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EA Sports FC 24 Best Formation and Starting 11 for Manchester City

In the world of virtual football, Manchester City has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide with their stellar real-world performances. Led by the visionary coach, Pep Guardiola, the team's strategies have translated seamlessly into the digital realm of EA Sports FC 24. With the latest update to the Manchester City roster, players have a plethora of options for taking the pitch in Division Rivals, Kick-off, Pro Clubs, Online Friendlies, and even Ultimate Team (FUT). In this guide, we'll explore the best formation for Manchester City and the ideal starting eleven to dominate your opponents in EA Sports FC 24.

The Best Formation: The Pep Guardiola Way (4-3-3 Formation)

For Manchester City, the best formation in EA Sports FC 24 is the 4-3-3 formation. This formation perfectly aligns with the team's playing style, which leans heavily towards attacking while maintaining a balanced approach. The 4-3-3 formation formation offers a strategic advantage by ensuring that key areas, including defense, midfield, & attack, are well-covered. The formation's wide spread provides ample space for the right and left wingers (RW and LW) and the full-backs (RB and LB) to launch attacks or thwart the opponent's advances.

One standout feature of this formation is the presence of a central attacking midfielder (CAM). This addition enhances the team's ability to create goal-scoring opportunities, complementing the wingers' & central midfielders' roles.

While EA Sports FC 24 grants players the freedom to customize formations, it's crucial to note that the 4-3-3 formation and similar layouts are best suited to Manchester City's starting eleven. Choosing an entirely different formation might necessitate a careful selection of players for optimal performance. A wrong choice could result in star players like Jack Grealish and Kevin De Bruyne playing out of position, diminishing their effectiveness.

Although alternative formations can be explored, casual gamers are advised to stick with the default 4-3-3 formation or invest time in research & practice to tailor a formation that aligns with their strengths and preferences. Let's break down the key players for this formation.

FC 24 4-3-3 Formation

1. Goalkeeper (GK): Ederson (Rating: 88)

  • Ederson's superb ball-playing skills make him an ideal fit for this formation.

  • With a kicking rating of 91, he can launch long balls and initiate attacks.

  • His cross-claiming and rush-out styles allow him to dominate the box.

2. Right Back (RB): Kyle Walker (Rating: 84)

  • Walker's incredible sprint speed (94) is crucial for playing a high defensive line.

  • He excels in defending against rapid wingers with his jockey playing style.

3. Right Center Back (RCB): John Stones (Rating: 85)

  • Stones is a composed ball-playing center-back with an 87 rating in composure and 84 in ball control.

  • His 86 short passing rating makes him one of the best ball-playing defenders in the game.

4. Left Center Back (LCB): Ruben Dias (Rating: 89)

  • Dias is a tough-tackling center back with a 91 stand tackle rating.

  • He possesses aerial ability and is a threat from set-pieces.

5. Left Back (LB): Josko Gvardiol (Rating: 82)

  • Gvardiol is a solid left-back who can contribute to both defending and attacking.

  • He boasts long ball and pinged pass play styles, making him versatile.

6. Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM): Rodri (Rating: 89)

  • Rodri is the highest rated defensive midfielder in the game.

  • He excels in both short and long passing & has strong defensive attributes.

7. Right Central Midfielder (RCM): Bernardo Silva (Rating: 88)

  • Silva is a technical player who can link the midfield and attack seamlessly.

  • His dribbling and passing abilities make him a creative force.

8. Left Central Midfielder (LCM): Kevin de Bruyne (Rating: 91)

  • De Bruyne is the team's talisman & playmaker.

  • With his exceptional passing and shooting, he can produce decisive moments.

9. Left Winger (LW): Jack Grealish (Rating: 85)

  • Grealish operates between the lines and is known for ball control and dribbling.

  • He excels in keeping possession in tight spaces.

10. Right Winger (RW): Phil Foden (Rating: 85)

  • Foden is a technical player who can exploit gaps in the opposition defense.

  • He is a suitable replacement for Riyad Mahrez on the right wing.

11. Striker (ST): Erling Haaland (Rating: 91)

  • Haaland is the team's primary goal scorer with excellent positioning and finishing.

  • His acrobatic style, shot power, and reactions make him a deadly striker.

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Best Attacking Formation: 3-5-2

For those who want to unleash Manchester City's attacking prowess, the 3-5-2 formation is an excellent choice. This formation maximizes the width & allows for a more offensive approach. Here's how it looks:

  • Goalkeeper (GK): Ederson (Rating: 88)

  • Right Center Back (RCB): John Stones (Rating: 85)

  • Center Back (CB): Ruben Dias (Rating: 89)

  • Left Center Back (LCB): Josko Gvardiol (Rating: 82)

  • Left Midfielder (LM): Phil Foden (Rating: 85)

  • Left Center Midfielder (LCM): Kevin de Bruyne (Rating: 91)

  • Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM): Rodri (Rating: 89)

  • Right Center Midfielder (RCM): Bernardo Silva (Rating: 88)

  • Right Midfielder (RM): Jack Grealish (Rating: 85)

  • Left Striker (LS): Julian Alvarez (Rating: 80)

  • Alvarez provides support to Haaland and contributes to attacking plays.

  • Right Striker (RS): Erling Haaland (Rating: 91)

Best Defensive Formation 4-2-3-1

While the Manchester City is renowned for its attacking style there are circumstances when a more defensive approach is necessary. In such cases, the 4-2-3-1 formation is an amazing choice. Here is the setup:

  • Goalkeeper (GK): Ederson (Rating: 88)

  • Right Back (RB): Kyle Walker (Rating: 84)

  • Right Center Back (RCB): John Stones (Rating: 85)

  • Left Center Back (LCB): Ruben Dias (Rating: 89)

  • Left Back (LB): Josko Gvardiol (Rating: 82)

  • Left Defensive Midfielder (LDM): Rodri (Rating: 89)

  • Right Defensive Midfielder (RDM): Mateo Kovacic (Rating: 82)

  • Kovacic provides ball retention and is adept at dribbling under pressure.

  • Left Midfielder (LM): Jack Grealish (Rating: 85)

  • Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM): Kevin de Bruyne (Rating: 91)

  • Right Midfielder (RM): Jeremy Doku (Rating: 77)

  • Doku's pace is a key asset for counterattacks.

  • Striker (ST): Erling Haaland (Rating: 91)

The Best Starting 11

EA Sports FC 24 reflects the current real-world lineup for teams, and Manchester City is no exception. However, certain adjustments are required to assemble the best starting eleven. At present, players will need to reposition some key footballers due to the absence of Kevin De Bruyne from the starting lineup, with Bernardo Silva & Nathan Aké serving as substitutes.

FC 24 Manchester City Starting 11

Here's the optimal starting eleven for Manchester City in the 4-3-3 "Attack" formation:

  • Striker (ST): Erling Haaland (Rating: 91)- Notable attributes: Right Short Free Kick, Penalties

  • Left Winger (LW): Jack Grealish (Rating: 85)- Notable attributes: Right Corner

  • Right Winger (RW): Bernardo Silva (Rating: 88)- Notable attributes: Left Corner

  • Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM): Kevin De Bruyne (Rating: 91)- Notable attributes: Captain, Left Short Free

  • Kick, Long Free Kick

  • Central Midfield (CM): Mateo Kovačić (Rating: 82)

  • Central Midfield (CM): Rodri (Rating: 90)

  • Left Back (LB): Nathan Aké (Rating: 81)

  • Center Back (CB): Rúben Dias (Rating: 89)

  • Center Back (CB): John Stones (Rating: 85)

  • Right Back (RB): Kyle Walker (Rating: 84)

  • Goalkeeper (GK): Ederson (Rating: 88)


  • Left Winger/Right Winger: Phil Foden (Rating: 84)

  • Striker/Right Winger: Julián Álvarez (Rating: 81)

  • Left Winger/Right Winger: Jérémy Doku (Rating: 75)

  • Center Back: Manuel Akanji (Rating: 80)

  • Center Back/Left Back: Joško Gvardiol (Rating: 82)

  • Right Back/Defensive Midfield: Rico Lewis (Rating: 73)

  • Goalkeeper: Stefan Ortega (Rating: 79)

  • Custom Tactics

Manchester City's default custom tactics are well-aligned with the team's strengths. For players not well-versed in the game's mechanics, it is advisable to retain these default values. Custom tactics largely depend on individual playstyle, & experimenting with various settings may be necessary to find the perfect fit.


In EA Sports FC 24, Manchester City stands as one of the most popular and formidable teams. As such, players frequently encounter opponents who also choose to play with the same squad. Variations in line-ups can occur based on individual playstyle and skill, but the 4-3-3 "Attack" formation, as well as the recommended starting eleven, provide a solid foundation for success in the virtual world of football. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, utilizing the best formation and starting eleven for Manchester City will undoubtedly enhance your gaming experience and give you the best chance of achieving victory on the virtual pitch.

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