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Diablo IV Guide to Onyx Watchtower Stronghold

As you go through Diablo 4, there are many dungeons & strongholds to conquer, each with its own unique set of goals and difficulties. Defeating monsters and formidable bosses is necessary in order to complete these sections, which give uncommon and intriguing prizes. The Onyx Watchtower in Diablo 4 is one such fortress. In Diablo 4, the majority of Strongholds are quite simple affairs with a handful of well-defined goals arranged in a tidy hierarchy. A little more work goes into The Onyx Watchtower than other strongholds. On the plus side, it's only a short distance from the Dry Steppes village of Ked Bardu, and completing it unlocks a dungeon. You must navigate several distinct closed doors in addition to the Onyx Watchtower's constrained, meandering passageways. 

Location - The Onyx Watchtower

The Onyx Watchtower is located in the centre of Dry Steppes, between Kotama Grasslands towards the west and north and Khargai Crags towards the south and east. Kel Bardu, which is located to the north, is the community and Waypoint nearest to this location. Follow the main route through Khargai Crags to the south, then turn southwest until you reach the Stronghold to go to the Onyx Watchtower via Kel Bardu.

The Onyx Watchtower once served as a powerful base of the forces battling for good, according to the game’s lore. But now since it is controlled by bandits, everyone who enters the area runs the risk of being attacked. As soon as you arrive, prepare for combat because taking the bandits on is a crucial first step in clearing the Stronghold.

Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold

How to Conquer the Stronghold?

You can enter the Stronghold however you like, then proceed to the centre to find a bandit camp. Almost everywhere you walk, you’ll run into a gang of bandits attacking you, and the goal will change to give you two tasks:

Slay the Lieutenants & Raze EncampmentsDefeat Captain Ezmin

In general, these two work hand in hand. Simply demolish a variety of items listed on the map using an aim icon to raze the camp. When fighting different bandit mobs, if you employ AoEs, you’ll probably clear many of these via collateral damage. Until the red progression bar is full, just keep investigating the Stronghold, taking out every bandit, and smashing anything that is highlighted.

There are four skilled bandits surrounding the camp that are Captains Lieutenants: one is next across the northern gate, one is in a storeroom towards the east, one is just west of the camp’s centre, and one is on the high ground towards the camp’s northern end. It should be noted that in order to get to lieutenant in the storeroom, you must beat an elite adversary along the map’s southwest corner in order to obtain a Storeroom Key, which unlocks the storeroom door. Otherwise, this is basically simply headhunting busywork. Also notice how many caged beasts are gathered around the lieutenant in the camp’s centre, some of which are elite monsters. If you don’t want to wind up having to release the animals, watch your fire.

Kill both types of bandits, lieutenant and grunt, and destroy the camp until the “Captain Ezmin” icon appears. Captain Ezmin will order a retreat to the fortified bastion immediately north of the camp’s centre.

How to defeat Captain Ezmin?

Captain Ezmin isn’t a particularly difficult foe, but he regularly turns invisible, making him temporarily impossible to hit. The Lightning Beast Druid’s skills, which can stun him, are advantageous because they provide the player the chance to continue attacking the boss uninterrupted.

Dropping a number of firebombs from the air is one of Ezmin’s often-used skills. Be sure to stay away from them as much as you can to determine the timing and area where the firebombs are going to be dropped by looking at the red circles which pop up just before the attack. Fire bombs descend quickly, causing considerable damage and leaving dangerous regions that last for a short while. 

Like the smoke produced by the arsonists that you meet throughout the fortress, these bombs not just cause significant damage but also blur your vision. Ezmin will use more bombs at once as the conflict goes on, filling whole areas of the already small arena with smoke and fire. Keep your wits about you and move quickly to safety in this dangerous circumstance.

There won’t be a shortage of new foes to face even though it seems like Ezmin doesn’t have any additional special abilities. It’s critical to occasionally eliminate these adversaries to avoid becoming overpowered, especially when the boss keeps barraging the arena.

In order to avoid getting hit by his bombs as they rain down around you and to deal regular damage to the boss you should attack him while he cools down and charges his attacks. Try to keep moving while battling him and do not let him lock his attacks on you. Keep this boss on the battlefield as you deplete his stamina and bring him to his knees by using stun abilities to dislodge him from his invisibility manoeuvre. Remember to search in the Wanderer’s Shrine outside the main arena after you have successfully defeated Ezmin. To defeat the Onyx Watchtower stronghold and to secure your triumph, you will have to interact with the shrine.

Diablo 4 Captain Ezmin

Rewards - The Onyx Watchtower

Let’s talk about the incredible benefits you will receive after your difficult battles now that you have defeated the watchtower. All players that defeat this stronghold receive 120 Renown as their first reward, which is higher than the standard 100 Renown you receive for defeating a stronghold. 

More excitingly, the stronghold will change into a player-friendly town with its own NPCs, vendors, even a Waypoint that gives you ease of access when travelling through the Dry Steppes. You’ll also gain access to the Altar of Lilith, which is situated in the alcove at the south side of the city. 

Last but not least, you’ll gain entry to the dungeon that will replace the area where you first battled Captain Ezmin, so make sure to go back there. Of course, you’ll also gain a tonne of gold, experience, rare drops, and the slender possibility of getting some legendary drops. 

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In Diablo IV, taking down the Onyx Watchtower fortress is no simple task, but the rewards are well worth it. It is in the centre of Dry Steppes & is now under the grip of bandits after serving as a significant base for troops fighting for good in the past. Waves of bandits will attack you as you enter the stronghold, and you’ll have to complete a number of objectives, such as killing lieutenants and destroying encampments, before you can beat Captain Ezmin.

Area-of-effect skills are crucial for getting rid of the bandits’ camp and overcoming obstacles. Beware of the caged animals in the centre of the camp and pay heed to the four shrewd lieutenants of the banditry. Although not particularly challenging, Captain Ezmin has the power to become invisible, rendering him temporarily invulnerable. He may be stunned by the Lightning Beast Druid’s abilities, allowing for continuous strikes. Avoid the damage and clouded vision caused by Ezmin’s firebomb strikes, which are denoted by red circles.

You not only ensure your victory by finishing the Onyx Watchtower stronghold, but you also help to put the once-powerful fortress back in order. In Diablo IV’s Onyx Watchtower, get ready for tough combat, plan your attacks, and collect the plentiful goodies that are waiting.

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