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Diablo IV Legacy Of The Magi Quest Guide

If you are starting on a new fantastical journey then the Legacy of the Magi Quest would be a perfect way to start it. Diablo IV: Legacy Of The Magi stands as a testament to the boundless imagination within the realm of gaming. This intricate masterpiece transports players to a world where magic and mystery converge, beckoning them to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of the Sorcerers. Just like every other RPG, the Sorcerer class of Diablo IV is as magical as it can be. When the quest begins, you might not be able to imagine what you are going to encounter. There will be a compelling fusion of classic tales and contemporary gaming. The gameplay is immersive and allows you to fully enjoy the Magical beauty of the Sorcerer class. The game offers players to go through lush forests, terrifying dungeons, and mysterious citadels against a backdrop of stunning sceneries and meticulously created locations.

The Legacy Of The Magi quest serves as the heart of this immersive experience. Woven into the very fabric of the game, this epic journey unveils itself through a series of challenges and discoveries. The narrative ingeniously intertwines elements of suspense, wonder, and awe-inspiring magic, ensuring that each step taken is a step closer to uncovering the hidden truths that lie beneath.

Being able to accommodate a wide variety of players is what distinguishes "Diablo IV: Legacy Of The Magi" from other quests of the Diablo IV. While newbies are welcomed into a world filled with thrill and mystery, series veterans will become engrossed in a story that cleverly expands the mythos. All we want to say is that there is something for everyone. So, if you haven’t started the quest yet, then do it, but before that make sure you read our article so that your journey could be as smooth as possible. We’ve carefully created this article, so that we don’t spoil the quest for you. Let’s begin then.


No quest is without its prerequisite requirements. The Legacy Of The Magi quest is no exception to that rule either. There are two requirements that you need to fulfill before you can start the quest.

The First ‘one is Having a Player Character of the Sorcerer Class. Legacy Of The Magi Quest is a class-specific quest, so you would have to be of Sorcerer class in order to gain access to this quest. Diablo 4 lacks conventional class mentors, and the benefits and experiences offered through this task aim to address this absence.

The second requirement would be related to reaching a specific level as usual. For this quest the threshold level is going to be Level 15. The quest will appear in the quest log automatically. There is something called “Astral Call” especially meant for Sorcerers. It will be made available as soon as the quest is open.

Here is a tip for the beginners - When in doubt about a site or path, consult the map to determine the most pertinent locations, which are denoted by gates, skulls, obelisks, and other symbols. Characters may travel anywhere at any time because there are no high- or low-level places anymore thanks to the inclusion of level scaling in the game's rules. We will be giving you more tips throughout the article. Don’t miss them.

Diablo 4 Legacy Of The Magi Quest

Diablo IV: Legacy Of The Magi Quest

Legacy of the Magi doesn’t come under the quests such as the Main story or the side Quests. This can be found under the 3rd tab in your Journal. The Astral Call indicates whether the Quest is open or not. All you need to do is Follow the Astral Call, it will act as your guide and take you to an NPC.

This NPC is known as Mordarin. Reaching to Mordarin and interacting with this NPC is an important phase of the quest. The Astral Call will take you all the way through the Desolate Highlands' Southwestern corner, where you can find the Mordarin next to a dilapidated shack. He will tell you what he knows and he has some very old knowledge that he would like to pass onto others, but in order to do so, he would want you to get a book named Forgotten Codex for him. The book can be found in the Lost Archives Dungeon.

Tip for Beginners - Quests in the Journal are sorted by colors. The main storyline quests are marked with yellow, side quests with blue, and class quests with white. Each type has its own tab in the Journal. You can keep track of any quest by clicking on them.

What is the Lost Archives Dungeon?

Lost Archives Dungeon is a special dungeon accessible to anyone. But as we’ve previously mentioned, the quests are open to the Sorcerer class only, so in the dungeon only the sorcerers can get access to the quest. You don't need to beat the final boss named the Frost Spiritcaller to obtain the Forgotten Codex. The entrance is close by, and it's simple to locate as long as the character can navigate through this spooky forest area.

Here are the steps to get to the Forgotten Codex:

  • Entering into the Dungeon - Open to everyone and doesn’t have any requirement to enter. The Dungeon has two sections within - The Outer Dungeon and the Inner Dungeon. There won’t be any locks or guards at the front. So, it is quite easy to just enter the dungeon.

  • Entering the Inner Dungeon - Outer Dungeon could be accessed by anyone without any special requirement, but it is not the same case with the Inner Dungeon. You will need 2 specific items in order to open the Inner Dungeon’s door. There is a pedestal in which you will put these two items to open that door. You can directly find these items in the right side and left side of the passage. Though they are guarded by the Demonic Vanguards, you can kill them to get your hands on these items.

  • Locate the Chest containing the Codex - Once you are inside the inner dungeon, all you gotta do is now locate the chest that contains the Forgotten Codex. Inside the chest there is a section named as the Halls of Knowledge and you will find the Forgotten Codex there.

  • Returning back to the Mordarin - Once you get the codex, you don’t have to worry about backtracking your steps to get out of the dungeon. You can directly teleport to a nearest town known as Nevesk, after that you can go to the Mordarin where you first found him, near the broken shack.

Diablo 4 Legacy Of The Magi Quest Guide

The Broken Shack

The Moradrin will now perform a ritual once you give him the codex, but during the ritual you would be tasked with protecting him. An army of demons would soon swarm the area and you would have to fight them, but worry not this fight would be much easier as compared to what you had in the dungeon. 

You can use various abilities such as AoE, Crowd Control (CC) and Shields to protect yourself and defeat the enemies. Once the ritual is complete the NPC, Mordarin, would grant you several rewards, that will include the Forgotten Codex as well. You will also get Golds, XPs, and many more things that would help you throughout your journey. Another good way to get the gold is for real money. So if you are falling short of the same, get them for real money.

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Diablo IV is a game that very well captures the essence of mystery and magic. The gameplay is immersive allowing you to get in more depth of the various quests. As the Legacy Of The Magi quest guide accompanies players on their exploration, it does so with finesse, avoiding explicit spoilers while igniting curiosity and anticipation. This guide, much like the game it accompanies, becomes an indispensable companion for those who seek the ultimate experience, bridging the gap between the tangible and the fantastical. So, as adventurers step into the shoes of Player Characters and unravel the intricate threads of the Sorcerer's legacy, they do so with the promise of an unforgettable odyssey that will forever resonate in the annals of gaming history. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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