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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Player Contracts and Fitness

EA Sports FC 24 is a virtual soccer management simulation game that puts you in charge of a football club. In this game, your role extends beyond just managing on-field tactics; you also need to handle the intricacies of player contracts and fitness.

We'll walk you through the essentials of player contracts and fitness management in this guide, providing helpful insights and pointers to help you maximise the effectiveness of your team. We'll cover everything, from securing elite talent with long-term contracts to making sure your athletes are in top physical shape.

Player Contracts

What are Player Contracts? These are legally binding agreements between a sports team and a player in EA Sports FC 24. Contracts specify the terms and conditions under which the player will compete for the team, including salary, duration, and any bonuses.

Different Types of Player Contracts

  • Standard Contracts: These are fixed-term contracts where players receive a predetermined salary and bonuses. Standard contracts are considered the most common contracts.

  • Performance-based contracts: Under these arrangements, a player's pay or bonuses may change in accordance with performance indicators like goals, assists, or clean sheets.

  • Loan Contracts: These enable you to keep ownership while temporarily loaning a player to another team. You can specify a loan length, and the borrowing team pays a share of the player's salary.

  • Contracts that include the option for the borrowing team to buy the player at a predetermined price at the end of the loan period are known as loan-to-buy agreements.

How to negotiate player contracts?

When negotiating a player contract, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • The player's current salary

  • The player's overall rating

  • The player's age and potential

  • The player's contract demands

  • Your club's budget

You will also need to decide whether you want to offer the player a standard contract, a performance-based contract, or a loan or loan-to-buy contract. Whichever contract you want to sign, you will have to spend FC 24 Coins to execute it successfully. So make sure to purchase and have enough FC 24 before signing a contract.

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How to Sign New Players?

  • Scout and identify players who fit your team's needs.

  • Approach the player or their agent to negotiate a contract.

  • If the negotiations are successful, make a formal contract offer.

  • Ensure you have the budget to cover the player's salary and bonuses.

How to Sell Players?

  • List players for transfer or loan in the in-game transfer market.

  • Set a reasonable asking price based on the player's value and demand.

  • Negotiate with interested clubs and agree on transfer terms.

  • Finalize the transfer after the player agrees to personal terms with the buying club.

How to Release Players?

  • You can release players from their contracts if needed.

  • Be aware of any contract termination clauses that may require compensation.

  • Releasing players typically free up their salary budget space.

Common pitfalls to avoid

  • Overspending: Avoid signing high-wage players without considering your budget constraints.

  • Neglecting Youth Development: Investing in young talents can save money in the long run.

  • Ignoring Contract Length: Be cautious of signing players to long-term contracts with excessive wages.

  • Failing to Renew Contracts: Don't let key players' contracts run out, as this can lead to their departure on a free transfer.

  • Underestimating Squad Depth: Ensure you have enough players in each position to cover injuries and suspensions.

FC 24 Player Contracts

Player Fitness

Player's fitness also plays an important role in the results of matches.

Training and Rest

  • Balancing Training Intensity: Discuss how to find the right balance between intense training sessions and avoiding overtraining that can lead to fatigue and injuries.

  • Rest Schedules: Explain the importance of scheduled rest for players to ensure they recover adequately between matches and training.

Player Rotation:

  • Preventing Fatigue: Share strategies on how to rotate players effectively to prevent fatigue, especially during busy parts of the season.

  • Squad Depth Importance: Emphasize the significance of having a deep squad to facilitate player rotation and maintain high performance levels.

Injury Prevention and Management:

  • Monitoring Injuries: Describe how to keep track of player injuries and their severity.

  • Tactics and Substitutions: Explain how tactical adjustments and substitutions can help manage injuries during matches.

  • Medical Staff Importance: Highlight the role of medical staff in diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries.

Fitness Coaches

  • Hiring Quality Coaches: Offer guidance on hiring the best fitness coaches and how their skills can impact player fitness.

  • Their Impact on Fitness: Discuss how the quality of your fitness coaching staff can influence the overall fitness of your squad.

Pre-season and Mid-season Break

  • Utilizing Breaks for Rest: Explain how to use pre-season and mid-season breaks to provide players with the necessary rest to recharge.

  • Fitness Work During Breaks: Describe how to incorporate fitness training during breaks to maintain or improve player fitness levels.

Conditioning Drills

  • Improving Player Fitness: Share information on the various conditioning drills available and how they can enhance player fitness.

  • Specific Drills and Training Sessions: Provide examples of specific drills and training sessions that focus on improving fitness attributes.

Player Instructions

  • Adjusting Player Roles and Instructions: Explain how to customize player roles and instructions to optimize their performance while considering their fitness levels.

  • Resting Fatigued Players: Offer tips on when and how to rest fatigued players to prevent injuries and maintain fitness.

FC 24 Player Fitness

Advanced tips and tricks for player contracts and fitness

To excel in EA Sports FC 24 and build a successful team that can compete at the highest level, you'll need to master several advanced tips and tricks related to player contracts, fitness management, and team-building strategies:

Player Contracts and Fitness

  • Manage Contracts Wisely: Be strategic with player contracts. Sign young talents to long-term deals to secure their future, and consider performance-based bonuses for key players. Avoid overextending your budget on aging stars with declining attributes.

  • Renew Key Contracts Early: Identify and renew contracts for your star players well in advance to avoid losing them on free transfers.

  • Loan Players Effectively: Utilize loan deals to develop young players or reduce the wage bill temporarily. Include loan-to-buy clauses for added flexibility.

  • Manage Player Fitness: Monitor player fitness levels, and rotate your squad to keep players fresh. Use substitutes and make tactical substitutions during matches to maintain peak performance.

  • Injury Prevention: Pay attention to injury-prone players and consider their injury history when deciding on contracts and match time. Rest them when needed to reduce the risk of injuries.

Building a Successful Team

  • Scouting and Recruitment: Invest in scouting to identify hidden talents and promising prospects. Focus on positions where you need improvement and prioritize scouting in those areas.

  • Player Development: Use training programs to develop young players and improve specific attributes. Loan out young talents to gain experience if they aren't ready for your first team yet.

  • Team Chemistry: Pay attention to player chemistry. Building a squad with players who have good chemistry can improve performance. Consider nationality, playing style, and preferred positions when building your team.

  • Budget Management: Keep a close eye on your budget. Balance player wages, transfer fees, and other expenses to ensure financial stability. Sell surplus players to generate extra funds.

Competing at the Highest Level

  • Analyze Opponents: Study your opponents' strengths and weaknesses. Adjust your tactics and starting lineup accordingly to exploit their vulnerabilities.

  • In-game tactics: Don't be afraid to make tactical adjustments during matches. Switch formations, alter player roles, and make substitutions to adapt to the flow of the game.

  • Set Pieces: Practice set-piece routines, both defensively and offensively. Scoring from corners and free kicks can be crucial in tight matches.

  • Game Awareness: Improve your understanding of the game mechanics, including player attributes, stamina, and match situations. This knowledge will help you make better decisions during matches.

  • Practice and Consistency: Becoming a top player in EA Sports FC 24 requires practice and consistency. Keep playing and learning from your experiences to refine your skills.

  • Online Play: If you're competing against human opponents online, understand the meta and the tactics commonly used in online play. Adapt your strategy accordingly and stay up to date with the latest patches and updates.

Managing the fitness and contracts Efficiently

Some prerequisites that you need to keep in mind while managing the fitness and player contracts efficiently:

  • Plan ahead. You should always start planning for a new contract early, and avoid waiting till the end of the contract. Starting early will help in carrying the process smoothly.

  • Be realistic. Don't overspend on player contracts. Be realistic about your club's budget and only offer contracts that you can afford.

  • Monitor your players' fitness levels. Don't overwork your players. Make sure to rest them when they need to so that they avoid injuries.

  • Use training plans. For improving your player's fitness and overall performance in the game you should consider using training plans..

  • Rotate your squad. Rotating the squad is also considered a very effective way to manage the team. Rotating will help players to get all players to play.


So this was all about player contracts and fitness in EA Sports FC 24. A player should know how to manage the fitness and contracts of their players in the game and all the basic information about player contracts and player fitness. We discussed some advanced tips and tricks related to contracts and fitness.

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