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Diablo IV Guide to Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Build

Step into the captivating realm of Diablo IV! In this adventure, the Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Build stands as a testament to the remarkable ability to channel nature's raw essence. By delving deep into the primal forces of the earth, you'll be able to conjure forth a diverse array of creatures, each poised to heed your call and shape the tide of battle. This comprehensive guide is your key to crafting an unparalleled Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Build, arming you with the tools needed to triumph over the looming shadows that threaten the world. With its guidance, you'll unlock the potential to command the very elements themselves and forge a path of victory against the encroaching darkness.

Skill Allocation

Primary Skills:

Nature's Fury (Primary Attack) - This skill is the cornerstone of your build. It allows you to throw projectiles imbued with elemental magic, dealing damage over time to enemies.

Summoning Skills:

1. Summon Dire Wolf - These loyal companions are your frontline defenders, soaking up damage and engaging enemies in close combat.

2. Summon Vines - These entangling plants slow and immobilise enemies, providing crowd control and protection for your minions.

3. Summon Storm Crows - These aerial minions rain down lightning bolts upon enemies, dealing area damage and supporting your offence.

4. Summon Earth Elemental - This powerful elemental ally brings brute force to your summons, smashing enemies and providing an imposing presence on the battlefield.

Support Skills:

1. Spirit of the Wild - This aura boosts the damage and defences of your summoned creatures, making them even more formidable.

2. Thorns - Reflect damage back to attackers, bolstering your minions' survivability.

Attribute Allocation

When refining your character's prowess, directing your attribute points takes centre stage. As you embark on this journey, consider giving priority to the allocation of these points, a pivotal step in bolstering your summoning capabilities. With a keen focus on fortifying your Vitality, you'll cultivate a resilient core that ensures you can withstand the most formidable of challenges. Additionally, channelling your attention towards Strength shall unlock a gateway to wielding superior gear, thus elevating your combat prowess to new heights.

And should you wish to expedite this journey of enhancement, the in-game store offers a trove of valuable resources and enhancements. Unlock access to a plethora of potent items and aids, granting you an edge in your quest to dominate the forces of darkness. Invest wisely in these offerings, and your ascent to mastery shall be swift and unrelenting.

Diablo IV Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid


Embarking upon the intricate art of gear optimization unveils a realm of multifaceted strategy, wherein summoning efficacy harmoniously dances with the unyielding pursuit of survival. In this intricate tapestry, the discerning eye seeks treasures that not only amplify your summoning prowess but also usher forth a symphony of elemental devastation, a symphony that echoes through the battlefield, leaving foes quivering in its wake. 

Within its virtual aisles, lies a cornucopia of possibilities – artefacts, enhancements, and mystical trinkets. These treasures, born of ones and zeroes, hold the promise of propelling your journey to unprecedented heights. Should you dare to venture forth into this digital marketplace, an array of strategic investments awaits. With each acquisition, your summoning rituals shall be infused with newfound potency, and the resonance of your elemental assaults shall crescendo to an awe-inspiring zenith. 

The shadows of the in-game store beckon, inviting you to partake in this ballet of enhancement. Embrace its offerings, and see your summoner's journey transcend the ordinary, enveloped in the luminous radiance of augmented power. To upgrade your gear, keep a good stock of Gold, the in-game currency of Diablo 4. If you are falling short, purchase it for real money.

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Primary Gear Affixes:

  • Summoning Skills Bonus

  • Elemental Damage Bonus

  • Minion Health and Defense

  • Cooldown Reduction

Secondary Gear Affixes:

  • Resistance to Elemental Damage

  • Life Steal

  • Increased Thorns Damage


As you step onto the intricate stage of battle, the cadence of conflict emerges, a symphony where each note is a step towards victory. Your conductor's baton wields the Nature's Fury attack, a melody of elemental energy that unfurls over time, inflicting a resounding harmony of damage upon your adversaries from a safe sanctuary.

In this strategic orchestration, the summoning skills you wield become the very chords that shape the battlefield's tempo. With a discerning hand, summon forth an ensemble of creatures, meticulously placing each piece to craft a composition of awe-inspiring might. Your battalion, the amalgamation of summoned forces, dances to your symphony's rhythm, a manifestation of your tactical prowess.

Behold, the Dire Wolves advance as stalwart guardians, a sturdy bulwark that absorbs the storm's fury. Their howls echo the pulse of your command, asserting dominance over the tumultuous clash. Meanwhile, the Storm Crows soar through the skies, releasing tendrils of lightning that pierce the enemy ranks, a tempest of ranged devastation.

Diablo IV Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Guide

Strategy Tips

1.  Positioning:

Embark upon the art of strategic positioning, a ballet of tactical finesse. As the crescendo of battle envelops, orchestrate a symphony of engagement from a sanctuary – a safe distance that shields you from the enemy's fangs. Embrace the landscape as your ally, for hills become fortresses, and ruins morph into vantage points. Traverse the terrain with the grace of a dancer, ever mindful of your surroundings, and transform the battlefield into your canvas of conquest.

2.  Minion Management:

Behold the kinship forged with your spectral companions, a bond akin to a maestro and their orchestra. With an unswerving gaze, tend to the health of your minions, for their vitality is the heartstrings of your dominion. As the ebb and flow of combat unfurls, summon your artful command and call forth those who have been spent. Thus, the ensemble remains formidable, an unyielding tide that sweeps adversaries away.

3.  Elemental Synergy:

Delve into the depths of elemental harmony, where the cadence of your Nature's Fury attunes to the symphony of your summoned brethren. Their very essence, a tapestry of fire, ice, and lightning, becomes the backdrop against which your elemental attacks paint their vibrant hues. In this intricate dance of forces, channel the inferno when fire dances in the eyes of your minions, let lightning strike when stormy crows take wing, and freeze the air when ice-bound creatures join the fray. An orchestration that culminates in a crescendo of elemental fusion, birthing a torrent of maximum devastation.

4.  Adaptability:

Amidst the tumultuous theatre of war, be a master of metamorphosis, shifting your summoning skills as fluidly as a chameleon changes its colours. Survey the foes that stand before you – a tapestry of malevolence woven in various threads. As the tableau unfolds, be prepared to weave the fabric of your tactics anew, switching summoning skills with the wisdom of a seasoned commander. Thus, as the tide of battle transforms, so too shall your mastery adapt, a testament to your resilience and unyielding prowess.

Yet, within the vast realm of Diablo IV, an alternate realm awaits – the in-game store, a treasure trove of potential to augment your journey. Invest in its offerings, and empower your endeavours with an assortment of relics and trinkets, the keynotes that elevate your symphony of strategy. Each acquisition, a brushstroke upon the canvas of your legacy, an investment that shapes your saga into a timeless opus of triumph.


Step into the shoes of this enigmatic summoner, a conduit of the earth's primal energy, and witness as you unfurl a symphony of power that resonates with the very heartbeat of the land. It is a playstyle that dances upon the precipice of nature's essence, summoning forth a menagerie of creatures as if invoking the spirits of the wilderness itself.

As you embark upon this journey, wield the brush of customization to paint your own portrait of power. Meticulously tailor your skills to align with your personal playstyle, an artist adding strokes of finesse to your strategic canvas. Allocate attributes with the wisdom of a sage, forging a character that stands as a testament to your discerning mastery.

Invest in offerings, and you shall unearth a cache of artefacts, elixirs, and tools, each a conduit to augment your journey. With each transaction, the chorus of your dominion swells, and the resonance of your elemental summons intensifies. Take your place as the master of your destiny, the wielder of primal might, and set forth with an unswerving resolve to quell the darkness that threatens to engulf the land. Luck shall be your ally, and valor your guide, as you step boldly into the heart of the unknown, a Nature's Fury Summoner Druid - a force to be celebrated, a legend in the making.

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