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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Co-op Mode

EA Sports' FIFA series has always been a favorite among football enthusiasts & gamers alike. While playing against strangers can be a thrilling experience, the true magic lies in sharing the pitch with your friends. EA FC 24 brings players the opportunity to team up & play together in a variety of modes, opening up a world of cooperative gameplay possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the ins & outs of co-op mode in EA FC 24, explaining how to play with your friends, regardless of the platform you're on.

The Evolution of Co-op Play

With the introduction of cross-play, co-op play in EA FC 24 has undergone substantial development throughout time. Co-op games used to require that you & your pals be on the same gaming platform. For EA FC 24 you only need to make sure that both of you are using the same generation of devices because this restriction is no longer in place. With this additional freedom you may now collaborate with friends no matter if you're using a PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or one of the other compatible platforms.

After starting EA FC 24, first find how to get to the play-section. From there, it's easy; the first choice you'll see is the Co-op mode lobby. Click on it to begin.

Options in Co-op Mode

You have options in Co-Op instead of being restricted to just one mode:

  • Squad Battles: Exercise your talents while competing against AI squads.

  • Division Rivals: If you want to see how you compare to everyone else, this is the place to do it.

  • Online Friends: Want to just kick it up & have a little adventure with your buddy? Select this.

EA Sports FC 24 Co-op Mode

Becoming Friends In-Game

The first step to playing co-op with your friend in EA FC 24 is to become friends within the game. This process is relatively straightforward:

Open the Social Tab: Use the RT/R2 button (depending on your platform) to access the social tab within the game. This tab will display a list of players you've recently encountered or played with.

Add Friends: You have the ability to add friends using their in-game names under the social page. Send your friend a friend request by looking up their name. You'll be connected to the game if they accept.

PC gamers: On a PC, the procedure is a little bit different. You must make sure that your Steam, Xbox, or Play Station account is connected to your EA account. Once this is finished use the same procedure as before to add friends.

Pairing Up

It's time to team up with a fellow football enthusiast once you've chosen whatever game mode you wish to play. Search for the "pair up" option to enter someone's DMs similarly. Send your friend an invitation as soon as you press that button. It's crucial to keep in mind that the inviter is the host, which means you'll be working with their squad. Therefore, let them host if your friend's squad is loaded with GOATs & yours is looking a little dodgy! You may make certain you have the greatest chance to succeed on the field in this manner.

Starting a Co-op Match

Now that you and your friend are officially in-game friends. It is time to embark on your co-op adventure. The process of setting up & playing co-op matches may vary slightly depending on the game mode but for this example, we'll focus on friendlies.

Start the Game

Fire up EA FC 24 on your platform & ensure you're both logged in. Choose a Co-op Mode, Head over to the game mode that allows you to play co-op matches. In this case, we're considering friendlies, but similar steps apply to other co-op modes like Volta.

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay

Play a Friend

Navigate to the "Play a Friend" option within the chosen game mode.

Invite Your Friend- Use the social tab to send an invitation to your friend to join your lobby. Once they've accepted and are in the same lobby as you, you are ready to start a match.

Multiple Players- It is important to note that you can have co-op sessions with more than two players. Simply invite the additional players using the same method & they can join your co-op experience.

Choose Your Battlefield

You can choose your mode once you and your companion are hooked up. You have an option between Squad Battles, Online Friends and Division Rivals. Choose the one that aligns with the vibe you and your partner are feeling that day. Each mode offers a unique experience and challenge, so pick accordingly to maximize the fun.

Division Rivals

Here's something to bear in mind if you & your friend decide to play Division Rivals because you feel daring. You can still work together even if your friend and you are in different departments. However, when placing you against opponents, the game will take into account both of your division levels. As a result, the game's selection will favour your friend's division level if you're lounging in division 8 or flexing in division 2. You shouldn't worry, though; it's all in good fun, and the difficulties are going to make your successes that much sweeter.

Objectives in Co-op Mode

One of the great aspects of Co-Op mode is that when you & your partner tackle objectives then, both the players get the rewards. That's right, two rewards for one game. It's a fantastic way to progress your teams and earn the coveted rewards in EA FC 24. Use FC Coins to complete the objectives fast by boosting the skills of your players. If you are falling short of the coins, get them for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Cross-Play Considerations

Cross-play is a fantastic feature in EA FC 24 that allows you to play with friends who may be on different gaming platforms. If you & your friend are on different platforms, make sure you have cross-play enabled. This ensures that you can still enjoy co-op matches together without any platform-related barriers.


You can have an exciting co-op experience with your pals in FC 24 and share the pleasure of the beautiful game. The options for cooperative gameplay are essentially endless with the addition of cross-play and a simple procedure for making in-game buddies and beginning co-op battles. This article has described the steps to ensure that you & your friends can enjoy the thrill of co-op mode in EA FC 24 whether you're playing friendlies, facing off against opponents in Volta mode, or exploring other co-op activities. Everything revolves around having fun, attaining your objectives, and doing it with your friends by your side. Co-Op offers something for everyone, whether they are there to compete or just to unwind. Prepare yourself, put together a team, and attack. So gather your teammates, take the pitch and revel in the thrill of competing in one of the most widely played football video games ever.

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