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Diablo IV Guide to Rend Barbarian Build Guide

Greetings and welcome to the comprehensive Diablo IV Rend Barbarian Build Guide! Within the pages of this guide, we're embarking on a journey to delve into the intricacies of a highly potent Barbarian build centred around the formidable Rend ability. This build is meticulously designed to empower you with the means to rain down cataclysmic area-of-effect damage upon your adversaries. 

The essence of the Rend Barbarian build lies in its proficiency at dealing bleeding damage, a methodical approach that commands the battlefield through the mastery of your impactful rending strikes. As we venture forth, our objective is to forge an indomitable warrior, one who stands poised to conquer the uncharted depths of Diablo IV.

Skill Selection

1. Rend (Primary Skill): At the heart of this build lies the pivotal Rend ability. With surgical precision, Rend inflicts substantial, lingering bleeding damage upon foes within an expansive radius. To unleash its full potential, invest in enhancing runes like Ravage, Lacerate, and Bloodbath. These augmentations amplify both the intensity of its damage and its encompassing influence, turning the very ground you tread into a realm of devastation.

2. Frenzy (Secondary Skill): Frenzy takes on the role of your principal offensive manoeuvre, swiftly generating Fury to fuel your ferocious onslaught. The essence of maintaining a consistent flow of Fury is intrinsic to the efficiency of utilising Rend. Select runes that align with your strategy, amplifying your attack speed and bolstering the raw might of your strikes.

3. War Cry: A symphony of valour resonates through the bellowing War Cry, bestowing upon you the power to intimidate and control the tides of battle. The battlefield becomes your canvas as you wield this skill to diminish enemy potency, tempering their assaults. As a stalwart guardian, you shield both yourself and your comrades from impending harm.

4. Battle Rage: A tempest of heightened aggression envelops you with Battle Rage. Its mystical aura elevates your damage output and enhances your likelihood of landing critical strikes. Your Rend renditions grow even more lethal, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. A symphony of destruction awaits, for the Bloodshed rune grants the potential for chain reactions, culminating in eruptions of area-of-effect havoc upon critical impacts.

5. Leap (Mobility and Control): With boundless mobility, Leap propels you into the very heart of conflict, its seismic impact stunning adversaries upon your thunderous arrival. Like an orchestrator of chaos, you harness this skill to dictate the tempo of battle. For heightened resilience, consider the Iron Impact rune, a safeguard that fortifies your presence amidst the storm.

6. Threatening Shout (Debuff): A sonorous decree of challenge emanates from your very being through the Threatening Shout. The harmonics of this ability corrode enemy efficacy, impairing their damage output while concurrently stoking your Fury reserves. By invoking its power, you manipulate the rhythm of engagement, fostering an environment of exquisite crowd control. Amplify its influence with the Falter rune, further dictating the ebb and flow of combat.

Diablo IV Rend Barbarian Build

Passive Skills

1. Ruthless: Within the intricate tapestry of this build, the Ruthless trait assumes a pivotal role. By nurturing this skill, your critical hits acquire an intensified ferocity, causing your Rend-inflicted wounds to deepen, inflicting a torrent of even more formidable damage upon your adversaries. This augmentation transforms your every strike into a symphony of devastation, amplifying the very essence of your combat prowess.

2. Bloodthirst: A lifeline amidst the maelstrom, the Bloodthirst attribute weaves a web of vitality through the annals of battle. Its mechanics grant rejuvenation based on a percentage of the damage you dispense via Rend and other adeptly harnessed skills. In the grand tapestry of survival, Bloodthirst stands as an indispensable thread, weaving resilience into your every move.

3. Berserker Rage: The crescendo of your power surges forth when Fury attains its zenith, a phenomenon harmoniously synchronised with the intricacies of the Frenzy skill. As your fury swells, so too does your capacity for devastation. Each strike becomes a testament to your unbridled might, resonating with the primal chaos of the battlefield.

4. Unforgiving: Amidst the ebb and flow of combat, the Unforgiving trait emerges as an unwavering anchor. Its influence augments your Fury generation, forging an unbroken stream of this vital resource. A symphony of relentless ferocity is at your fingertips, ensuring an unyielding wellspring of energy to sustain your Rend and other skillful manoeuvres.

5. Boon of Bul-Kathos: A boon bestowed upon the vigilant, the Boon of Bul-Kathos serves to sculpt the very fabric of time. By invoking its essence, the cooldowns of your Leap and War Cry skills are artfully diminished, endowing you with a heightened mobility and an indomitable shield of protection. With this boon in your arsenal, you transcend the constraints of time, asserting mastery over the ebb and flow of battle.

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Gear and Itemization

1. Weapon Mastery: As the cornerstone of your arsenal, the selection of your weapon takes centre stage. Seek out weaponry that unleashes the full fury of your Rend, each swing resounding with amplified damage or swiftness. Legendary or Set weapons, meticulously imbued with bonuses to bolster your Barbarian skills, stand as the pinnacle of choice. For those who wish to expedite their journey, the in-game store offers an array of awe-inspiring weapons, each crafted to elevate your mastery over the devastation.

2. Armour Enchantment: Amidst the clamour of battle, your armour weaves a protective tapestry that could spell the difference between triumph and defeat. Your path to greatness is paved by gear that augments your critical hit likelihood, magnifies critical hit damage, and intensifies bleeding afflictions. Seek out treasures that bestow bonuses upon your Rend, Frenzy, and other vital abilities. For the discerning warrior with an eye for expedited empowerment, the in-game store unveils a trove of specially forged armour, each piece meticulously designed to elevate your dominance on the battlefield.

3. Accessories of Power: Adorn yourself with accessories that transcend mere adornment, becoming conduits of amplified power. Embellish your form with rings and amulets that bear the mark of +% Damage, +% Critical Hit Chance, and +% Critical Hit Damage. These relics channel the very essence of destruction, fueling your rise to supremacy. For those who crave a swifter ascent, the in-game store is replete with offerings that beckon, promising an influx of dominance through meticulously crafted accessories.

4. Gems of Empowerment: The art of gem crafting beckons, allowing you to channel the very heart of your Rend into precious gems that amplify your potential. Infuse your strikes with the potency of bleeding damage or the resonance of critical hits. Delve into the depths of your abilities and uncover the gems that align with your strategic mastery. For those seeking an accelerated ascent to glory, the in-game store presents an array of gems, each a gemological marvel poised to magnify your impact.

5. Runic Augmentation: The weave of runes has the power to intertwine with your destiny, igniting latent strengths within your very being. Forge or discover gear that harmonises with specific Barbarian skills, seamlessly melding with your chosen path of ascension. The tapestry of your legend is woven with the threads of synergy, and within the in-game store, runes of extraordinary potency await, each a stepping stone towards unlocking your true potential.

Diablo IV Rend Barbarian Gear


As you embark on this journey of mastery, envision a tapestry woven from your expertly honed skills, each strand contributing to a symphony of devastation. The battlefield becomes your canvas, and Rend serves as the brushstroke that paints chaos upon the very earth. Every foe caught within its grasp is ensnared in a web of agony, their resolve eroding beneath the relentless onslaught.

But this is no mere tale of unchecked fury; it is a saga of strategic finesse. The choreography of your attacks is a dance of calculated precision, as you weave between offensive surges and defensive manoeuvres. Your gear, meticulously optimised for this purpose, is a testament to your commitment to harnessing the full extent of your potential.

Prepare yourself, for the path of the Rend Barbarian is one of true mastery. Embrace the fury that courses through your veins, channel it into every swing of your weapon, and with every rending strike, carve your name into the annals of Diablo IV history. The world awaits your conquest, and victory shall be yours to claim.

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