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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Draft Mode

In the EA Sports FC 24 Draft Mode, players assemble their teams by selecting players at random from a roster of eligible players. There are many different active and renowned players from across the globe in the player pool. After assembling their squad, users can utilize it to engage in online multiplayer competition or single-player play against AI opponents.

How to enter Draft Mode?

To enter Draft Mode, players must pay an entry fee. The entry fee can be paid with either coins or FC Points. The players will see a list with all the different types of modes in draft mode from which they can choose, this action can only be done after paying the fees.

Different types of Draft Modes (Online, Single Player, Local)

There are three different types of Draft Modes in EA Sports FC 24:

  • Online Draft: Players compete against other players online.

  • Single Player Draft: Players compete against AI opponents.

  • Local Draft: Players compete against each other on the same console.

Rewards for winning Draft matches

Players can earn a variety of rewards for winning Draft matches, including:

  • Coins

  • FC Points

  • Packs

  • Player items

A player's success in the Draft will determine the caliber of the prizes they get. Better incentives will be awarded to players who advance through the Draft and win more games. Also, if you want more coins to make faster progress, you can consider purchasing the for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Building a Draft Squad in EA Sports FC 24 

Understanding the different player positions and roles

There are six different player positions in EA Sports FC 24:

  • Goalkeeper (GK)

  • Defender (DF)

  • Midfielder (MF)

  • Winger (WG)

  • Striker (ST)

  • Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM)

Depending on the role, different duties and responsibilities apply. Let's take an example for the same, as we know that the goalkeepers are responsible for stopping the other team from scoring goals and just like them defenders in a team are responsible for protecting their own goal and preventing scoring opportunities for the opposition. Establishing scoring opportunities for their attackers and bridging the gap between the defence and attack are the responsibilities of the midfield. It is the responsibility of the wings to attack the sides and provide breadth. Strikers are accountable for scoring goals.

Understanding Different Player Positions and Roles

  • Goalkeeper (GK): The last line of defense, responsible for stopping shots and initiating plays from the back.

  • Defenders (CB, RB, LB): Center-backs provide stability in the defense, while full-backs contribute to both defense and attack by supporting wingers and overlapping plays.

  • Midfielders (CM, CDM, CAM, RM, LM): Varying roles, from controlling the midfield (CDM, CM) to being creative (CAM) and providing width and support (RM, LM).

  • Forwards (ST, CF, RW, LW): Scoring goals and creating opportunities. Strikers (ST, CF) focus on scoring, while wingers (RW, LW) often provide crosses and cut inside for shots.

FC 24 Draft Squad

Balancing Attack and Defense

  • Selecting Players: Aim for a balanced squad. While high-scoring attackers are crucial, solid defenders and midfielders are equally essential for stability and transition.

  • Formation: Choose a formation that suits your preferred playstyle and ensures a good balance between defense and attack.

  • Depth in Squad: Ensure you have depth in all positions to handle injuries, suspensions, or changes in tactics during matches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Captain and Vice-Captain

  • Playing Position and Influence: Often, the captain and vice-captain might occupy critical positions in the team. For example, a midfielder controlling the game or a central defender marshaling the defense.

  • Chemistry Boost: The captain and vice-captain have a more significant influence on team chemistry. Players around them might benefit from increased performance due to their roles.

  • Your Playstyle: Choose players who align with your preferred playstyle. If you prefer a possession-based game, a midfielder could be an ideal captain. If you focus on counter-attacks, a pacy forward might be a good choice.

  • Player Ratings and Attributes: Consider overall player ratings and specific attributes. For instance, a striker with exceptional finishing or a defender with excellent tackling skills could be a good choice.

Chemistry and its Importance in Draft Mode

Chemistry links players together and provides a boost to their stats. The strength of the boost depends on the type of chemistry link. There are three different types of chemistry links:

  • Green links: Green links are the strongest type of chemistry link. They provide the biggest boost to players' stats.

  • Orange links: Orange links are the second strongest type of chemistry link. They provide a smaller boost to players' stats than green links.

  • Red links: Red links are the weakest type of chemistry link. They provide no boost to players' stats.

It is important to have good chemistry in your Draft squad. Players with good chemistry will have better stats and play better together.

Winning matches in EA Sports FC 24 Draft Mode

Winning matches in Draft Mode within EA Sports FC 24 requires a combination of astute gameplay mechanics, a tactical approach, leveraging players' strengths, and minimizing weaknesses. Here's an in-depth exploration of strategies to dominate Draft Mode matches:

Understanding Gameplay Mechanics in EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 likely retains fundamental FIFA gameplay mechanics, emphasizing passing, shooting, defending, and player movement. Understanding skill moves, player positioning, and game physics is crucial. Ensure you're comfortable with controls, utilizing tactics, and making in-game adjustments.

Developing a Tactical Approach to Draft Matches:

  • Formation and Style: Choose a formation that suits your playing style and accommodates the players' strengths you've drafted. Adapt formations during the game if necessary to counter your opponent's strategies.

  • Player Chemistry: Focus on building chemistry within the team. Utilize players from the same leagues or nations to enhance their cohesion on the field.

  • Game Management: Be strategic with substitutions and tactics. Analyze your opponent's play style and adjust accordingly. Use your substitutes wisely, considering the game situation and player fatigue.

Leveraging Player Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Know Your Players: Understand your team's strengths and weaknesses. Utilize players according to their attributes—pacey forwards for quick attacks, strong defenders for solid defense, and creative midfielders for ball distribution.

  • Player Roles: Assign roles based on individual strengths. For instance, use speedsters for counter-attacks, playmakers for controlling the midfield, and defenders with good tackling skills to intercept opponents.

Tips for Defending and Attacking in Draft Mode


  • Positioning: Maintain a good defensive line. Avoid overcommitting your defenders and try to predict your opponent's moves.

  • Tackling: Learn the timing of tackles. Slide or standing tackles should be used cautiously to avoid giving away fouls or leaving defensive gaps.

  • Use Midfielders for Defensive Support: Deploy midfielders to track back and support the defense. They can intercept passes and disrupt opponent attacks.


  • Build-up Play: Utilize passing to create spaces and opportunities. Patience in building up your attack can open up chances to score.

  • Utilize Player Skills: Exploit your forwards' skills. Speedy wingers can be lethal on the wings, and skilled strikers can use dribbling and shooting abilities to break down defenses.

  • Set Pieces: Master set-piece tactics. Corners and free kicks can be decisive. Practice to increase the chance of scoring from these situations.

FC 24 Draft Mode Guide

Advanced Tips and Tricks in EA Sports FC 24 Draft Mode

Winning in Draft Mode within EA Sports FC 24 requires not only a deep understanding of the game's mechanics but also advanced strategies, adaptability, and a strong mental game. Here's an in-depth guide to advanced Draft Mode tips and strategies:

Custom Tactics and Formations in Draft Mode

  • Custom Tactics: Adjust tactics based on your playstyle. Custom tactics can change how your team behaves offensively and defensively. Experiment with the balance between attack, build-up play, and defense to suit your preferences.

  • Formation Adaptation: Adapt formations based on your opponent's style. Stay flexible; if your current formation isn’t effective, switch to another during the game. Have a couple of formations in mind to counter different strategies.

Countering Opponent Tactics and Formations

  • Scouting Opponents: Observe your opponents' playstyle in the first few minutes. Modify your approach to take advantage of their vulnerabilities and counteract their strengths.

  • Adapting to Opponent Formations: If your opponent uses a specific formation that counters yours, make necessary changes. For example, if they overload the midfield, switch to a formation that can match their numbers in the center.

Adapting Playstyle to Different Matches

  • Versatility: Develop a versatile playstyle. Be adaptable, shifting between possession-based play, counter-attacks, or high-pressing as the situation demands.

  • Patience and Observation: Adapt to your opponent's playstyle. If they are aggressive, be patient and capitalize on their mistakes. If they're defensive, break them down slowly.


So this was all about EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Draft Mode, we discussed everything related to the game’s draft mode. This article provided you with a comprehensive guide to Draft Mode in EA Sports FC 24. It has covered everything from the basics of building a squad and winning matches to advanced strategies for countering specific tactics and formations.

Starting with Building a Draft Squad then moving forward we discussed winning draft matches. At the end, we gave you some advanced Draft tips and strategies.

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