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Dungeon Farming Guide for WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2

WoW Classic adventurers, assemble and brace yourselves for Phase 2, bringing epic new dungeons like the Blackrock Spire and Dire Maul! They're bursting with powerful loot and tough challenges. New player don't worry and grab a tank, healer, and damage dealers to explore these exciting adventures. But beware, fearsome enemies and tricky bosses guard the treasures! This guide will be your weapon, teaching you the tricks and tactics to conquer these dungeons and claim victory! Let's go adventuring!

Know Your Class

  • Tanks: Use your crowd control skills, like stunning and slowing, to handle groups of enemies. Also, don't forget about your taunt and keeping track of your threat levels. These moves help you control the situation and keep things in order during your dungeon adventures. Mastering these basics makes you a more effective and reliable team member.

  • Healers: First, focus on keeping the tank alive, and then take care of the DPS (damage dealers). Use dispel mechanics wisely to remove harmful effects. Managing your mana is really important, so be smart about how you use it. By prioritizing and strategizing, you contribute to a successful and well-coordinated group effort in the dungeons.

  • Melee DPS: Concentrate your attacks on the target the tank is dealing with. Use interrupts and cooldowns smartly to control the situation. Pay close attention to managing threat to keep the encounter under control. When everyone in your group collaborates and pays attention to these strategies, you can successfully overcome challenges in the dungeons. Teamwork and thoughtful use of these tactics make for a more effective and enjoyable dungeon experience.

  • Ranged DPS: Make the most of your area-of-effect (AoE) attacks to deal damage to multiple enemies. Stay close enough to the healer so they can heal you constantly. If necessary, interrupt enemies to disrupt their actions. Following these tactics enhances your effectiveness and ensures a smoother journey through the dungeons.

Selecting a Weapon

Start by choosing your weapon! Every dungeon has its own special challenges and rewards waiting for you. From battling tough enemies to finding awesome loot, each dungeon has something different to offer. So, gear up and get ready for the adventure as it's time to pick your weapon and face the challenges ahead!

The below are the dungeons for you to explore and grab those epic loots:

  • Blackrock Spire: There are two parts to explore – Upper (UBRS) and Lower (LBRS). Upper is great if you want cloth and caster gear, while Lower is the place to be for leather and melee loot. Each wing has its own special goodies, so choose wisely and dive into the dungeons for your preferred treasures!

  • Dire Maul: This big place has three parts – North (DM North), West (DM West), and East (DM East). Each part has different things to get, making it a treasure trove for everyone. No matter what class you are, there's something special waiting for you in these diverse wings.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Dire Maul

Gearing for the Adventure

Before heading into the dungeons for the raid, make sure you're well prepared to go all out. Wear gear that matches your level and, if you can, add some extra enchantments for some extra power. Bring along useful stuff like potions, bandages, and food use mana for spellcasters and Health for others to keep you going strong. And don't overlook buffs! Ask your teammates for blessings, chants, and totems before you step inside.

Getting together with your Crew

Exploring dungeons is more fun with a dependable group. Look for a tank, healer, and two damage dealers with skills that work well together. Communication is super important! Talk about everyone's roles, tactics, and how you'll share the loot before you start. Use chat addons like Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) to keep track of boss timers and strategies. It'll make your dungeon dives smoother and more successful!

Basic Dungeon Rules

There are some tips you should know before diving into the bizarre adventure:

Know your Role: Tanks, be the leaders in the front, Healers, make sure everyone stays alive, and Damage dealers, show your power off as you work together and plan your moves to make the dungeon runs go smoothly. When everyone coordinates and does their part, the adventure becomes a lot more fun. So, tanks lead, healers keep us going, and damage dealers, let's bring the fury for successful dungeon adventures!

Don’t Rush straight away: Don't attract too many enemies at once. Tanks, manage the speed and give your healer time to catch up. Damage dealers, concentrate your attacks on the target your tank is dealing with. This way, everyone stays safe and works together to take on the challenges without overwhelming the group.

Communication is the best tactic: Speak up about important targets, mechanics, and dangers. A group that talks and communicates well does better, but a quiet group might face some difficulties. So, speak up and share information to make your journey through the dungeons smoother and more successful. So, keep the conversation going and ensure everyone is on the same page to tackle the challenges together.

Share the Loot: Before the adventure begins, talk about how loot will be shared. Common options include Need-before-Greed or round robin. It's important to avoid ninja looting, which means taking loot without permission. Establishing clear loot rules beforehand ensures fairness and a positive group experience for everyone.

The below is the detail for all the dungeons:

Blackrock Spire:

UBRS: Be careful of wandering enemies and groups with Area of Effect attacks. When facing Nefarian's Broodlord, switch tanks as needed. For Vaelastrasz, stop him from using his flame breath by interrupting him. Keep these tactics in mind to handle challenges in the dungeons.

LBRS: When Omoch brings in extra enemies, interrupt his actions to stop them. If General Drakkisath breathes fire, make sure to move away to stay safe. To handle Emperor Tharissian, remove his buffs by dispelling them. Remember these strategies to overcome challenges in the dungeons.

Dire Maul:

  • DM North: When facing The Scourge Lord, be aware of his widespread AoE Shadow bolts – stay apart to avoid getting hit. For King Gordok, stop him from healing by interrupting the process. Keep these tactics in mind to successfully deal with challenges in the dungeons.

  • DM West: To handle Panzram the Beastmaster, interrupt his pet's healing abilities. When facing The Shade of Ek, remove his buffs by dispelling them. These strategies will help you navigate challenges and emerge victorious in the dungeons.

  • DM East: When dealing with the Keeper of the Grove, swiftly eliminate the summoned additional enemies. For Cenarius, interrupt his healing and remove his buffs by dispelling them. Employing these tactics will aid you in effectively confronting challenges and triumphing in the dungeons.

Consider these tips as a starting point, but adjust your tactics based on your group and experience. Everyone's different, so find what works best for you. For more detailed info on boss tricks and loot, check out websites like Wowhead or online guides. They've got lots of useful information that can make your dungeon adventures even better. Don't be afraid to explore and learn, it's all part of becoming a seasoned adventurer in the World of Warcraft!

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Blackrock Spire

Advanced Tactics

  • Dungeon Skips: Find the best paths and shortcuts to save time and do things more efficiently. Learning these tricks helps you move through the dungeons faster and get the most out of your adventure.

  • Crowd Control Chains: Work together to use crowd control (CC) abilities and manage big groups of enemies. This helps control the situation and reduces the damage your group takes during the dungeons. 

  • Consumables optimization:  Choose the appropriate potions and items for each enemy and boss you face. Using the right consumables enhances your chances of success against different challenges in the dungeons.

  • Loot Specialization: Think about focusing on a particular type of item to speed up the process of getting better gear. Specializing can help you efficiently improve your character's equipment in the dungeons.

  • Gold Usage: Gold is the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD and plays an important role in completing dungeons. So make sure you have enough stock of the gold. If you are falling short of the same, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel. 

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By following these clever tactics and plans, you can make your team excellent at getting loot and raiding dungeons. These tricks help everyone cooperate smoothly, ensuring you get the best experience on your adventures and gather awesome things from the dungeons. Working well together means you'll be successful in your raids, making the most of the opportunities to gather valuable items and have a great time in the dungeons with your team.


Get set for a WoW Classic journey into Blackrock Spire and Dire Maul with all the details in this guide! Suit up, pick your dungeon (UBRS, LBRS, DM North, West, or East), and gather your team (tank, healer, 2 damage dealers). Know your role, fight smart, and share loot nicely. Look out for tough foes like Nefarian's Broodlord and The Scourge Lord, using moves like interrupts and dispels. With practice and teamwork, you'll soon conquer dungeons and score awesome loot!

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