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Diablo IV Guide to All Stronghold Locations

Diablo 4 incorporates its own special aspects into the mix while maintaining the classic isometric dungeon exploration and loot seeking style. Strongholds is one intriguing new feature.

Strongholds resemble open-air prisons. A bunch of foes have taken control of the area for unknown reasons. Strongholds transform into a new area that either becomes a Waypoint for players to quickly go to or unlocks new content for them to interact with when players defeat the enemies and retake the area. Strongholds are essential because they are formidable forts with rich loot, difficult foes, and priceless rewards. These fortresses are dispersed throughout the ominous and perilous land, providing a fascinating experience for intrepid travellers seeking fame and money. In this tutorial, we'll look at the many stronghold sites in Diablo 4 and provide you helpful advice to make the most of your adventure.

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Understanding Strongholds

Strongholds are attractions in Sanctuary that the evil has taken over. Every Stronghold you come across is in a different place, with a different tale, goal, riddles, and bosses. They are initially enemy-infested areas that you and the others must purge. The Stronghold will open up more as a public location where you can see other players after you finish the event and drive out the evil throughout the area.

Gaining experience, awards, and renown after you defeat a stronghold will allow you to access additional benefits like skill points and healing potion packs. Once finished, the Strongholds may develop into cities with NPCs and waypoints. Although every Stronghold won't turn into a town, defeating them can reveal short cuts, dungeons or even a centre for side quests. Bring high-level gear because each Stronghold is intentionally a few tiers above your character level. There are a total of 15 strongholds scattered over all the five regions.

Hawezar StrongholdsCrusaders’ Monument

This Stronghold located far north of the Zabinzert, which is the capital of the Hawezar district. When you examine this monument, it will call forth some undead. To call the Crusader Champions, kill them & dig up the graverobber's corpse to obtain skulls. Then, use those skulls to fuel the Ritual Brazier. To finish the Stronghold, you must battle an aggregate of three opponents.

Diablo 4 Hawezar StrongholdsCrusaders’ Monument


That Stronghold in the centre of the marsh is this one. You must look around this location to find & eliminate some Serpent's Eyes. This unlocks the homicidal cultists' entrance, the Serpent's Eye door. The Stronghold must then be finished by killing Dianthus, thus you must continue travelling until you do.

Eriman’s Pyre

This Stronghold, which can be found in Hawezar's north, is actually a community that is on fire. To discover more about the Fallen Overseer, talk to the ghost located here. Kill him, then gather up the villager's corpse. They can be used to put out Eriman's Pyre. In order to relight the Wanderer's Shrine, you must exorcise the spirit of Duz'Agur, who is called forth when you do this.

Fractured Peaks Strongholds


The Nostrava Stronghold is situated just west of Kyovashad and north of the Nevesk settlement from the Prologue. The struggle with the crazy villagers can be started even though this location first appears to be regular by going to the nearby church and speaking to the Priestess. Before taking on three enemies called Torvala, Kozira and Negala, to finish the Stronghold in Diablo 4, players must first destroy five Demonic Effigies that supply power to Hell's loyal.

Kor Dragan

Players may discover the mysterious Kor Dragan Stronghold just above Menestad and to the north of Kyovashad. Small Blood Orbs that power a massive Vampire Corrupt mass of Blood which players must eliminate before fighting a Vampiric Aberration which spawns following the annihilation of these filthy devices indicate the presence of a vampire here. To properly rid this Stronghold of evil, players in Diablo 4 must fight Nilcar, the long-forgotten Bishop, in the town archives.


Malnok Stronghold, which is located at the heart of several dungeons in the Fractured Peaks and is one of the Aspect sites in Diablo 4, should be known to players who are familiar with Aspect places in the game. To halt the frozen ritual, players must kill the Ice Clan Stormcallers who are gathering a terrible storm of ice here. In order to finish this Stronghold, players must first survive waves of Ice Clan foes before going up against Frosthorn, the Ice Clan Champion.

Scosglen Strongholds

Moordaine Lodge

It may be located in the eastern portion of Scolsglen, next to the red swamp that you will see in the main plot. You will look about the resort in an effort to locate the missing hunters. Eventually, this will call forth the demon of Moordaine, which will eventually flee. To finish the Stronghold, pursue the monstrous being into its den and kill Fionnir the infamous Mad Druid there.

Hope’s Light

It is located on a peninsula that needs some platforming to get at the most northernmost point of Scolsglen. Here, you'll need to gather a winch and utilise it on a damaged mast in order to climb into a lighthouse that is being guarded by Drowned Undead. Before lighting the lantern atop the lighthouse, you must first battle Tidewitch Ne'gana inside the structure.

Túr Dúlra

This Stronghold is located in the far western part of the area, close to the Dry Steppes boundary. You'll come upon a tree with a Runestone as you move farther inside this Stronghold. It can be interacted with to call forth Druid Spirits that require exorcism to release their souls. The Infernal Tormentor appears after you reach the tree. His death liberates the area.

Diablo 4 Túr Dúlra

Dry Steppes Strongholds

The Onyx Watchtower

The Onyx Watchtower is located southeast of Ked Bardu, which is the region's largest town. To burn the bandits' camp and open a path to the watchtower, you'll need to battle your way through them here. Then, when bombs release blinding fog to further perplex you, you can locate and assassinate Captain Ezmin, who possesses a propensity to become invisible. You'll gain access to specific vendors & a waypoint after his demise & the revival of the Wanderer's Shrine.

Temple of Rot

Near Mersa, to the south & west, is where you'll find the Temple of Rot. The dangerous state condition might be inflicted by monsters, therefore bring a little poison resistance with you. Kill the enemies at the Gardens, The Courtyard, & The Temple before making your way there from the southeast. This removes a wall blocking access to a monster's den. You can clean up the area by killing it & its spawn that it releases when it dies.

The Ruins of Qara-Yisu

The Dry Steppes region's southeast corner is home to this collection of ruins. You must investigate the ruins and take out three Infernal Spires here. Utulku, a shaman, will awaken as a result, & you must defeat him in order to finish the Stronghold.

Kehjistan Strongholds

Altar of Ruin

This Stronghold is difficult to get to, so head down to the west to find it. In the northwest corner of the area, in this Stronghold, there is a cavern. To open the Ritual Chamber, find the Keystones & utilise them. You must defeat the evil Cardinal Maldul within in order to relight the Wanderer's Shrine.


As soon as you arrive in Kehjistan, you can easily locate this Stronghold from the centre of Sanctuary. You must go inside far and chat with a Necromancer there before killing Rashta, a Mad Surgeon. After that, in order to bring Rashta's Simulacrums to life, you'll need to look inside a Witch's den and eliminate Necrotic Masses. Kill them all & go back to the Witch's Lair to kill Rashta Reborn. You can relight the shrine following his final passing.

Diablo 4 Alcarnus

Omath’s Stronghold

This Stronghold, located in the extreme south of the Kejhistan area, needs you to look into the cause of some damage in Omath's Redoubt. The ceremonial staff will appear once you have interacted with the four dead residents. Before completing the area's main objective, you must defeat High Priestess Hadar.


The strongholds in Diablo 4 offer a diverse and captivating experience for adventurers. Each stronghold presents its own unique challenges, enemies, and rewards, making them enticing targets for those seeking glory and fortune. These strongholds serve as focal points for exploration, combat, and obtaining valuable loot. Whether you seek powerful gear, forbidden knowledge, divine energy, or unique enhancements, the strongholds in Diablo 4 have something to offer. Each stronghold presents a distinct theme and atmosphere, immersing adventurers in the rich and dangerous world of Diablo. By conquering these strongholds, players can grow in strength and obtain the rewards they desire.

May this guide prove to be an invaluable tool as you set out on your trip across Diablo 4's realms, helping you to overcome these fortresses and triumph. Good luck and may fortune be with you, adventurer.

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