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Diablo IV Guide to Rogue Archangel Lore

In Diablo IV, the world of Sanctuary has its own fair share of lore and mysteries, none of them excites the gamers as the lore of the Rogue Archangel, Inarius. The Rogue archangel Lore is one of the most intriguing and certainly the most important lore from the story's point of view. Because of his contacts with Lilith, Mother of Sanctuary, Inarius, an archangel and one of the architects of Sanctuary and the Nephalem, plays a significant role throughout the Diablo series. 

Being a part of the Eternal Conflict, he helped Lilith accomplish her objective of building a new planet free from both angels and demons to help those affected by the battle. In this article we will be discussing the Rise of Inarius, the former Archangel, How he was born and What is his purpose. We will also be giving details on the Power and Abilities of this Rogue Archangel. Make sure you read the complete article as a lot of details would be unfolded in this article, and some of them might surprise you. Let’s begin then.

The Rise of the Rogue Archangel

As a result of becoming involved with the Eternal Conflict, Inarius, an archangel emanating from the High Heavens, met Lilith, Daughter of Hatred. But he had previously served as a member of the Angiris Council's advisory team prior to this crucial conference, and he had earned the respect of his fellow angels for his valiant actions in battle.

The Eternal Conflict

When the Eternal Conflict took place, Tyrael was the one who was commanding and giving orders to the Inarius. Inarius is a powerful fighter and that was the reason he was quite successful on the battlefield. After battling it out for eons, and seeing all the brutal events that took place on the battlefield, Inarius reached a conclusion that this conflict is unjust and it can’t be won. He tried to make Tyrael understand this too, but he didn't flinch from his decision. 

Inarius reasoned that he could not be the only one seeking to flee the never-ending conflict that fate had thrown upon him and that there ought to be other angels and demons as well. He made up his mind to track down these individuals so that he could help them forge a fresh start on their own. To put an end to the conflict between Heaven and Hell, he would do anything.

The Fall of Inarius

Inarius gathered his allies and decided to fight back from an outpost Fortress of Pandemonium. Strike Down, wounded, covered in blood, Inarius was defeated and captured. He was still bound in chains when he opened his eyes. As a result of his ranting about how much he wanted to escape the Great Conflict, his captor released him. She introduced herself as Lilith, the Mephisto-born woman, and promised the angel that they would cross paths again. She was the first demon to ever peer into an angel's heart and vice versa, and she immediately captured Inarius' attention.

Diablo IV Rogue Archangel Lore Inarius

Traits of the Rogue Archangel

Angel Form - When Inarius assumes the shape of an angel, his golden wings emit light that can enlighten even the depths of Hell.

Mortal Form - Inarius, as a mortal, took on the appearance of a man with golden hair that reached his shoulders, dazzling silver-blue eyes, and ivory complexion. He hardly seemed old enough to be considered a man. Humans wanted to fall on their knees in adoration because of his powerful presence, and even Rathma, a nephalem, felt the same need (albeit she was able to fight it). He publicly spoke about his merits and purity while taking great pride in his appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Inarius has an immense amount of power that has allowed him to fight for eons during the Eternal Conflict. The reason for his neverending strength is the Worldstone, that he has tied himself with. The Abilities of Inarius allow him to throw individuals (demons, angels, or humans) into the Void. Inarius can turn the tide of any battle in his favour after going rogue, he could pause the Prime Evils as well. Inarius is capable of Teleportation in Diablo IV. 

Apart from this, Inarius possess the ability to throw out a pulsating light giving demons force. He is so powerful that his presence is enough to shake the ground if he hovers over it and it forms a crater when he lands on it. When it comes to weapons, Inarius is capable of wielding double swords as seen during the Eternal Conflict. Being an archangel, though a rogue one, Inarius still has wings. These wings can help him fly but could also be used as a lethal weapon if he wishes to. He is able to make his wings sharp enough to slice demons into two. As witnessed in the Reign of Enmity, Inarius could use a spear as well. 

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The Purpose of the Rogue Archangel

Rogue Archangel is the creator of Sanctuary and the protector as well. But Sanctuary was not created this easily. Be it the brutal strength of the combined forces of Inarius’s army or sheer luck, He managed to get his hands on the Worldstone, kept in the Fortress of Pandemonium. Inarius managed to hide it from the demon and angel factions engaged in the Eternal Conflict by changing the frequency of the Worldstone and converting it into a dimension of its own. 

This Dimension was used by Inarius and his army as a refuge. It was only a matter of time before the Angels and Demons became aware of the disappearance of the Worldstone. Though at that time it was unknown to them who took it and where it was. This put a temporary pause in the ongoing Conflict. Later Inarius made sure to protect the Worldstone by forming a shell around it. Thus world-building begins in the Worldstone. He called it the Sanctuary.

The most powerful entity on Sanctuary, Inarius, covertly connected the Worldstone's power to himself and assumed de facto control. Living in the Temple of the Firstborn, Lilith and Inarius controlled their kingdom with the assistance of a council of angels and demons. Later Lilith and Inarius gave birth to beings known as Nephalem.

Diablo IV Rogue Archangel Guide

Gospel of Death and Other Events

When Kalmor came to the Temple of the Firstborn to answer for Bersarik's death, Inarius and the Angiris Council were there. The council decreed that neither age nor sickness would harm the nephalem, and that they did not hold Kalmor accountable for Bersarik's demise. Inarius pondered committing genocide due to his concerns over the nephalem's hidden power. He requested some time for contemplation, but he was worried by the division.

Threatened with the extinction of her offspring, Lilith was sent into a psychotic frenzy and started killing other outlaws, both angel and demon. Inarius calibrated the Worldstone so that the nephalem's abilities would gradually wane since he was determined to weaken its strength at any cost. However, any misuse of their abilities would result in punishment for the first generation of nephalem, and Sanctuary, his planet, would continue to exist as he had intended.

The Sin War started when the Prime Evils learned of Sanctuary's existence and established the Triune, a brand-new faith meant to win over people to their cause. The Sin War was brought about by Inarius creating his own gospel and spreading it from his Cathedral of Light. Due to Inarius's deeds, Uldyssian was defeated, and the Angiris Council met to discuss what would happen to the nephalem and Inarius.

It is stated that Inarius is imprisoned in Hell with twisted features and a room of mirrors after being transported to the Burning Hells by Mephisto. Inarius' story is recounted in the Books of Kalan and Cain despite his disgraceful demise. Inarius returned to Sanctuary after Malthael's attempted genocide and started looking for a route back to Heaven. He wanted to rekindle the Cathedral of Light because he thought Inarius's followers would ascend as well. A mortal lady named Prava was spared by Inarius, and she eventually became his right hand after being instructed in the principles of the Cathedral of Light.


The Rogue Archangel is a complex and intriguing character in the Diablo IV universe, blending light and darkness in a unique way. Understanding the history and role of Inarius is crucial for every player who wants to immerse themselves fully in the Diablo IV experience. With this guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to appreciate the depth of the Rogue Archangel's lore and embark on an epic journey through Sanctuary. Remember, in the world of Diablo IV, knowledge is power, and only by delving into the rich lore can you truly grasp the magnitude of this dark fantasy universe. So gear up, embrace your inner adventurer, and prepare to unravel the secrets of the Rogue Archangel in Diablo IV. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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