must slay their thralls by breaking their coffins and then you can face the final boss i.e. Kor Dragan, the vampire lord.

Side Quests

Side quests are optional missions that can be done to gain renown, skill points, potion charges, obol capacity, paragon points, and other benefits. They usually involve fetching items, slaying enemies, delving into dungeons or cellars, or clearing out a stronghold. Some side quests may also award gear or unlock new vendors.

There are around 100 side quests in total, spread across the five regions of Sanctuary. You can find side quests by talking to NPCs with a blue exclamation mark over their head, or by finding items or notes in the open world. You can see all the side quests on the map and track them by pressing M.

Some side quests may have prerequisites, such as completing other side quests or the main campaign. Some side quests may also be missable, such as those that are tied to strongholds or events. You can always check your quest log to see your progress and objectives.

Here are some examples of side quests in Fractured Peaks:

  • Raising Spirits: talk to Guard Boza in Kyovashad and cheer up the soldiers by telling them jokes or stories.

  • A Cold Faith: find Pilgrim's Journal in Southeast Foothills and return it to Priest Matvey in Margrave.

  • The Beast's Challenge: talk to Greganoch in Bear Tribe Refuge and defeat him in a duel.

Diablo 4 Side Quests

Areas Discovered

Each region has many zones that can be explored and uncovered on the map. Some zones may contain secrets, events, or enemies. Each area you discover grants you 5 renown for the respective region. There are 309 areas to discover in total, spread across the five regions of Sanctuary. You can find areas by walking through each sub-region and unfogging the map. You can see all the areas on the map and track them by pressing M.

Some areas may have prerequisites, such as completing other areas or the main campaign. Some areas may also be missable, such as those that are tied to strongholds or events. You can always check your map progress to see your completion and objectives.

Here are some examples of areas in Fractured Peaks:

  • Desolate Highlands: a barren wasteland full of undead and demons.

  • Sarkova Pass: a mountain pass that leads to Kor Dragan stronghold.

  • The Pallid Glade: a forest of twisted trees and corrupted wildlife.

  • Olyam Tundra: a frozen plain where pilgrims seek salvation.

  • Kylsik Plateau: a highland where ancient ruins and secrets lie.


Dungeons are underground locations that offer challenging enemies and loot. They can be either side dungeons or nightmare dungeons. Side dungeons are easier and can be completed once for renown and imprints. Nightmare dungeons are harder and can be repeated for better rewards. There are 23 side dungeons and 3 nightmare dungeons in Fractures Peaks, such as:

  • The Frozen Caverns

  • The Lost Temple

  • The Forgotten Sanctum

  • The Shattered Crypts

  • The Frozen Tomb

While completing these dungeons, you will be required to make various in-game purchases that will require you to spend Gold, the in-game currency of Diablo 4. So if you are falling short of the same, the best way to get it is for real money.

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Altars of Lilith

Altars of Lilith are mysterious structures that can be activated to summon powerful enemies or events. They can be found throughout the region and offer great rewards for those who dare to challenge them. There are 28 altars of Lilith in Fractures Peaks, such as:

  • Altar of Frostbite

  • Altar of Hunger

  • Altar of Sacrifice

  • Altar of Sorrow

  • Altar of Wrath

World Bosses

World bosses are massive enemies that spawn randomly in certain areas of the region. They require a group of players to defeat them and drop legendary items and other rewards. There are two world bosses in Fractures Peaks:

  • Ashava the Pestilent: a giant skeletal dragon that spawns in Desolate Highlands or Seat of the Heavens

  • Skarn the Herald: a huge demon lord that spawns in Sarkova Pass or The Pallid Glade


The Fractures Peaks is a mysterious and intriguing region of Diablo IV that adds a lot of variety and challenges to the game. It will keep you hooked as there is always something that you explore or loot. However, one should always proceed woth caution and be ready for everything as this is not an easy one to pass. We hope all the information provided above gives the players everything they might need, so go and defeat your enemies and master the game.

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