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Diablo IV Guide to Moordaine Lodge Stronghold

The stronghold conquest tasks in Diablo 4 are only one of the many optional diversions that hide some incredibly difficult adversary and monster encounters. Strongholds are essentially abandoned towns and villages that, following the devil’s invasion, have been converted into places of worship for Lilith & her chosen ones, as well as an army of former residents who have become cultists.

The Diablo IV Moordaine Lodge Stronghold, a sizable expanse of wilderness, is one of the 3 fortresses to conquer in Act 2. It is home to a group of hunters who appear to have vanished, and is less of a fortress and more of a vast camping area. And it’s your responsibility to determine what has been hunting them. The Moordaine Stronghold, which is situated to the northeast of Scosglen, is one such stronghold. As a level 20 stronghold, The Moordaine Lodge has some particularly challenging boss fights and adversary encounters, especially for an early-game conquest. 

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Location - Moordaine Lodge Stronghold

In Scosglen, far to the east, is where you will find the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold. The red, corrupted chunk of the Shrouded Moors are above it. It is found that one needs to travel a long way to the closest waypoint, so if you’ve unlocked a mount, now would be the perfect moment to use it. Corbach or Tirmair are the two closest waypoints to the stronghold. In Diablo IV the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold is home to a lot of formidable foes & evil. So keep this in mind that you must be at least level 48 if you want to survive there.

How to Finish – Moordaine Lodge Stronghold

Once you have reached Moordaine Lodge it’s time to kill some monsters and make the it livable for the sanctuary residents. When you get at the Lodge’s entrance, you will discover that it is locked. The stronghold entrance won’t unlock unless you finish the Find the Lodge’s Missing Hunters mission.

Diablo IV Moordaine Lodge Stronghold

Finding the missing hunters

Some of history’s greatest hunters once called Moordaine Lodge home, but after the world was struck by the curse, the lodge was reduced to little more than a dilapidated shack. Find the corpses of three hunters who were mauled, gnawed, and punctured as your first assignment.

You can take the route indicated on the map if you approach the area from the west. After making your initial left, ascend the ledge. From there, continue on the path without deviating. There, a grizzly bear & a horde of other foes will be waiting for your first hunter.

You can proceed to the following one after eliminating all the adversaries in the area and looking over the body. Mauled, the second hunter, may be found in the area’s easternmost corner. Simply turn right at the spot where you discovered the first hunter, continue straight, and you will come across the second hunter’s body.

Then take another right after that, then keep going straight and take the next right. When you return to Moordaine’s centre, where your quest originally began, keep travelling along the route. The third hunter, who was Gnawed, will be found there, dead inside the hut. After viewing the body, the boss battle will begin, in which you will face the beast of Moordaine.

Defeating the best of Moordaine

The Beast of Moordaine, the area’s boss, must be eliminated in order to complete the stronghold. Although it is not easy, eliminating the boss in battle is not an uphill struggle either. You will manage quite fine as long as you have a solid arsenal of close combat and ranged attacks, and are levelled reasonably. There are a few strikes to watch out for, including a slash-attack combination, an easy-to-dodge stomp assault, and a combo that produces a miniature tornado.

The Beast of Moordaine, like the hordes that you previously encountered In the fortress, is quite vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks, thus staying away and using spells with high DPS ranged strikes to defeat the boss is the best strategy.

You will be under attack by other creatures as well, such as Spine Beasts, in addition to the boss, the enormous werewolf-like Beast of Moordaine. Kill those things as soon as you can so you can concentrate on the werewolf. You’ll want to avoid its savage strikes as they come at you. When you’ve hurt it enough, it will flee and go to its den. You will have to follow it to its den.

When you enter its den, the beast will attempt to do a significant amount of damage in a surprise attack. As soon as you are able to reduce the Beast of Moordaine's health to about 80% the combat halts for a plot reveal that the Beast of Moordaine is in fact a Druid. You will now engage Fionnir, The Mad Druid, in Phase 2 of the battle.

You must avoid several cyclones when Fionnir emerges, but you can easily avoid them because the move is obvious. Fionnir will change into a bear & still be able to cast cyclone when their health reaches about 40%. It will come down to who can inflict the greatest amount of damage before the opposing other dies. It can be said to be a battle of attrition. Keep moving rapidly to dodge the cyclones and deal as much harm as you can in a short amount of time. More number cyclones will move across the arena as the boss encounter continues, making evasion difficult. Just watch out for its blows, since they have a good amount of power & you will be able to defeat the beast without any hassle.

Dungeons – Moordaine Lodge

When completed, Moordaine Lodge, like all of the strongholds in Acts 1 and 2, reveals two dungeons. The furthest northwest location within the region is where you’ll find Feral’s Den. Rewards for the Druid Legendary Aspect: Quicksand: Earth Skills Damage enemy slowdown is 25% for 5 seconds.

Twisted Hollow is the western side’s midpoint and is situated immediately south of Feral’s Den. Reward of the Rogue legendary aspect ‘the shadow slicer’ When you dash, a Shadow Clone will spawn near you that cast a dash dealing 25% of the base damage.

Diablo IV Moordaine Lodge Stronghold Guide

Rewards – Moordaine Lodge

The 100 Renown for the area it is situated in, like any other Stronghold in Diablo IV, is the main prize sought after by players. With Scosglen, you receive 100 Renown for Moordaine, which is a large reward for the task’s estimated to be 15 minutes to complete.

The list is almost random in terms of other items. One Legendary ring, a few Rares, and Gold. Of course, you also receive XP rewards based on your level. It’s crucial to remember that strongholds drop goods with power around 2 level greater than your character since because all the enemies will be 2 level grater than you. For instance, if you’re level 50, then the items you will find will be around 52. It is also important to mention that after finishing this stronghold you will also get access to the Altar of Lilith.


The Moordaine Lodge Stronghold in Diablo IV is a difficult and rewarding setting that provides players with an exhilarating adventure. This location promises to test your abilities, wisdom, and fortitude with its complex layout, lethal enemies, and alluring treasures. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold and emerge victorious in your quest against the forces of darkness in Sanctuary.

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