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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Rivals Rewards for Ultimate Team

FC 24, the latest installment in the beloved FIFA franchise, has brought back the long-awaited Division-Rivals mode. This mode offers gamers a thrilling online competition where they can face off against opponents of similar skill levels from around the world. Division Rivals in FC 24 is a core component of the Ultimate Team experience, offering rewards, competition, and progression. In this article, we will try to provide an in-depth guide to Division Rivals, explaining how it works, the rewards & ranks, and the release times of these rewards.

Working of Division Rivals in FC 24

Division-Rivals is a dynamic online competitive category in FIFA Ultimate Team. Here's how it works:

  • Placement Matches: You'll participate in a series of placement matches when you initially log into Division Rivals. Your initial Skill Ranking will be based on the outcomes of these matches, and it will assign you in one out of ten divisions.

  • Skill Rating & Divisions: A variety of Skill Ratings are represented by each division. The players in Division 1 have the highest Skill Ratings, whereas Division 10 has the lowest. Your Skill Rating is determined by the outcomes of the games you participate in. Your Skill Rating rises when you win a match & falls when you lose one. You will be elevated after your Skill Rating falls into a higher division. On the other hand, you will be demoted if it reaches a lower division's range.

  • Gaining Weekly Score and Moving Up the Ranks: Regardless of the result of a Division Rivals match, you always gain Weekly Score. However, you will gain more points from winning matches than from losing them. Each week, your position in your division is determined by your Weekly Score. There are multiple ranks in each division, with Rank I representing the highest. Your rank will increase as you gain more Weekly Score.

  • Weekly Rewards and Competitions: Division Rivals runs on a weekly schedule. Your rating inside your division will decide the awards you receive at the end of the week. FC 24 Packs, Coins, & FUT Champions Points are a few examples of these incentives. A new week starts when the goodies are given out, your Weekly Score is reset to zero, so you can start accumulating points for the upcoming competition. You can also get the FC 24 Coins for real money if you are falling short of them. 

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  • FUT Champions Qualification: By accumulating FUT Champions Points, Division Rivals not only offers weekly rewards but also enables you to get into the Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League. Each time you win a game in Division Rivals, you gain these points. Once you have enough, you can enter the fiercely competitive Weekend League to potentially win even bigger prizes.

EA FC 24 Division- Rivals Format

The format of Division Rivals in EA FC 24 is similar to its predecessor, FIFA 23. Players start in Division 10 and climb through the divisions based on their performance in matches. Here's how the progression works:

  • Win: Move forward one position in your current division.

  • Draw: Stay in the same position.

  • Lose: Move back one step in your current division.

It's important to note that there's no relegation in Division Rivals, so you won't be pushed back down to a lower division even if you struggle to adapt to a new rank. Additionally, certain steps within each division act as checkpoints, meaning you can't be pushed back further than that point, even during a losing streak.

Furthermore, securing three consecutive victories unlocks a win streak multiplier. With this multiplier, each win pushes you forward two positions in your division until you experience a loss or draw.

FC 24 Division Rivals

Rewards in Division Rivals

Division Rivals offers substantial rewards to motivate players to compete and enhance their rankings. These rewards are distributed on a weekly basis, contingent upon your division placement and the number of victories you've achieved. To give you a comprehensive understanding, let's delve into the rewards for each division.

Division 10 - In Division 10, the base rewards range from a choice of One Gold-Pack & One Small Mixed Players-Pack (tradeable) to One Gold-Pack, 2,000 Coins and one Small Mixed Players-Pack (untradeable). As for the reward upgrade options, they include various combinations of Premium Gold-Packs, Gold Players-Packs, and Coins.

Division 9 - Moving on to Division 9, the base rewards offer options such as Gold Booster-Packs, Jumbo Gold-Packs, and Coins. Similarly, the reward upgrade options include Gold Rare Booster-Packs, Jumbo Premium Gold-Packs, and Coins.

Division 8 - It introduces Gold Premium Booster-Packs, Jumbo Premium Gold-Packs, and Coins in its base rewards, along with Mixed Rare Booster-Packs, Jumbo Premium-Gold 26 Packs, and Premium Gold Players-Packs for reward upgrades.

Division 7 to 1 - All the divisions from 7 to 1, each have their unique sets of base rewards and reward upgrade options, with increasing values and better packs as you climb the divisions. Division 1, for instance, offers options like Mega Packs, Rare Players Packs, and Coins in its base rewards, while the reward upgrades present Prime Gold Players Packs, Jumbo Rare Players Packs, and more.

Elite Division - At the highest level, the Elite Division boasts remarkable base rewards, including Rare Players Packs, Prime Gold Players-Packs, Rare Gold Packs, and 84+ Player Picks. The reward upgrade options introduce even more impressive choices, featuring Mega Packs, Rare Players Packs, Jumbo Rare Players Packs, and additional 84+ Player Picks.

Milestone Rewards - Aside from weekly rewards, players can attain milestone rewards based on the number of matches played in a season. These milestones include Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tifos for completing 20, 50, and 90 matches, respectively. Division Rivals provides a compelling incentive structure, encouraging players to strive for excellence and reap the rewards they deserve.

FC 24 Division Rivals Rewards

Release time

EA FC 24 Division Rivals rewards bring anticipation and excitement to players each week. These valuable rewards are released in-game every Thursday, signifying the reset of the competition. To unlock Upgraded Rewards, players need to strive for seven wins once more. However, the timing of when these rewards are distributed varies depending on your location. For players in the Pacific Time Zone (PDT), it is 1 AM. Central Daylight Time (CDT) players can expect rewards at 2 AM while those in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) will receive them at 3 AM. 

If you're in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), rewards become available at 7 AM. Central European Summer Time (CEST) players receive their rewards at 9 AM. For players in the Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) zone, the rewards arrive at 5 PM on Friday. It's important to stay up to date with potential changes to Division Rivals rewards, as developers often tweak the mode throughout the year to keep things fresh and engaging for all players.


EA Sports FC 24's Division Rivals mode is a dynamic and competitive online experience that adds depth and excitement to the Ultimate Team gameplay. Players can engage in placement matches, climb the divisions based on their performance, and earn weekly rewards that include various packs, coins, and FUT Champions Points. With the absence of relegation, players can focus on improving their skills and rankings without fear of dropping down divisions. 

Additionally, the release times for rewards vary depending on your time zone, with Thursday being the eagerly anticipated day for rewards. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of Division Rivals in EA FC 24, providing players with the information they need to compete, progress, and earn valuable rewards. It's important to stay updated with potential changes to the mode, as the developers frequently adjust it to maintain a fresh and engaging experience for all players. So, lace up your virtual boots and embark on your journey to success in Division Rivals.

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