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EA Sports FC 24 Best Formation and Starting 11 for Real Madrid

Football fans from all over the world would undoubtedly agree that Real Madrid is one of the best teams when it comes to playing football. This is also reflected by its popularity not in the real world but also in the virtual world of the EA Sports FC 24. Real Madrid's consistent performance in the top 3 of La Liga over the last 10 years and their total of 35 La Liga titles indeed make them a historically successful and great football team. The way things are going with them sitting at the top of the Points Table, although by a very small margin, this year could also be a fruitful year for them. Real Madrid had no shortage of Star Players as its jersey has been worn by several legends of the game. 

EA Sports FC 24 isn't going to be the same as FIFA 23, but fans of the team would stick with Real Madrid. The changes that have been done with the team roster makes your strategies that you have used in FIFA 23 less effective. During the summer transfer window, Jude Bellingham was added to the roster while Karim Benzema left the team. But that doesn't make this team any less effective. It's still one of the best teams in the game. But the roster is now different, and in order to be effective you will have to change your strategies and formation to get along with the present roster. With that in mind, we have prepared this guide article for the Best Formation and Starting 11 for Real Madrid. We will be discussing which formations are good based on the current roster and what should be your starting 11 for each formation. Let's begin with the best formations for this team in EA Sports FC 24.

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Best Formations for Real Madrid

Balanced Formation

If you pay close attention to the team's offensive lineup, you will find that it has a considerable amount of strength. But at the same time the line-up mainly consists of young talents who are yet to make significant contributions and gain experience from all the games that they can play. This is in contrast to the midfield. Consequently, the team boasts commendable levels of physicality, pace, and stamina, but its technical abilities lag slightly behind.

Taking this into account, the initial formation is the current default 4-1-2-1-2. It strikes a balance but tilts somewhat towards a defensive setup. The compact arrangement features Tchouaméni as the CDM, with Vini Jr. and Rodrygo deployed as the strikers. Given that the latter two are playing out of their typical positions, the strategy revolves around adopting a cautious approach until the opponent commits an error, at which point fast counter-attacks can be executed. Considering the players' prime age, they are less prone to fatigue compared to the opposing team. This presents opportunities for mounting an offensive push.

Balanced + Attack Formation

The second tactical setup, known as the 4-3-3 formation, also offers a well-rounded arrangement within EA Sports FC 24. However, with Bellingham taking on the role of CAM, Joselu leading the line as the striker, and Vini Jr. and Rodrygo occupying their natural positions, it paved the way for a more aggressively oriented offensive style of play. Players can capitalize on the youthful attackers to mount higher pressure on opponents, compelling turnovers and launching frequent assaults.

These formations are based on research and previous results, and you are encouraged to use your skills and experiment with them as you please. Make sure that these formations help you and suit your playstyle. Nevertheless, these two formations, along with the line-ups outlined in the following section, stand out as the most optimal choices, especially for the beginners of the EA Sports FC 24.

FC 24 Real Madrid Best Formation

Best Starting 11 for Real Madrid

EA Sports FC 24 isn't going to be the same as FIFA 23, so with a changed formation you will have to take in consideration different players with different PlayStyles and tactics. The attacking line-up of the team at present is not at its very best. It's weak compared to previous line-ups and it is evident in the EA Sports FC 24 game as well. Karim Benzema was the team's best striker but with him gone, the responsibility goes to Joselu. Though Joselu is a strong striker as well, Karim Benzema was better and experienced.

The rosters of the game are updated in accordance to the roster of the real-life teams. The line-up is not that bad and can be used with maximum efficiency with right tactics and formations. The two formations that we have mentioned above should give you a good start. Here is the best playing 11 for each of these formations. 

Formation: 4-2-1-2-1

This is the starting 11 for the best balance formation of 4-2-1-2-1. This is also the default formation. You can always make changes as per your needs, but this line-up is the best with this formation and the current roster.

In the lineup, Vinícius Jr. and Rodrygo lead the attack as strikers, boasting ratings of 89 and 85, respectively. Vinícius Jr. also takes on the responsibility of handling penalties. In the attacking midfield position, Jude Bellingham, rated at 89, adds creativity to the team. Moving into the central midfield, we have Toni Kroos at 89 and Federico Valverde at 88. Toni Kroos manages the left short free kicks and left and right corners, while Federico Valverde takes charge of the right corner and long free kicks.

The defensive midfield role is occupied by Aurélien Tchouaméni, rated at 87. On the defensive front, Ferland Mendy plays as the left back with a rating of 82. The center-back duo consists of David Alaba, rated at 85, who handles right short free kicks and long free kicks, and Antonio Rüdiger, also rated at 85. Completing the defensive line, Dani Carvajal, rated at 82, covers the right back position and is appointed as the team's captain. Thibaut Courtois, with a solid rating of 90, takes on the role of goalkeeper.

Outside of the primary starting 11 for the 4-2-1-2-1 formation, Real Madrid's top substitutes in EA Sports FC 24 include Joselu, rated at 84, who can step in as a strikerLuka Modrić, boasting a rating of 87, provides a strong option for the central midfield positionCamavinga, rated at 84, offers versatility as he can cover both left-back and defensive midfield roles. In the attacking midfield and right wing positions, Brahim Díaz, with a rating of 80, can be a valuable substitute.

For defensive positions, Éder Militão, rated at 86, is a solid choice for center-back, while Fran García, rated at 78, can step in as a left-back. Kepa Arrizabalaga, with a rating of 83, serves as an alternative in the goalkeeper position when needed. These substitutes offer depth and flexibility to the Real Madrid squad in EA Sports FC 24.

FC 24 Real Madrid Formation Guide

Formation : 4-3-3

Here is the best Starting 11 for Balanced + Attack Formation of 4-3-3

We have Vinícius Jr. with a rating of 89 as our Left-wing and the role of striker goes to Joselu who has a rating of 84. The right-wing would be covered by Rodrygo who boasts a rating of 85, and he will also take responsibility for the penalties as well. At the core of the team, we have Jude Bellingham, a formidable central midfielder with a rating of 89. He's joined by Toni Kroos, also boasting an 89 rating, and Federico Valverde, who stands strong with an 88 rating.

Real Madrid's defensive prowess is evident with Ferland Mendy, a left back with an 82 rating, and the versatile David Alaba, a central defender rated at 85. Antonio Rüdiger, another solid central defender with an 85 rating, complements the backline. The right back position is entrusted to Dani Carvajal, rated at 82. In goal, we have Thibaut Courtois, a towering presence with a rating of 90, ensuring the safety of the net.

Aside from the playing 11 the substitute list remains the same as it was for the default formation, but with the addition of Aurélien Tchouaméni as defensive midfielder with a rating of 87.


This was all about the Best Formation and Starting 11 for Real Madrid in the EA Sports FC 24 game. This was our list of players but it's not mandatory that you follow the same. You can try and experiment with various formations and line-ups to see which fits best for your playstyle. You can opt for any of the custom tactics. But if you are a beginner we would advise you to stick to the default tactics. This will help you to learn more about the game before experimenting. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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