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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Centurions Event

EA Sports FC never fails to surprise us with exciting events and their upcoming features. And the best part about all the events is that they push you towards challenges and level up your skills. There are so many objectives to each event and after completing all the objectives, you get amazing rewards in return.

Well, it is not just the challenges that make this event exciting but the rewards are worth playing for. This event introduces a diverse set of high-rated cards featuring both current and legendary players.

The reward cards you earn pack a serious punch, beefing up your players with some major upgrades that really come in handy during matches. These cards essentially level up your players, boosting their skills and turning them into game-changers. The whole promotion is all about honoring the players who've made a real mark on the field, giving you the chance to beef up your Ultimate Team with these standout performers.

This event comes up with lots of challenges and difficulties that you need to be aware of and make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. In this guide, you'll find a breakdown of the Centurion event, offering a quick overview to help you make the most of this opportunity. Alongside, discover a variety of tips and tricks included to assist you in swiftly and efficiently navigating through the event for a speedy completion. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already know about this event, this guide has a lot for you.

What Exactly Is This Centurions Event?

The Centurions event is for the players who have completed a milestone in their gameplay. Like scoring 100 goals, playing 100 games, or even 100+ assists. In simple words, you can participate in this event if you have made your career around the magical number 100. Anyone can participate in this even if they’ve hit the century landmark.

Should You Participate in Centurions Event?

It’s not just a matter of winning, losing, or gaining any rewards for the completion of objectives that you get. It’s more like leveling up your skills and getting better. Undoubtedly, you will receive exciting rewards like player cards and XP but the best part is that you will learn to face new challenges. It will improve your overall gaming skills which will help you further in your gameplay. Doesn’t matter whether you will lose or win this event but you should always take the participation.


There are many exciting rewards that you will get after completing the objectives of this event. Rewards include packs, player cards, and XP gain. You can use these rewards to make your team stronger. So, to get all these rewards, try focusing on the challenges and completing the objectives. Keep in mind that the rewards that you will get will be untradeable. In short, those items cannot be traded. In addition to the rewards, FC Coins, the in-game currency of FC 24 also plays an important role. You can get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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How Often Can You Play?

Now, here comes the most challenging and tricky part about this promo event. There are many reward-based objectives that you need to complete in order to get rewarded but the challenge comes in how many times you can play this mode. When comes to playing this mode, you can play in this mode four times in a single day. You need to go through certain rules, limits, and restrictions to successfully complete the objectives. There’s a limit regarding the loan player in your squad. According to the rules, you can only have one loan player in your squad.

Centurions Crafting Upgrade Completionist

You’ll get to see centurions crafting upgrade SBC/Objective that you can grind easily if keep a few things in mind. The SBC is repeatable up to 100 times and offers rewards that also include a three-times Rare Gold Player pack. By being involved in the completion of the SBC a certain number of times, you can earn additional packs as well.

Complete the SBC and claim your rewards. Packs, packs, and more packs – that's what we're here for. Crack them open and hope for some top-tier players. EA FC 24 now boasts the Centurions Crafting Upgrade SBC, and guess what? It's not a one-and-done deal; you can rinse and repeat this bad boy. The SBC requires a modest 11 gold items, and it's as easy as pie. Now, let's talk milestones and rewards. Make sure to use gold in a right and strategic manner so that you can get the maximum benefit. In conclusion, the Centurions Crafting Upgrade Completionist Objectives present both a challenge and an opportunity for FIFA 24 players. While the rewards are appealing, the sheer volume of players required has sparked discussions within the community.

EA Sports FC 24 Centurions Event

Team Division

You’ll get to see the team division in team one and team two including some icons. Players that fall in Team 1 and Team 2 with icons are listed below to make you acquainted with the rarity in cards and skills that you will get to see here.

Team 1

Players that fall under team 1 are:

  • Gullit- 91(CF)

  • Jairzinho- 90(RW)

  • Popp- 90(ST)

  • Smith- 90(ST)

  • Geyoro- 89(CM)

  • Koeman- 89(CB)

  • Pedri- 89(CM)

  • Rooney- 89(ST)

  • Rashford- 88(LW)

  • Gattuso- 87(CDM)

  • Tamori- 86(CB)

  • Mendy- 85(LB)

  • Andrich- 85(CDM)

  • Muniain- 84(CAM)

  • Simon- 83(LM)

Team 2

Players that fall under team 2 are:

  • Eusebio- 92(CF)

  • Zico- 92(CAM)

  • De Bruyne- 92(CM)

  • Aitana Bonmati- 91(CM)

  • Zanetti- 90(RB)

  • Cole- 89(LB)

  • Musiala- 89(CAM)

  • Makelele- 88(CDM)

  • Trezeguet- 88(ST)

  • Williamson- 87(CB)

  • Chiesa- 86(LM)

  • Werner- 86(ST)

  • Guardado- 85(CDM)

  • Tiago Djalo- 85(CB)

  • Correa- 85(ST)

  • Olga Carmona- 84(LB)

  • Bornauw- 84(CB)

  • Nandez- 83(CDM)

  • Vargas- 83(LM)


Some players are icons because of their high skills and attributes. Players that fall under the iconic category are listed below:

  • Eusebio

  • Zico

  • Gullit

  • Zanetti

  • Jairzinho

  • Smith

  • Rooney

  • Koeman

  • Cole

  • Trezeguet

  • Makelele

  • Gattuso

The highest-rated card in this release is the upgraded Ruud Gullit ICON card, with all attributes rated over 80, making it one of the best cards in the game. Other ICON Centurions like Rooney and Ronald Koeman also offer strong options for fitting into Premier League teams or serving as a meta CB (center back) with great stats.

Among the non-ICON players, Ferland Mendy stands out, known for being one of the most overpowered cards in the game in previous years. The Centurions version of Mendy is expected to be highly sought after by players.

EA Sports FC 24 Centurions Event Guide

Time Management Is The Key

As this is the event, so, you will get a limited time to participate, play, complete objectives, and win rewards. Make sure you utilize your time well and try to cover the objectives and tasks as soon as possible. 

Keep your eyes on the prize but also on the remaining time so that you end up completing challenges on time and don’t lose any reward. Plan your moves and play strategically to win the matches and earn exciting rewards. 

Try not to rush and maximum player cards so that you can build your team with players having high skills and attributes that can give you an edge over other players while playing against them in matches or tournaments. Keep upgrading and leveling up your cards by making the proper use of timing, skills, and strategies.


In summary, the EA Sports FC 24 Centurions Event within FIFA 24 delivers an engaging fusion of challenges and rewards, featuring a diverse range of high-rated cards and iconic players. The repeatable Centurions Crafting Upgrade Completionist Objectives not only pose a challenge but also present an opportunity for players to earn additional packs, prompting discussions within the community regarding the perceived balance between effort and reward.

The event's Team Division adds an extra layer of excitement, showcasing players in two distinct teams, including standout icons such as Eusebio, Gullit, and Zico. EA sports usually drops players in two halves. Team 1 in the first week and the second team the next week. This offers participants a chance to strengthen their Ultimate Team with players of exceptional skill and attributes.

Nevertheless, effective time management remains a pivotal aspect of the event, urging players to strategically plan their moves, maximize rewards, and construct a formidable team. By doing so, participants can gain a competitive edge over opponents in various matches and tournaments.

In essence, the Centurions Event not only promises alluring rewards but also serves as a platform for skill refinement, strategic planning, and the celebration of notable in-game achievements. It encapsulates the essence of competition, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for FIFA 24 enthusiasts. Happy Gaming!

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