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EA Sports FC 24 Best Formation and Starting 11 for PSG

Crafting the optimal formation and starting lineup for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in EA Sports FC 24 offers an enticing yet demanding task. PSG stands out with a roster filled with star players, giving you an array of choices to ponder. To navigate this process effectively, let's break it down into manageable steps:

Step 1: Assess Your Squad

Certainly, let's break down the process of selecting the ideal formation and starting 11 for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in EA Sports FC 24 in a more detailed manner. The first step on this virtual journey is to carefully analyse your PSG squad. It's crucial to understand the unique abilities and limitations of your players. Typically, PSG is brimming with top-tier talents across all positions, from the electric pace of Kylian Mbappé to the magical dribbling of Neymar Jr. So, make sure you exploit their skills to the fullest extent on the virtual pitch.

Now, as you venture deeper into your virtual PSG manager role, you'll find yourself considering the in-game store for potential purchases that could enhance your team's performance. Whether it's unlocking player packs, custom tactics, or additional formations, the in-game store offers a plethora of options to bolster your squad. These purchases can significantly improve your gaming experience, giving you a competitive edge, especially in online matches. So, while you're refining your lineup and formation, don't forget to explore the exciting in-game enhancements that can help your PSG team reign supreme in FC 24.

Step 2: Choose Your Formation

When it comes to playing FC 24 with PSG, the best formation can depend on how you like to play. However, a formation that works well for many gamers is the 4-3-3 formation. This formation finds a sweet spot between a robust offence and a solid defence. Let's break it down:

  • Select the formation: 4-3-3

  • Choose the tactic: Balanced

  • Set the team width to 5 bars

  • For the defensive style, go with Balanced

  • Opt for a Fast Build-Up offensive style

  • Maintain a depth of approximately 4 bars

Step 3: Select Your Starting 11

Now, it's time to pick your starting 11. Here's a suggested lineup for PSG:

1. Goalkeeper (GK):
   - Keylor Navas

2. Right-Back (RB):
   - Achraf Hakimi

3. Center-Backs (CB):
   - Marquinhos
   - Presnel Kimpembe

4. Left-Back (LB):
   - Theo Hernandez

5. Central Midfielders (CM):
   - Marco Verratti
   - Georginio Wijnaldum
   - Ander Herrera

6. Right-Wing (RW):
   - Lionel Messi

7. Striker (ST):
   - Kylian Mbappé

8. Left-Wing (LW):
   - Neymar Jr.

FC 24 PSG Starting 11

Step 4: Player Instructions

  • Goalkeeper (GK): Keep this player's settings as they are, don't make any changes.

  • Right-Back and Left-Back (RB & LB): When your team is on the attack, tell these defenders to hang back and stay close to the backline. Also, ask them to overlap with your midfielders when the opportunity arises.

  • Center-Backs (CBs): These players can remain in their default settings.

  • Central Midfielders (CMs): In this case, instruct your midfielders to focus on defending by staying back when your team is attacking, and they should also cover the central area of the pitch.

  • Right-Wing and Left-Wing (RW & LW): For your wingers, have them make runs behind the opponent's defence, cut inside toward the centre of the field, and maintain a forward position to be ready for attacks.

  • Striker (ST): Your striker should stay centrally, be ready to make runs behind the opponent's defenders, and apply pressure on the opponent's defensive line.

Step 5: Custom Tactics

1. Build-Up Play Style: Choose "Fast Build-Up" to make your team advance quickly when starting an attack.

2. Build-Up Play Speed: Set it at 6 bars to determine how fast your players move when passing the ball around.

3. Chance Creation: Keep it balanced to ensure your team creates opportunities for scoring in a well-rounded manner.

4. Shooting: Adjust this to 4 bars to control the accuracy and power of your shots.

5. Crossing: Set it at 3 bars to decide how often your team sends crosses into the box.

6. Positioning Freedom: At 4 bars, your players have a moderate degree of freedom to choose their positions on the field.

Step 6: Set-Piece Takers

Corner Kicks: When it comes to taking corner kicks, you have a couple of fantastic options within the PSG team. For the left corner, consider having Marco Verratti step up to take it. His precise delivery can be a valuable asset, as he can send the ball into the penalty area with great accuracy. On the other side, for right corner kicks, entrust the responsibility to none other than Lionel Messi. His skill in bending the ball and finding the right targets in the box makes him an excellent choice for those crucial set-piece situations.

Free Kicks: In the realm of free kicks, PSG boasts a wealth of talent. When it comes to taking direct free kicks, your go-to player should unquestionably be Lionel Messi. His prowess in striking the ball with both power and finesse can lead to some remarkable goal-scoring opportunities. However, when the situation calls for an indirect free kick, look no further than Marco Verratti. His ability to deliver accurate and well-weighted passes can set up your team for a variety of creative attacking plays. So, choose your free-kick taker wisely, depending on the nature of the free-kick situation, to maximise your chances of success.

FC 24 PSG Gameplay

Step 7: Substitutes and Reserves

1. In the realm of selecting your substitutes, it's wise to opt for players who bring a substantial amount of skill and stamina to the table. These substitutes will be called into action should any of your starting lineup begin to feel the strain of fatigue or suffer an unfortunate injury. Fortunately, Paris Saint-Germain is gifted with a wealth of talented players at your disposal, granting you a diverse range of options to choose from.

2. Equally important is the role of your reserve goalkeeper. This individual should be of the highest quality in terms of skill and reliability. They serve as a safety net in case your primary goalkeeper is unavailable due to injury or suspension. Having a dependable and proficient backup in this position can often be the game-changer in tightly contested matches.

3. To further refine your squad's readiness, it's a valuable notion to customise your reserve players in accordance with your preferred formation and gameplay style. Each formation comes with its own unique set of requirements, and your substitutes should seamlessly align with the tactics you've chosen. Take into account the specific strengths and weaknesses of your reserve players and ensure they harmonise with your overall strategy, thereby maximising their impact when they are called upon to take the field.

Step 8: Practice and Adjust

Success in FC 24 hinges on one fundamental element: practice. Start by playing a handful of matches with your chosen PSG lineup to get a feel for how it performs on the virtual pitch. As you do this, pay close attention to how your team behaves and adapts in various situations. Take note of what's working well and where you might be encountering some challenges.

Next, it's crucial to fine-tune your in-game strategies and player instructions based on your firsthand experiences. You'll want to customise these aspects to enhance your team's performance. This involves making subtle but significant adjustments to elements like your formation, playing style, and your starting 11. Tailor these choices to suit not only your gaming preferences but also the unique strengths and weaknesses of your PSG squad.

Adaptability is key. Be prepared to embrace change and adopt new tactics as you encounter different opponents and diverse in-game situations. Use FC 24 coins to further upgrade your player abilities. If you are falling short of the coins, get them for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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In conclusion, mastering FC 24 with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is both an art and a science. Through this guide, you've learned how to create the perfect formation and starting 11 for your virtual team, along with key strategies to fine-tune your gameplay. Remember, practice is your secret weapon, so don't shy away from those virtual matches to truly understand your team's dynamics.

As you step onto the digital pitch as PSG, embrace the exhilarating challenge and enjoy every moment. Whether it's Neymar dazzling on the wing, Messi creating magic, or Mbappé scoring that game-winning goal, every match brings a new adventure. So, have fun, experiment, and let your passion for football and gaming shine through.

With the right formation, a well-chosen starting 11, and a dash of creativity, you're well-equipped for a thrilling journey in FC 24. So go ahead, score those goals, celebrate the victories, and most importantly, revel in the world of virtual football. Best of luck, and may every match be a memorable one!

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