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Diablo IV Guide to Get Aspect of Might

Dark atmospheric settings and progression are what make Diablo IV popular and interesting among players with unique gameplay and controls. The upgradation of the gear and constant chase for the rewards and hard levels add some spice to it.

A similar role is played by the aspects here. Aspects are special types of rewards in Diablo IV that you get to see in the game as you progress helping to unleash your character’s true potential. They are unique modifiers that can turn your rare items into legendary ones.

The Aspect of Might is a defensive enhancement that provides you with an increase in your character’s defense against all types of threats and attacks for a short period of time. This special aspect can be used by all the classes in Diablo IV.

There are different types of aspects and so are different ways to extract and use them to gear up your overall skills and abilities in the game. Dealing with aspects and unlocking a specific one might be challenging and hard especially when you’re completely new to this game feature. This guide will help you in all the ways you can unlock and use the Aspect Of Might for your character from the basics.

What is Aspect of Might?

The aspect of might is a legendary aspect that grants a reduction in damage of about 20% for two to six seconds. It is a defensive type of skill and can be used by any of the classes in Diablo IV. Allowed item types are Helm, Chest Armor, Pants, Amulet, and Shield.

Diablo 4 Aspect of Might

How to Get Aspect of Might?

There are different ways you can use and get the aspect of might for your character's enhancement. Some are hard but some are easy with a few conditions and rules for getting and using the aspect. There are two ways you can unlock and use the aspects of might which are discussed below.

First: Clearing The Dungeon

Here, you’ll have to complete the Dark Ravine Dungeon which will unlock your codex of power helping you to unlock the Aspect of Might as a reward. Dark Ravine is a dungeon or a cultist-infested dungeon that can be found at Dry Steppes.

In order to unlock the Dark Ravine, you must progress through the campaign in Dry Steppes. Here, you’ll face Mother’s Judgement as a final boss at the end of the dungeons you’re progressing through.

When you step into the dungeon, your first move should be toward collecting Animus from Animus Carriers. You can easily find all these Animus Carriers by simply taking a look at your map which is marked with a skull icon.

There you’ll face enemies having Animus Carriers as well and now your objective is to find and defeat all those enemies carrying Animus Carriers and depositing all your collected animus to the Animus Um. You can see this on your map marked with a white colored icon.

Now you have to keep moving forward proceeding through the campaign traveling to the Ancient Cavern. After reaching there, you will have to slay 3 of the Favored which are large elite enemies that you have to deal with. 

After defeating those elite enemies and killing all three of the Favored, you have to reach the Ritual Chamber and after reaching there, you can regain some of your HP with the help of Healing Well which is beside the chamber room. It will help you fight the boss easily and come back stronger.

After reaching the room, you’ll face the final boss who is Mother’s Judgement. This boss is powerful and has multiple skills and abilities. So, be careful around the boss and play strategically planning your moves to defeat it. After defeating the boss your dungeon is completed and now you can get Aspect Of Might as a reward for your character.

Tips to Perform Well in Dungeon

  • Play strategically by planning your moves and understanding the enemies.

  • Don’t forget to regain your HP before fighting the boss.

  • Make sure you’re using upgraded gears and items.

  • Keep looking at your map to spot enemies and necessary locations.

Second: Extracting From A Legendary Item

This is the second method by which you can get Aspect Of Might in Diablo IV. This method is quite different from the first one. With this, you can extract the legendary aspect from the legendary item by looting it. But when you extract the legendary aspect from the legendary item, you sacrifice the item. Also, it has only one use and once you imprint it, you cannot use it again. Though you can obtain it again from another legendary item.

To extract or imprint a legendary item in Diablo IV, you need to visit the Occultist. Occultist is an important NPC vendor here who helps you by offering a variety of services to enhance and improve your character’s overall skills and abilities.

With the help of an Occultist, you can easily imprint or extract legendary items. Extracting the legendary aspect from a legendary item will cost you a significant amount of money which is Gold here. So make sure you have enough stock of the Gold with you before you jump into the battlefield. If you are short of the Gold, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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After the extraction process is completed by the Occultist, the aspect gets stored in your Aspect Inventory Tab that you can use further in your game for different pieces of gear.

 If your Aspect Inventory is full, then you can transfer your Aspect to your Slash. Keep in mind that extracted items have information attached to them about the item they can be imprinted on along with the bonuses they provide if you imprint them on specific gear or items.

Aspects have different categories and this Aspect of Might falls under the category of defensive aspect so it can be imprinted on Helms, Chests, Pants, Shields, and Amulets. All the occultists have different locations on the Diablo IV map. In Dry Steppes, you can find Occultists at Nomin- Kotama Grasslands.

Tips For The Occultist

  • Keep your eye on the map so that you can find the occultists if you pass through the nearby region.

  • Always be sure about the imprinting of the legendary aspects.

Diablo 4 Occultist

Codex of Power

Codex of Power is a collection of legendary aspects and whenever you keep getting the legendary aspects, they get stored there. Keep in mind that the codex of power doesn’t contain all the legendary aspects. To access the codex of power, simply access the menu option and click on the “Collection” button.


This is all about how you can get and use the Aspect Of Might in Diablo IV with all the points that you need to keep in mind while exploring the map and encountering the difficulties. With the help of this guide, you can now embark on a journey to unlock, get, and use the Aspect Of Might.

The best thing about this particular aspect is that it can be used by any class and is not restricted to any specific class opening a wide gate for experimentation and indulging in more in-game activities.

As this aspect is for every class, then grinding for it is a great decision because it will make your player strong by giving high defense irrespective of the class you are suing for. It is not that hard to get the Aspect Of Might, you just need patience, skills, and strategies to move forward. Happy Gaming.

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