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Diablo IV Guide to Airidah Boss

Just like the previous installments of the Diablo Series, Diablo IV also features a plethora of challenges by pitting players against various formidable monsters. Going through each one of them builds up the excitement to meet the boss character of that particular level. Boss battles are something that the Diablo Series is famous for. There have been many formidable opponents in the game and one such character is the Boss Airidah, aka “Keeper of the Dead”. A spellcaster, and by far one of the strongest too, Airidah is very much capable of driving even the seasoned player to their physical limitations.

So, whether you are new or an experienced campaigner, you will need to defeat the Boss to move forward in the game, and how would you do that? With our help you can defeat Airidah efficiently. In this guide article we will be discussing everything we know so far about the Keeper of the Dead and how you can defeat this Boss character. So, make sure you read the complete article so that you don’t miss anything important.

Finding Airidah Boss

In Act 2, there is a main quest - “Apex of Misery” in the Diablo IV game. Here in this quest your goal is to move in the north direction of the Wailing Hills area of Scosglen. After a while you will find yourself at the summit of the Windswept Trail, at which point you should have a conversation with Airidah. This will mark the beginning of the Boss battles.

About Airidah

Before engaging in battle with a boss level enemy, you should know about the character. Having thorough knowledge of the character’s moves, attacks and passives can come in handy during the battle. 

As mentioned earlier Airidah is a spellcaster, a powerful one, and she can attack really fast and from a range as well. If you are wondering why she is a formidable opponent, then let us tell you that she has excellent mobility, and there are many more abilities of her that will make the battle much more intense and difficult for you. Throughout the battle she would be invulnerable all thanks to the mobility of her. Her abilities allow her to teleport from the range of the player’s attack and turn into mist as well. At the same time there would be whirlwinds and lighting strikes on you.

During this battle, Airidah would be surrounding herself in the mist and call the Wraiths by summoning them. This will happen twice during the entire fight. During the first summon, she will call 2 Wraiths, and after the second summon, there will be 4. These wraiths would cause trouble for you in the battle. So, it’s important that you take them down in the battle. This will allow you to continue your fight with the Airidah.

All thanks to her mobility, teleportation and quick lightning strikes, you might not be able to dodge all of them. But these lightning strikes are not all that powerful to deal any major damage. So, even if you fail to dodge them, there won’t be much issue. But the same can’t be said for the Whirlwinds. The Whirlwinds are much more powerful than the Lightning Strikes and will deal more damage. As a result, it makes sense to dodge them as much as you can.

Diablo 4 Airidah Boss

Beating Airidah Boss in Diablo 4

As mentioned earlier in the article, Airidah is fast and can attack quickly, so you need to dodge her attacks. But to make things easier for you, the battlefield on which you will be fighting is quite big. There is so much space that you can move around freely. This is important for you to utilize properly in order to avoid damage. Here are all the possible attacks and abilities that Airidah can use during the fights:

Summoning Lighting Strikes - Airidah has the ability to strike the opponents with lightning. All through the battle, she can repeatedly rain down the lightning strikes all around the battlefield. Now, what you can do is move. Move as much as you can. Your mobility is the answer for her lightning strikes. You can evade the strikes by constantly moving and avoiding the AoE markers. 

Generate Strong Whirlwinds - While fighting someone powerful you might try to stay close to deal damage but that might stir troubles for you. Airidah is capable of generating Strong Whirlwinds that can cause more damage as compared to the lightning strikes. As a result, our advice is that you keep your distance from her. The Whirlwinds start small and gradually increase and finally explodes causing much greater damage to you or your team. If you don’t dodge at the right time and get caught in it, it will start pushing you back. This will cause damage to you. As the game progresses and if you manage to deal some damage that might be fatal for her, she will start summoning more whirlwinds. When she is about to die, she will summon 2-3 whirlwinds at the same time. This will result in more Area of Effect Damage.

Summoning Wraiths - One of the most effective and useful abilities of her is to summon Wraiths to support her in the fight. If you manage to deal enough damage to her, then after a particular threshold of her health, she can summon Wraiths that will make her invulnerable to your attacks. The first time she summons Wraith there would be 2 of them. So, in order to deal damage to her again, you would have to take down these Wraiths quickly. If her health falls down a bit more, she will call for more Wraiths. This time there will be 4 of them. So, you have to use much better skills and Diablo 4 items to kill them quickly.

Now that we have discussed all her attacks and abilities, let’s discuss how you can beat her. Beating Airidah requires keeping yourself moving and not getting close to her too much. Keeping your distance would help you to evade the whirlwinds and constant motion will help to avoid lightning strikes. In between her attacks, you should try to deal as much damage as you can by striking her.

There are few simple things that you need to do to beat her. Keep on chasing her during the start of the battle. At that time she will be using the lightning strikes that don’t do much damage even when it hits you. But when she is about to release the whirlwind, get away from her. Destroy the Wraiths that are linked to her because she is invulnerable as long these Wraiths are there.

The same attacks - lightning strikes, whirlwinds, and Wraiths - will continue to be used by Airidah as the battle goes on as she gets closer to dying. You should be able to limit damage while steadily reducing her health until she is defeated as long as you stay active and avoid stepping into the whirlwinds.

Diablo 4 Airidah Boss Guide

Loot that Airidah Boss Drop

Defeating a Boss in Diablo 4 is surely rewarding. When you finally defeat the “Keeper of the Dead”, Airidah, she will tell you that She told Lilith about the plan to Keep the Astoroth in prison. She reveals that she told her how she can destroy the wards that would keep the Astaroth imprisoned. After this she falls and the mission concludes. The rewards that you will get consist of 1540 Diablo 4 Gold, 1 or more Rare Gear, 1 Magic Gear and 13000 Experience Points (XPs). If need more Gold, the best way to get it if for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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This would be all about the Guide to Airidah and how to beat her in the Diablo 4 game. Airidah is the Boss character of The Apex of Misery quest of Act 2. The Keeper of the Dead is quite powerful and possesses a lot of destructive abilities. She is virtually invulnerable but with the right tactics you can defeat her. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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