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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Champions Rewards in Ultimate Team

In EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team, there's this incredible opportunity for players to step into the competitive arena of the Champions Weekend League. This league, bustling with high-stakes games, serves as a pinnacle experience within the game, delivering not just an adrenaline rush but also substantial rewards. It's the epitome of challenge and accomplishment for every enthusiastic player seeking to test their skills against others. The Champions Rewards system, the heart of this league, plays a crucial role in how players are recognized and rewarded for their performance.

The Champions Rewards system operates as the heartbeat of the Weekend League. It's a way to honour and acknowledge the efforts of each player participating in the competitive fervour. Players invest their time and skills in a series of matches, battling opponents in a bid to climb the ranks. The performance throughout the Weekend League determines the tier and rank each player attains. These tiers, ranging from Bronze to Top 100, represent different levels of achievement. The better a player performs, the higher the tier and rank they achieve, leading to more significant and better-quality rewards. Ultimately, it's a system that not only celebrates skill and dedication but also serves as a significant motivating factor, enticing players to consistently aim for higher ranks and better rewards week after week.

Participating in the Weekend League

In order to qualify for the coveted Champions Rewards, your initial step involves engaging in the Weekend League, a competitive showdown that generally spans from Friday through Sunday. It's a thrilling period where you face off against other players in a bid to secure those sought-after rewards. However, access to this League isn't just a mere stroll-in; it demands an accumulation of FUT Champions Points. These valuable points are not handed out freely; they're earned through your participation in Division Rivals. It's a system where you must prove your worth in Rivals to gain the ticket that grants entry to the Weekend League. Essentially, it's a two-fold process: participation in Division Rivals to amass the required points, followed by engagement in the Weekend League itself to contend for those illustrious rewards.

The Weekend League isn't just a casual engagement; it's a pathway to reap the rewards and recognition for your skill and dedication. Your journey begins by grinding in Division Rivals, displaying your prowess to accumulate FUT Champions Points. Only once you've stockpiled these points are you then permitted to step onto the grand stage of the Weekend League. It's a strategic gameplay designed to ensure that only those committed and capable enough earn the chance to compete for the rewards. This meticulous process highlights the importance of consistent effort and dedication in your quest for glory in the Ultimate Team universe.

Match Performance

Throughout the span of the Weekend League, you'll engage in a string of matches, facing off against fellow players within the game. Your outcomes in these matches carry significant weight in deciding the rewards that come your way. This includes not only the number of victories you secure but also the matches that don't swing in your favour and even the specific rank you manage to attain. It's akin to a ladder that measures your success, where each rung signifies a different level of achievement and is directly linked to the prizes you'll receive. So, every hard-fought win and every tough loss impacts the scope of rewards waiting for you at the end.

Your journey in the Weekend League isn't just about playing matches—it's about the culmination of your performance throughout. Wins and losses are more than mere scores; they act as the compass guiding the rewards you earn. The rank you carve out for yourself amidst this competitive atmosphere serves as the yardstick for the prizes that await, pushing you to strive for a higher standing. Every result, every hard-fought win, every heart-wrenching loss, they all contribute to shaping the rewards that will be handed to you. So, it's not merely about playing matches but about how each individual game contributes to the overall tapestry of your success within the Weekend League, shaping the rewards you'll proudly claim.

EA Sports FC 24 Champions Rewards

Tier and Rank Rewards

In the intricate tapestry of the Weekend League, your in-game performance orchestrates your ascent through a hierarchy of tiers, each bearing its own lustrous mantle: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, and the esteemed Top 100. Your performance acts as the sculptor's chisel, meticulously crafting your position within one of these tiers. However, the secret to unlocking the most opulent treasures lies in the delicate dance of rank within your chosen tier. This is where the strategic embrace of in-game purchases can tip the scales in your favour.

Now, consider this: as you strive to ascend in the ranks, your commitment to enhancing your squad's prowess through in-game purchases can be a game-changer. Upgrading your squad with coveted player items or fortifying your lineup with the latest in-game boosts can catapult you into higher tiers, where the rewards truly glitter. The higher your rank within your chosen tier, the more resplendent the rewards become, potentially unlocking a treasure trove of rare player items, elite packs, and covered in-game currency. Thus, judiciously leveraging in-game purchases to bolster your squad can serve as the key to unlocking the upper echelons of the Weekend League's rewards and claiming your place among the elite in the world of virtual football.

Weekly Rewards

Each week, like a clockwork ritual, your hard-earned Champions Rewards descend upon you, typically gracing your account on a Thursday, right after you've concluded your Weekend League journey. These are the glittering fruits of your labour, a testament to your skill and determination on the virtual pitch. But, to truly supercharge your progress and elevate your Ultimate Team to new heights, it's essential to consider the supplementary path of in-game purchases. These can be the proverbial secret sauce, accelerating your rise to the upper echelons of the game.

Within these weekly rewards, a treasure trove of in-game goodness awaits. You'll unwrap packs that brim with the potential of landing some of the rarest and most sought-after player items. FUT coins, the lifeblood of your team's operations, also flow into your coffers, allowing you to make critical transfers and acquisitions. The hierarchy of your rewards is directly linked to your rank, so the higher you soar in the competitive ranks, the more substantial these weekly bounties become. But, here's the strategic twist: in-game purchases can amplify your rewards even further. With strategic investments, you can amass more packs and coins, thus magnifying the quality and quantity of your loot. In essence, these purchases become the catalyst for exponential growth, helping you to reach the upper echelons of the game faster than you ever imagined. So, as you savour your weekly rewards, remember that the world of in-game purchases is a portal to an even grander realm of possibilities in the world of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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Player Picks

Within the rewarding system of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, there's an intriguing facet known as Player Picks. These picks represent an opportunity bestowed upon players, granting them the chance to select from an array of player items. The beauty lies in the fact that the quality of these picks is intricately intertwined with your performance on the pitch. Essentially, the better you perform in the Weekend League matches against other players, the higher the calibre of player items you'll find available for selection in these picks. It's akin to an acknowledgment and reward for your skill and dedication, offering a direct correlation between your in-game achievements and the potential excellence of the players you can choose from these selections. This dynamic feature not only adds a layer of excitement and anticipation but also encourages players to strive for their best performance to unlock the most valuable and desirable player items to bolster their squads.

The essence of Player Picks lies in the personalised opportunity they offer. By being a reflection of your performance, they emphasise the importance of skill and dedication in shaping the rewards received. Picture these picks as a pathway to the virtual footballing treasure trove, where your prowess in the Weekend League directly influences the contents of this treasure. It's a concept that fosters a sense of agency and personal achievement. The better your gameplay, the richer the assortment of players available for selection in these picks, ensuring that the rewards received are a testament to your abilities and efforts on the digital pitch. This not only adds a strategic element to the game but also infuses a sense of accomplishment, making each pick a reflection of your virtual football journey and prowess.

EA Sports FC 24 Champions Player Picks

Red In-Form Player Items

These items hold a special place in the hearts of players, as they represent a unique and sought-after reward within the game. Red In-Form Player Items are essentially enhanced versions of real-life football players who have exhibited outstanding performances in their matches during the week. It's not just about any performance; it's about exceptional, standout moments that catch the eye of the football world.

Imagine your favourite footballer having a phenomenal game, scoring crucial goals, making incredible assists, or delivering a stellar defensive performance in a real-life match. These moments are carefully monitored and recognized by the EA Sports FC 24 team. When a player's performance reaches that exceptional level, they are rewarded with a Red In-Form Player Item in the game. This item is an upgraded version of the player's standard card, reflecting their exceptional real-world performance. It's like owning a unique piece of football history in your Ultimate Team, and it's something that many players aspire to acquire as it can significantly boost the performance of your squad. So, in essence, Red In-Form Player Items are a way for the game to celebrate and replicate extraordinary real-life football moments in the virtual world, making them one of the most cherished rewards in Ultimate Team.

Monthly Rewards

These rewards are a delightful addition to the game, providing players with even more incentives for their consistent participation in the Weekend League. Each month, dedicated players are granted the opportunity to reap the benefits of their unwavering commitment to this competitive mode.

Monthly rewards come in various forms, ranging from special player items to packs filled with valuable in-game content. These special player items are often coveted by the player base as they represent exceptional performances by real-world football stars. Achieving these items is not only a testament to your dedication but also a chance to bolster your team with formidable additions. Furthermore, the packs included in monthly rewards offer a delightful element of surprise, containing players, consumables, and other assets that can significantly enhance your gaming experience. So, by consistently participating in the Weekend League and making your mark, you not only earn weekly rewards but also have the chance to secure these enticing monthly bonuses, making your journey in Ultimate Team all the more thrilling and rewarding.

FUT Champions Points

Each victory you secure during the Weekend League competition is not just a momentary triumph but a stepping stone toward future successes. These wins bestow upon you FUT Champions Points, a valuable in-game currency that can be utilised to gain entry into upcoming Weekend Leagues. This means that as you accumulate these points, you are essentially stockpiling the key to more intense and rewarding football challenges in the game.

The significance of FUT Champions Points extends beyond mere participation; it symbolises your dedication and skill as a player. The more points you amass, the more opportunities you have to engage in the Weekend League, where the competition becomes increasingly fierce as you progress. Thus, this system creates a dynamic and evolving environment, where your success in the past paves the way for your footballing adventures in the future. It adds a layer of strategy and planning to your Ultimate Team journey, as you must decide when to use these points and aim for higher tiers and rewards. In essence, each victory in the Weekend League is a strategic investment in your long-term gaming experience, enhancing the complexity and depth of the game.

EA Sports FC 24 FUT Champions Points

Using Champions Rewards

Firstly, the player items you acquire can be the cornerstone of fortifying your Ultimate Team. These items encompass a diverse array of player cards, including some of the most sought-after stars in the footballing world. You have the choice to either integrate them directly into your squad to bolster its strength, or you can utilise them for trading on the transfer market. The transfer market provides a platform for both selling and purchasing player items, which can be a crucial tactic for acquiring specific players you desire or generating additional coins to fund your team's expansion. 

Moreover, coins themselves are the lifeblood of your Ultimate Team journey. They empower you to make acquisitions, invest in your squad's development, and partake in Squad Building Challenges – exciting in-game puzzles designed to test your managerial skills. Additionally, if you find yourself in need of an extra boost, in-game purchases such as FIFA Points can be considered to expedite the process of enhancing your team. FIFA Points can be spent on packs that may yield exceptional players or other valuable assets, potentially providing a shortcut to achieving your Ultimate Team aspirations. Thus, managing the player items and coins from Champions Rewards strategically, along with considering in-game purchases, can unlock a wealth of opportunities for shaping your team's destiny.


In conclusion, the Champions Rewards system in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team adds an extra layer of competitiveness and excitement to the game. Your performance in the Weekend League directly impacts the quality of rewards you receive, making it crucial to strive for higher ranks and better results. Whether you're aiming for top-tier players or looking to build a strong squad, understanding and maximising your Champions Rewards is essential for success in Ultimate Team. Good luck on your journey to football glory!

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