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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Best Hero Cards

In the EA Sports FC universe, Ultimate Team is one of the most exciting game modes that players can enjoy, as they are able to create the ideal squad by unlocking different player cards. Along with other types of cards in the collection, Hero cards are a unique set to commemorate outstanding players who stood out and reshaped the game. These cards combine nostalgic value with unmatched gameplay ratings, making them a dream for all Ultimate Team fans.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll discover the best Hero cards in EA Sports FC 24, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and how they can enhance your team's performance. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the Ultimate Team, this guide will supply you with the right information that you can use to make better decisions and build an ultimate team. Do note that, you will be required to spend FC 24 coins to get missing cards in your inventory, so make sure you have enough stock of them. 

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1. Yaya Touré (Triple Threat, 88 OVR)

Yaya Toure's Triple Threat variant is a midfield powerhouse in demands that draw attention. With a general rating of 88, such a card combines impeccable stats in all aspects and can be confidently put on any team.


  • With all the right stats, these are 87 passing, 84 shooting, and 85 dribbling.

  • Sufficiently high physical attributes (strength up to 88 and stamina up to 87) are needed for establishing superiority.

  • Playstyle Plus: "Press Proven" helps him neutralize his rival's onslaught.


  • A characteristic of relatively low agility (76) and balance (73) is a disadvantage when playing in a tight space.

  • "Defensive work rate" equal to "Mediumwhich could be problematic for certain players.

Yaya Touré's 'Triple Threat' card is a must-have for gamers who desire a dazzling presence in midfield. His combination of offensive and defensive ability with athleticism makes him a bad nightmare for opponents. Touré always lays down the footprint of his presence in the field as a pitch commander or a holding player.

2. Ramires (UCL Hero, 87 OVR)

Chelsea's inspirational player, Ramires, earns a much-deserved 87-rated UCL Hero card. This card carries speed, defensive ability, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for players who want a versatile diamond midfielder.


  • Intense speed (89) and great strength (93) to face the endless running.

  • Solid properties of defense (85 defending, 85 physical).

  • Playstyle Plus: "Intercept" to give him the chance to recover the ball.


  • The low shooting (77) and dribbling (79) stats might make his offense not that strong.

  • Consequently, this can be solved by high/medium work rates.

From intercepting opponent attacks to consolidating defense and playing attack, Ramires' UCL Hero card is perfect. From counter-attacks to defensive control, his speed and endurance are very important. Even though his offensive skills might be low, the overall value of Ramires to any team is clear-cut.

FC 24 Ramires

3. Antonio Di Natale (Base, 88 OVR)

Antonio Di Natale's Base Hero card is fantastic for those looking for a ruthless finisher. This card, with an 88 overall rating, combines blazing speed, shooting accuracy, and exquisite dribbling and, hence, becomes a nightmare for opposing defenders.


  • Fast pace (90) and good dribbling (90)for creation of scoring chances.

  • Deadly shooting for clinical finishes inside the box at the end (91).

  • Playstyle Plus: "Finesse Shot" is a trait that helps him bend the ball into the net.


  • Fairly basic features (incredibly low 73 strength and 68 aggression).

  • Defensive work rate to "Low" setting; only allow defensive actions to be taken.

Di Natale's base hero card is definitely for those who prefer to possess offensive skills. Lightning-quick moves, creative dribbles, and clinical finishing help him cause damage in the opponent's final third region. While he may be not great in defence, his primary role is putting the ball into the net, and he is really good at that.

4. Vincent Kompany (Base, 89 OVR)

Vincent Kompany, the Manchester City Hall of Fame player, is given a well-deserved 89-rated Hero Base card in EA Sports FC 24. This card represents defensive solidity and leadershipand it is, therefore, the best option for those looking to strengthen their backline.


  • Top-notch defensive attributes (91 defending and 89 physical).

  • Decent pace (82) for a center back, that aids him to cover ground swiftly.

  • Playstyle Plus: Now "Anticipate" allows him to read the game and to intercept passes.


  • Relatively poor dribbling stats (69) and passing (72) may be insufficient for build-up play.

  • PACing (Medium/High) might cause positional problems at times.

The most noticeable feature of Kompany's Base Hero card is the rock he is, making him an unwavering force at the back, the epicenter of the defense. Having the perfect combination of his defensive capability, speed, and anticipation, the strikers find it difficult to cope with him in the game. Kompany might not be the best player in a combinational game, but his main function is to break the opponent's attack and he does it perfectlly.

5. Lucio (Base, 89 OVR)

Lucio, nicknamed "Horse" for his quick runs, in EA Sports FC 24 is presented with the 89-rated Base Hero card, as he deserves all the recognition for his skill level. This card encompasses good solid defense alongside speed and physical force. It is therefore suitable for a user searching for an imposing presence in the back row.


  • Outstanding strengths of the defender (91 defending and 89 physical).

  • Pretty tidy rhythm for a center-back (82) hence he is able to cover a wide range of the ground.

  • Playstyle Plus: "Block" adds on his capacity to defend against situations from shots and crosses.


  • The player is pointing to his low ball control stats (69) and passing stats (70) may hinder him in build-up play.

  • Work rates (Medium/High) would in some cases create other skill-related problems.

While Lucio can be an invaluable contribution to the team on the back line, providing stability to the defense, he can also be a liability as his cards have relatively low control points. His defense skills alongside his speed and blocking are scary for the opposing strikers making him a real challenger to them. While he will never be the best in build-up play, Lucio's main role is defense and de-rail any opposition attacks, and he performs this beautifully.

FC 24 Lucio

6. Sonia Bompastor (Fantasy Hero, 91 OVR)

Sonia Bompastor, who holds the title of being both the first player and a manager of the Women's Champions League, rightfully receives a 91-rated card of Fantasy Hero in the next edition of the gaming title EA Sports FC 24. With a quality of extremely high speed, defensive resilience, and attacking participation, the card is equally eligible in any team.


  • Pace not inferior to lightning (92) and dribbling tantamount to crowbar (91) for marauding runs along the touchline.

  • The strong defensive side(88 defending and 86 Physical).

  • Playstyle Plus: "Never-ending" is a quality that helps her to stay active long enough for a whole match.


  • One of the main advantages of Fulst is its low shooting (78) which makes it less suitable for scoring from a distance.

  • The implications of high work rates are conspicuous, these pose the risk of positional issues at times.

With the fantasy superhero card, Bompastor offers an addition that a fullback may well need. Her pace and dribbling skills enable her to be a threat on offense to the opposition while her defensive skills help her to cover the opposition wingers. Next, her ability to maintain her high level of endurance by using the stamina-boosting Playstyle Plus makes her an irreplaceable player who can contribute to a team.

7. Carlos Tevez (UCL Hero, 90 OVR)

The famous Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez, the very person of controversies, gets a 90-rated UCL Hero card in an EA Sports FC 24 game to reward his influence. This card skillfully weaves speed, goals, and good ball control into a deadly attacking possession for any team.


  • Super great velocity (88) and run-off (89) to be an excellent goal-creating environment.

  • The medical association had a tough task ahead of it, as it tried to find a cure for a deadly shooting (91) inside the box.

  • 5-star skill moves and 4-star weak foot in order to have an unpredictable approach.


  • Low frames (77 strength)

  • Set defensive work rate "Low" votes for hidden commitments into defense.

Tevez's UCL Hero card is a dream come true for any attacker looking for a toe-to-toe partner with scintillating performances. The speed of his running and dribbling, combined with remarkable strength, finishing skills, and a wide range of tricks he can perform, make it scary for the opposition. It may not be his strong point but he surely does not fail in defending his team.


In the constantly evolving environment of EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team, Hero cards bring about an unmatched chance in which you can rewind history and recall the greatness of former greats already on the virtual field, too. From Yaya Touré to Vincent Kompany, who was certainly dominant, to the one that Carlos Tevez and Antonio Di Natale had left, these cards give you many options to improve your squad. 

Regardless if you encourage defensive solidity, midfield control, or offensive intensity, the finest Hero Cards in EA Sports FC 23 have something suitable to each play manner. Through a smart assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, fans of the Ultimate Team may know which players to add to their team so that they may tackle any classification of a challenge. Capture the warmth of nostalgia as well as the exceptional performance that is only present in Hero cards.

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