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Diablo IV Guide to The Swamp’s Protection Side Quest

The eagerly awaited fourth entry in the well-known action RPG series, Diablo IV, presents players with a bevy of interesting tasks and side activities. One of these is the Hawezar zone's "The Swamp's Protection" side quest.

It is another great option to farm extra quick XP to boost your growth. Like other side quests it is also a supplementary side quest within Diablo IV that occurs in the Hawezar region. You will be assigned a task to heal numerous people during this quest. We'll delve into the nuances of this quest in this guide, including important details, tactics, and advice to guarantee a successful conclusion.

Quest Overview

“The Swamp’s Protection” quest is a side quest within the expansive world of Diablo IV. Side quests not only enrich the player’s experience but also contribute to zone renown, along with gold, experience, and the potential for valuable crafting materials or gear rewards. These quests are adaptable to the player’s level, regardless of the quest level displayed in graphics.

Location and Starting Point

The quest begins in Timue’s Hovel, located in the Blightmarsh region of Hawezar. The quest giver is Timue, and the objective revolves around assisting Timue’s friends who are suffering from the swamp’s blight.

Prerequisites and Objectives

Players must finish the campaign quest “Judgement of the Swamp” in order to access “The Swamp’s Protection.” The quest’s main goal is to assist Timue in treating her afflicted pals. In order to do this, supplies must be gathered and sent to Baridan, Duraya, and Raldin, who are scattered around the swamplands.

Diablo IV Guide to The Swamp’s Protection Side Quest


  1. Gathering Supplies: After the events of Act V, Timue will request players to fetch supplies for her infected friends. These supplies can be obtained from a chest in Timue’s Hovel. Timue’s Supplies can be obtained by finding and looting a chest beside her after your talk with her is done.

  2. Delivering Supplies: Timue’s friends are scattered throughout the Blightmarsh area. The first delivery is to Baridan in The Dark Dross region, West of Timue's home. Locate him and deliver Timue’s items to the NPC. To find Duraya, travel to the western region from where you discovered Baridan. Before you move on to looking for Raldin, who is located northeast of Duraya, speak with him and give him the items. Raldin is in need of rescue from bandits.

  3. Bandit Camp: After distributing Timue's goods to all three people, proceed to the bandit camp in Exiles' Heap in the Forsaken Coast area, northeast of Raldin, to uncover the fate of Raldin’s missing brother. You must eliminate all the bandits staying there as soon as you locate the bandit camp. Keep in mind that the Dreadful Scrapper Elite adversary might be discovered in the middle of the camp. After you clear the remainder of the area, defeat this opponent last.


  4. Returning to Timue: With the quest’s objectives accomplished, returning to Timue’s Hovel completes the quest. Timue reveals grim details about the bandits’ nefarious activities involving kidnapped infected children. To finish the Swamp’s Protection side mission in Diablo 4, interact with her to receive +20 Hawezar Renown, Gold, Experience, and a Herb Cache. Another way to get Gold is purchasing it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Tips and Tricks

  • If the bandits fail to spawn during the final part of the quest, exiting the game and re-entering the area on foot may resolve the issue.

  • Keep an eye out for the Altar of Lilith, which can be activated during the encounter with Raldin.

  • Utilize the map to guide yourself to Timue's location for seamless navigation.


Upon completing “The Swamp’s Protection” quest, players will earn +20 Hawezar Renown, gold, experience scaled to their level, and a Herb Cache. These rewards contribute to character progression and enhance gameplay.

Diablo IV The Swamp’s Protection Side Quest Rewards

Fix Game Bug

The majority of gamers have encountered a glitch when attempting to complete the final task of the Swamp’s protection side quest of Diablo 4, which requires you to execute the bandits at their camp. The glitch renders the bandit camp empty, preventing players from finishing the side quest’s last task.

By entering the bandit camp, investigating the area, and eliminating every hostile mob you come across, you can cure the glitch. When the coast is clear, proceed to the closest waypoint and come back to the bandit camp on foot, without the aid of any mount.


“The Swamp’s Protection” side quest presents players with an opportunity to engage with Diablo IV’s immersive world, rich lore, and intricate gameplay mechanics. By following this guide, players can effortlessly navigate the quest, ensuring a rewarding experience filled with challenges, intrigue, and valuable rewards. As adventurers explore the swamp-ridden landscapes of Hawezar, they’ll forge their legacy in the ever-expanding narrative tapestry of Diablo IV.

The starting point of the quest is in the Blightmarsh district of Hawezar, where participants start their trip by helping Timue's sick friends. The mission reveals a rich story that draws players farther into the game's lore through a succession of phases, including gathering and delivering supplies, fighting bandits, and learning secret facts.

In addition to providing players with tangible benefits like +20 Hawezar Renown, gold, experience, and a Herb Cache, completing the quest also gives them a sense of success and advancement. The addition of tips and methods, such as how to fix bugs, makes the quest more engaging and demonstrates the producers' dedication to producing a high-quality gaming experience.

“The Swamp’s Protection” exemplifies how side quests may be more than just optional tasks, boosting the player’s comprehension of the game’s universe and the gameplay itself. It serves as evidence of the meticulous planning and attention to detail that go into making Diablo IV a fascinating and exciting addition to the adored action RPG series.

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