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EA Sports FC 24 Best Formation and Starting 11 for Liverpool

EA Sports FC 24 is the gaming apex in the constantly changing virtual football world, giving players the ability to assume the role of their preferred clubs and control their fate on the virtual pitch. It's not only about controlling the players on the pitch, though EA Sports FC 24 is an excellent portrayal of the game. Selecting the ideal formation and starting lineup for your squad can mean the difference between virtual victory and defeat.

We'll discuss the nuances of creating a successful team in the persona of Liverpool FC as we go around the virtual world of EA Sports FC 24 in this post. We'll navigate through the importance of choosing the ideal formation and starting 11, understanding how they can be the game-changers that lead to championship victories and countless digital goals.

EA Sports FC 24: Liverpool

With titles in the Premier League in 2020 and the UEFA Champions League in 2019 and 2022, respectively, Liverpool has recently been one of the most successful teams in European football. They have a strong roster of top-tier players on their side, and their playing style is well-defined.

The players on Liverpool's current squad, including Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah, and Sadio Mane, are among the finest in the world at their positions. With Trent Alexander-Arnold and Luis Dáz in particular poised to become future stars, the club also boasts a fantastic blend of young and seasoned players.

Liverpool's attacking prowess, strong defense, and high-pressing style of play are among their advantages. Jürgen Klopp, the team's excellent coach, has fostered in the group a winning mindset.

However, Liverpool also has some weaknesses. The team can be vulnerable to counterattacks, and they have occasionally had trouble getting past well-prepared defenses. A few crucial players are also strongly relied upon by Liverpool, and their absence or suspension can have a big effect on how well the club performs.

EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool

Starting 11 for Liverpool

In EA Sports FC 24, Liverpool's starting eleven comprises a formidable lineup, with each player bringing their unique skills and ratings to the virtual pitch. Here's a breakdown of the players and their respective positions and ratings:

  1. Starting on the left wing (LW), we have Luis Díaz, boasting an impressive rating of 84.
  2. On the right wing (RW), the prolific Mohamed Salah takes the stage with an outstanding rating of 89.
  3. Leading the attack as the central forward (CF) is Cody Gakpo, who carries a rating of 84.
  4. In the heart of the midfield, we find Dominik Szoboszlai with a rating of 82
  5. And alongside him, the maestro Thiago, with a rating of 84.
  6. Assuring stability as the central defensive midfielder (CDM) is Alexis Mac Allister, holding an 82 rating.
  7. The defensive line is secured with Andrew Robertson on the left-back (LB) position, who holds a commendable rating of 86.
  8. Central defense is fortified by none other than the colossal Virgil van Dijk, boasting an impressive 90 rating. 
  9. Joining him is Ibrahima Konaté, who brings his skills to the center-back (CB) position with a rating of 81.
  10. On the right-back (RB) flank, the dynamic Trent Alexander-Arnold stands tall with a rating of 86.
  11. And guarding the goalpost is the exceptional Alisson, with an outstanding rating of 91.

This star-studded lineup forms the foundation of Liverpool's success in EA Sports FC 24, and choosing the right tactics and formation around these players is the key to virtual victory. You will also be required to spend FC 24 coins to make better progress in the game, so make sure you keep enough stock of the coins. 

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The 4-3-3 formation: EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool

The 4-3-3 arrangement is an obvious pick for Liverpool in EA Sports FC 24, as it precisely matches the team's actual playing style. Liverpool performs best with the 4-3-3 formation, which also efficiently addresses some of their flaws. One of the biggest advantages of the 4-3-3 arrangement is its width. This formation allows Liverpool to utilize the flanks and is the ideal arrangement for their attacking full-backs due to the speed and talent of players like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson. Moreover, it offers versatility, allowing the midfield trio to switch between defense and attack seamlessly. The attacking potential of the 4-3-3 is another highlight, with three forwards up top, including wingers and a central striker, creating multiple goal-scoring opportunities. This formation aligns with Liverpool's aggressive high-pressing approach, putting pressure on opponents and retaining control of the game.

EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool 4-3-3 Formation

Goalkeeper: EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool

In the virtual world of EA Sports FC 24, Liverpool is fortunate to have two capable goalkeepers, Alisson and Caoimhín Kelleher. While both have their strengths and weaknesses, Alisson stands out as the optimal choice for Liverpool's goalkeeper. Alisson's exceptional rating of 91 is a testament to his world-class abilities between the posts. He boasts superb reflexes, positioning, and distribution, making him a formidable presence. His experience and composure are invaluable assets, ensuring that Liverpool has a reliable last line of defense. Kelleher is a promising option for the future but currently lacks the overall attributes that make Alisson the standout choice.

Defense: EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool

Liverpool's defense in EA Sports FC 24 is anchored by a combination of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Ibrahima Konaté, and Andrew Robertson. This quartet is the most balanced and effective choice for Liverpool's virtual squad. Alexander-Arnold's ability to contribute offensively while still maintaining defensive responsibilities makes him an indispensable full-back. Van Dijk's towering presence and defensive prowess provide the team with a formidable leader at the back. Konaté, with his physicality and potential, complements Van Dijk well. Robertson is a dynamic left-back who contributes to both defense and attack. This lineup combines experience, physicality, and technical ability, making it the best defensive combination for Liverpool.

Midfield: EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool

Liverpool's midfield options in EA Sports FC 24 include players like Fabinho, Thiago Alcântara, Jordan Henderson, Naby Keïta, and Harvey Elliott. To maximize the team's potential, the ideal midfield trio consists of Fabinho, Thiago, and Henderson. Fabinho provides a strong defensive shield, breaking up opposition attacks, while Thiago offers creativity, precise passing, and ball control. Henderson's work rate and versatility make him an essential presence in the midfield. This combination ensures a balanced midfield that can control the game, support the attack, and maintain defensive stability, closely replicating Liverpool's real-world midfield dynamism.

Attack: EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool

In EA Sports FC 24, Liverpool's attacking options include players like Mohamed Salah, Luis Díaz, Darwin Núñez, Diogo Jota, and Roberto Firmino. The most potent attacking lineup for Liverpool comprises Salah, Díaz, and Núñez. Salah is a constant asset because of his amazing speed and finishing ability. Due to his dribbling and creative skills, Daz is an excellent wing player. Núñez's physicality and clinical finishing ensure a strong presence in the central striker role. These three give Liverpool the advantage in the attack with the ideal balance of speed, inventiveness, and goal-scoring ability.

In summary, selecting the right formation and starting 11 is crucial for success in EA Sports FC 24, and for Liverpool, the 4-3-3 formation proves to be the ideal fit, aligning perfectly with the club's strengths and playing style. The key advantages of this formation lie in its width, versatility, and attacking potential. Furthermore, Alisson is the top choice for goalkeeper, given his outstanding rating and all-around capabilities.

The defensive lineup of Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, Konaté, and Robertson provides the best combination of experience, physicality, and technical ability. A balanced midfield trio consisting of Fabinho, Thiago, and Henderson is capable of controlling the game both offensively and defensively. Salah, Dáz, and Néez up front provide a frightening combination of speed, ingenuity, and goal-scoring potential.

The effects of injuries and bans on Liverpool's starting 11 must be taken into account, though. The performance of the squad may be greatly impacted if important players are absent due to these circumstances.

Therefore, it's advisable to have capable substitutes and a deep squad to handle such situations.

EA Sports FC 24 Liverpool Starting 11 Guide

Tips for using Liverpool effectively in EA Sports FC 24 

To use Liverpool effectively in EA Sports FC 24, consider the following tips:

  • Master the high-pressing game to replicate Liverpool's real-world style.

  • Utilize the wings and full-backs effectively, making the most of Alexander-Arnold and Robertson's abilities.

  • Ensure a balanced midfield, with Fabinho, Thiago, and Henderson controlling the tempo of the game.

  • Exploit Salah's pace and finishing prowess, complemented by the creativity of Díaz and the central striker Núñez.

  • Stay aware of your players' stamina and make substitutions strategically to maintain peak performance.


So this was all about EA Sports FC 24 Best Formation and Starting 11 for Liverpool we discussed how to master Liverpool's formation, and then about selecting the best players, and some great tactics in EA Sports FC 24 which can work as a game-changer in the virtual journey of EA sports FC 24. We would suggest the players keep these insights in mind, and adapt to circumstances, and you'll be on your way to achieving virtual glory with the Reds.

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