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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Best La Liga Team Builds for Ultimate Team

La Liga has many great players, and indeed almost every player remains a stable contributor whenever you build a team with them in EA Sports FC 24. Whether you are a dedicated FUT gamer or only a casual player, creating your ultimate team in La Liga is a stimulating task and everything comes from the raw talent of Spain's top league.

Although the Premier League is the most famous competitive league, La Liga is well-known for acquiring the top players. The new additions of Vinicus Jr. and Jude Bellingham made the squad along with the already existing stars like Robert Lewandowski and Luka Modric is incomparable to any other team in the Ultimate Team game modes.

A successful La Liga team should have a mixture of offense, defense, speed, strength, and team play to be among the champs. It requires keen planning, depending on the budget and individual tastes to find the best performance for you. The purpose of this article is to analyze and discuss the La Liga team building in EA Sports FC 24 that is offered at various price tags. You will be required to spend FC 24 coins, the in-game currency to make your squad, so make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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The Budget La Liga Beginners Squad (12k Coins)

With savvy trading or just grinding out rewards, even FUT newcomers can assemble a very competitive all-La Liga squad early on without breaking the bank. Here's an example 12k coin team that features a good blend of pace, physicality, and technical ability:

  • GK: Unai Simon (83 OVR)

  • RB: Nahuel Molina (82 OVR) 

  • CB: Nacho (83 OVR)

  • CB: Mario Hermoso (82 OVR)

  • LB: Reinildo (81 OVR)

  • CDM: Aurelien Tchouameni (84 OVR)

  • CM: Jonathan Viera (80 OVR)

  • CM: Sergi Darder (83 OVR)  

  • RW: Marcos Llorente (84 OVR)

  • ST: Ezequiel Avila (80 OVR)

  • LW: Memphis Depay (84 OVR)

The team is extremely well-balanced with high average ratings across the board and good variety in playing styles. Up front, Depay and Llorente provide blistering pace on the wings to stretch defenses, with the powerful Avila as a classic target-man striker. In midfield, Tchouameni is an outstanding defender who can eliminate the counters perfectlyAt the same time, Viera and Darder are responsible for keeping the flow of the game forward to the last third.

The backline has a strong pace with crosses from Reinaldo and Molina, who are also capable of counterattacking and assisting with attacks. Nacho and Hermoso are decent all-around center-backs. In goal, the 6'3" Unai Simon provides shot-stopping excellence and an advantage concerning reaching the goalposts.

For a very low price of just 12,000 coins, you can create an extremely powerful basis for your team in FUT 24. This team enables you to gradually earn more coins by playing games and trading, buying gradually the biggest upgrades.

FC Budget La Liga Squad

The Mid-Tier La Liga Competitors (125k Coins)

If you've built up a bit more of a coin balance, you can really start to assemble an elite La Liga squad with some top-tier talents. Here's what a 125k coin team could look like:

  • GK: Alex Remiro (84 OVR)

  • RB: Joao Cancelo (86 OVR)

  • CB: Ronald Araujo (86 OVR)

  • CB: Eric Curbelo (84 OVR) 

  • LB: Marcos Acuna (85 OVR)

  • CDM: Jude Bellingham (86 OVR)

  • CM: Toni Kroos (86 OVR)

  • CAM: Frenkie de Jong (87 OVR)

  • RW: Tsygankov (87 OVR)

  • ST: Antoine Griezmann (88 OVR) 

  • LW: Rodrygo (85 OVR)

The choice that you get here is unbelievable because the team you select is still enough for you to use for upgrading the other areas of the club. The defense is incredibly solid, anchored by Araujo's physicality and Acuna's well-rounded skillset at left-back. Cancelo is a fullback who is able to provide the team with excellent attacking quality.

In midfield, Bellingham is a game-changer who contributes in every facet. One of his good features is Energy Cover Ballistics and Power Header, which makes him a deadly player either from a distance or on set pieces. Toni Kroos pulls the strings with his elite passing and vision, while De Jong has the pace and dribbling to thrive as an advanced playmaker.

The attack is spearheaded by Griezmann's clinical finishing ability and Rodrygo's explosive pace on the wing. Tsygankov provides another dimension with his agile dribbling skills. The way they can pace matches, keeping or leading possession is what makes this a well-balanced squad that can give nightmares to any rival.

FC 24 Mid-Tier La Liga Squad

The Money Squad: La Liga's Ultimate (500k+ Coins)

If you've grinded your way to an ample coin total of over 500k in Ultimate Team, you can build an absolutely stacked La Liga team filled with superstars:    

  • GK: Thibaut Courtois (90 OVR)

  • RB: Marcos Llorente (87 OVR)

  • CB: Jose Gimenez (87 OVR)

  • CB: Rafael Marquez (88 OVR)

  • LB: Marcos Acuna (89 OVR)  

  • CDM: Pablo Barrios (87 OVR)

  • CM: Merino (88 OVR)   

  • CAM: Arda Guler (89 OVR)

  • RW: Giuly (88 OVR)  

  • ST: Robert Lewandowski (91 OVR)

  • LW: Vinicius Jr. (89 OVR)

This team has virtually no weaknesses from front to back. Courtois is arguably the best goalkeeper in the game behind his towering 6'7" frame. The height of 6'7" creates a dominant status of Courtois as the best goalkeeper of all time. The midfield is probably the best one in the whole tournament with Acuna, either from left or right-sided, bringing excellent attacking ability and Marquez/Gimenez forming an uncrackable defensive pair.

In midfield, the association, Merino, Barrios, and Guler utilize their energy to dictate the rhythm of the game and be utility players in all situations. Both Merino and Barrios are world-class cover defenders while Arda's technique, especially dribbling, passing, and shooting, makes him a true creative force in the final third.

Up front is where this team truly becomes unstoppable. Lewandowski's elite striking ability combined with Vinicius Jr's blistering pace and dribbling makes them a nightmare to contain. Giuly gives the squad another dimension thanks to his quality of heading the ball and his capacity to pick through balls behind the opposing defense.

With virtually every position filled by an elite, well-rounded player, this team can adapt to any play style and achieve success in any formation. Spending around 500k coins grants you the ultimate freedom to create a very competitive La Liga squad in FUT 24.

No matter what your budget is in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, La Liga provides a wealth of quality players to construct awesome teams around. By discovering the right mix of playing styles, chemistry, and formations, you can excel with cheaper squads or elevate your game to new heights with top-tier talents. The key is strategically managing your coin totals as you build toward your dream La Liga squad.

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