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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Online Play - Strategies for Success in Multiplayers

Welcome to the EA Sports FC 24 guide for online play, where we'll delve into the world of virtual soccer like never before. The latest instalment of this beloved football franchise, FC 24, offers an exciting cross-platform and online multiplayer feature that opens the doors to epic showdowns with players from around the globe and the chance to test your skills against friends. It’s fun as well as challenging to play with other players from around the world. 

Counteracting every playstyle may pose a challenge, but adhering to fundamental approaches enables you to address this issue effectively. In this article, we will not only furnish you with tactics to enhance your multiplayer gaming skills but also delve into the nuances of the game's crossplay functionality, guaranteeing your readiness to participate in multiplayer matches. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, this article caters to your needs. Ensure you peruse the entire content to ensure you capture all the valuable insights.

Cross-Play Guide

FIFA 23 had a crossplay feature that was subjected to heavy criticism, so we can hope that the FA 24’s crossplay turns out better. But it doesn’t mean that this feature is not good. We can use this feature and decide for ourselves whether we like it or not. The Crossplay feature of the FA 24 allows you to play with other players. The issue with the previous version was that the crossplay feature was not available with the co-op gaming modes. This issue has been addressed in this version. Now the crossplay has been introduced in the four new gaming modes. 

The only issue this time is that the crossplay games can be played between two players who have gaming devices belonging to the same cross-play pools. 

Crossplay pools are where they decide which generation of device can be used to play with other devices of the same generation. For instance, players who have PS4 won’t be able to play against players having PS5 and vice versa. Also, keep in mind that handheld players won’t have the luxury to use the crossplay features just like it was with the previous version of the game.

There are 2 Crossplay Pools:

  • The Last Generation: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can challenge each other.

  • The Current Generation: PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S users can challenge each other.

As mentioned earlier, the Switch edition does not have the crossplay feature. 

Modes Available in Cross-Play Multiplayer

Here are the crossplay game modes available in EA Sports FC 24:

  • Volta Football (Arcade, Squads)

  • Clubs

  • Co-Op Season

  • Online Seasons

  • Online Friendlies

  • Ultimate Team Co-Op (Friendlies, Rivals, Squad Battles)

  • Ultimate Team (Play a Friend, Online Friendlies, Rivals, Champions, Online Draft)

EA Sports FC 24 Online Play

Strategies for Success in Multiplayer

Make your Formation Strong

In order to win matches in multiplayer, it’s important to have a strong formation based on the right tactics. There will be games where you would be playing with a defensive approach and in some games your approach would be attacking. The formation for each of these situations would be different, the tactics would be different as well. The selection you make will dictate how your players are positioned on the field, while strategies will influence their actions and movements.

In EA FC 24 Multiplayer, there is a wide array of formations and strategies available, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some formations prioritize offense, while others lean towards a more defensive approach. Certain strategies emphasize possession and precise passing, while others focus on counter-attacks and rapid transitions.

To discover the optimal combination of formation and strategy that aligns with your playing style, it is advisable to experiment with various choices and assess their effectiveness. Additionally, you can examine our Team Gullit players to gain insights into their preferred formations and strategies.

Understanding Your Players' Skills and Strengths

To effectively mount an offensive in EA FC 24 Multiplayer games, it's crucial to grasp the unique strengths of your players and how to leverage them strategically. Each player possesses distinct attributes that significantly impact their performance on the field, encompassing attributes like speed, shooting ability, passing skills, and dribbling proficiency.

Optimizing your players' capabilities is essential for maximizing their potential. For instance, if you have a player with exceptional speed, it's advisable to utilize their swiftness for well-timed runs and exploiting gaps in the opposing defense. Similarly, if you possess a player renowned for their sharpshooting, positioning them strategically to capitalize on goal-scoring opportunities becomes paramount.

Utilize techniques to outmaneuver defenders

Techniques play a vital role in the offensive strategies employed in EA FC 24 Multiplayer games. These maneuvers empower you to outmaneuver defenders and carve out opportunities for your players to initiate runs or attempt goal-scoring shots.

Within EA FC 24, a wide array of techniques is at your disposal. These techniques span from fundamental maneuvers such as the deceptive shot and the heel-to-heel flick to more intricate actions like the ball roll deception and the elastico. To execute an EA FC 24 technique, you must adeptly combine specific button inputs on your controller.

Some basic skill moves to get started with include:

  • The heel-to-heel flick

  • The ball roll 

  • The fake shot

FC 24 Play Techniques

Improve Your Scoring Ability

The primary aim of offensive gameplay in EA FC 24 Multiplayer games is to achieve those crucial goals. In order to accomplish this, you must excel in the art of finishing, which entails successfully shooting the ball into the net.

To enhance your finishing skills, it's advisable to engage in shooting practice across various scenarios. This can involve practicing shots from diverse angles, distances, and while facing intense opposition. Additionally, experimenting with a variety of shot types, including finesse shots, power shots, and volleys, can be beneficial.

Utilize set plays to your benefit

Utilizing set plays, like free-kicks and corner kicks, presents excellent opportunities for goal-scoring in EA FC 24 Multiplayer games. Adjust your aim using the left stick and apply the necessary power using the designated button for free-kicks. For corner kicks, direct your aim with the left stick and initiate the cross using the corresponding button.

Enhance your precision and timing through regular practice to maximize your effectiveness during set plays. Additionally, experimenting with various free-kick techniques, such as knuckleballs and curling shots, can catch your adversary off guard.

Remain patient and avoid undue pressure

Engaging in multiplayer matches within EA FC 24 can deliver moments of excitement, but it's crucial to maintain composure and refrain from rushing. Attempting to forcefully score a goal could result in an error, leading to a turnover in possession to your adversary.

Instead, concentrate on methodically constructing your offensive plays while searching for chances to capitalize on your opponent's vulnerabilities. Maintain possession of the ball and seek out potential passing avenues. Don't hesitate to distribute the ball to your defenders or goalkeeper if a tactical reset of your offensive strategy is required.

Team Coordination

In FC24, successful multiplayer gameplay often hinges on teamwork. Ensure efficient communication with your fellow team members, be it via in-game chat or voice communication utilities. Grasp your designated position within the team, whether that entails being a forward, midfielder, or defender, and leverage your strengths to both assist your team and excel in your role. Effective synchronization in terms of passing, positioning, and defensive tactics can substantially enhance your chances of securing victories.

FC 24 Team Coordination

Continuous Skill Improvement

To excel in FC 24, you must constantly work on improving your individual skills. Practice dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending regularly. Analyze your gameplay to identify areas where you can enhance your performance. Additionally, stay updated with the latest updates and patches of the game to adapt to any changes in gameplay mechanics or tactics. Joining online forums or communities dedicated to FC 24 can also help you learn from experienced players and gain insights into advanced strategies. Also, use FC 24 coins to improve your player's skills. If you are falling short of the coins, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase EA Sports FC 24 Coins at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.


In this comprehensive guide to online play in EA Sports FC 24, we've explored the exciting world of virtual soccer and provided you with valuable strategies for success in multiplayer matches. From understanding the intricacies of the game's crossplay feature to mastering the art of offensive gameplay, we've covered it all. We've discussed the improvements in crossplay from the previous version, highlighting the introduction of crossplay in four new gaming modes and the limitations related to crossplay pools. 

Then, we've discussed what are the various game modes available for cross-play. Our guide has delved into the importance of selecting the right formation and tactics, understanding your players' strengths, utilizing techniques to outmaneuver defenders, improving your scoring ability, and making the most of set plays. By following these strategies and tips, you'll be well on your way to conquering the multiplayer arena in EA Sports FC 24. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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