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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to the Best Kits for Ultimate Team

Within the realm of EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team, the aesthetics of your team, particularly the choice of kits, play a pivotal role in crafting a distinctive and personalised gaming experience. Opting for the ideal kits not only enhances the appearance of your squad but also distinguishes you from your adversaries. To assist you in optimising your selection of FUT kits, we've assembled a comprehensive guide to highlight some of the finest kits at your disposal.

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Classic Kits

The allure of classic kits within the realm of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) lies in their unique ability to infuse a sense of nostalgia and history into your virtual soccer squad. These kits, donned by legendary clubs and iconic national teams, have a timeless quality that resonates with both seasoned fans and newcomers to the game. Their mere presence in your FUT squad can evoke a profound appreciation for the rich heritage of football.

When it comes to classic kits, the possibilities are as diverse as the sport's history itself. You can choose from the timeless striped jerseys of AC Milan, the distinctive blue and red stripes of Barcelona, or the iconic yellow and green attire of the Brazilian national team. Each of these kits carries with it a unique legacy, instantly recognizable to any football enthusiast.

Iconic Clubs

You can demonstrate your allegiance to your beloved real-world football club in FIFA Ultimate Team by adorning your team with their official kits. These kits provide you with a visual link to your favourite club, invoking the camaraderie and pride you feel when watching them play. 

For instance, if you're a fan of Barcelona, you can proudly don their famous blue and red stripes, symbolising the rich history and success of the Catalan giants. Juventus enthusiasts can opt for the classic black and white stripes, which have become synonymous with the Old Lady's storied legacy. Meanwhile, supporters of Borussia Dortmund can don the iconic yellow and black kits, mirroring the passionate and boisterous spirit of the Yellow Wall at Signal Iduna Park.

The choice of these kits goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's a way to express your affinity for your team, to align your virtual squad with the real-world stars who inspire you. Whether you're challenging opponents online or taking on friends in friendly matches, these kits can serve as a symbol of your unwavering support, making your FIFA Ultimate Team experience all the more personal and meaningful. So, go ahead and select your club's official kit and proudly display your allegiance on the virtual pitch.

EA Sports FC 24 Iconic Clubs

National Pride

Show your national pride on the virtual soccer field by wearing your country's official national team kit. Whether you're a fervent football enthusiast or just looking to demonstrate your love for your homeland, sporting the World Cup and Euro kits can be a fantastic way to do just that. These kits are frequently accessible in the game and serve as a brilliant opportunity to display your unwavering support for your country.

In the world of virtual football, the ability to embody your nation's colours and emblem in the game can be an exhilarating experience. The World Cup and Euro kits, characterised by their distinctive and iconic designs, offer you the chance to partake in the excitement and unity that major international tournaments evoke. So, don your nation's kit, step onto the virtual pitch, and let your skills speak volumes about your patriotism. Whether you're scoring goals or making stunning saves, you can proudly represent your country while enjoying the thrill of virtual football.

Custom Kits

If you're yearning for a soccer kit that stands out from the rest, consider the fantastic world of custom kits in FIFA's Ultimate Team mode. Here, you get to unleash your inner fashion designer using the in-game kit creator, letting your creativity shine by crafting your very own kit. The kit creator empowers you to tinker with colours, add unique patterns, and even slap on your personal logos. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. But if you're not feeling particularly artsy, don't fret; you can simply browse the ever-growing collection of user-generated custom kits in the FUT community. You'll be surprised by the sheer talent out there – some designs are genuinely awe-inspiring, granting you the privilege of donning a kit that's unlike any other on the virtual soccer pitch.

The beauty of this feature lies in the hands of the player’s creativity, and imagination. It's an excellent chance to express yourself within and through the game and let your style shine through. Whether you opt for personal creation or prefer to explore the works of other talented gamers, the custom kits in FIFA's Ultimate Team add a layer of uniqueness that makes your gaming experience all the more enjoyable. So, get ready to wear a kit that represents you on the digital field, making each match an opportunity to showcase your distinctive style.

Rare and Limited-Edition Kits

In the vast world of FIFA 24, some kits are simply one-of-a-kind, and they won't just pop up in your collection by chance. These rare gems can only be yours through exclusive promotions, participating in thrilling in-game events, or achieving specific milestones. Not only are they a fashion statement for your squad, but they also come with their own sense of prestige. The FUT community values these unique kits highly, recognizing them as symbols of dedication and success. When you own these rare and prestigious kits, it's more than just fancy graphics on the virtual pitch; it's about showcasing, or maybe more like showing off, your achievements in the game and distinguishing yourself from your rivals.

If you're eager to bolster your collection with these exclusive kits, you're in luck! FIFA 24's in-game store is your gateway to an array of opportunities. While you can grind your way to these coveted kits through gameplay, the in-game store offers the chance to expedite your journey. By making in-game purchases, you can snag packs, bundles, and other special offers that might contain these rare kits, along with valuable players, consumables, and coins to further boost your Ultimate Team. So, if you're aiming to be the envy of the FUT world with your unique kits, consider exploring the in-game store's options to enhance your chances of acquiring these prized possessions. Happy hunting!

Thematic Kits

Thematic kits in FIFA 24 are a fantastic way to infuse some personality and flair into your squad. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, holidays, and even historical events, these kits are designed to make your FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) adventure all the more exciting. Whether you're eager to sport a kit that screams Halloween spookiness, exudes festive Christmas cheer, or pays homage to significant historical moments, the in-game store has got you covered.

Embrace the creativity and diversity these thematic kits offer. Imagine celebrating Halloween with a spine-tingling kit featuring ghoulish graphics, or spreading the festive spirit with a Christmas-themed outfit that's bound to catch the eye. These kits are more often attached and inspired by special events, so keep an eye out on the in-game store for the latest additions. While you do, forget not to explore the wide array of other customization features and options the game provides, including player items, stadium themes, and many more. They not only personalise your FUT experience but also make your team's visual identity uniquely yours. So, dive into the in-game store and let your imagination run wild, transforming your squad into a reflection of your style and preferences, one thematic kit at a time.

EA Sports FC 24 Kits Guide

In-Game Kits

In FIFA 24, you have the exciting opportunity to unlock special kits, and it's not just about splurging in the in-game store. These unique kits are your reward for achieving specific milestones or objectives within the game. And the best part? They don't cost you a single virtual coin! So, when you put on one of these exclusive kits, it's like wearing a badge of honour that signifies your in-game accomplishments. Two prime examples of how you can snag these kits are by participating in Division Rivals and Squad Battles, and your in-game prowess can earn you some seriously stylish threads.

Division Rivals is a competitive mode in FIFA 24 where you face off against other players, aiming to climb up the ranks. As you reach certain milestones, you'll be handsomely rewarded with unique kits, among other prizes. Similarly, Squad Battles is another fantastic mode where you compete against AI-controlled squads. And, just like in Division Rivals, if you perform exceptionally well, you'll unlock those coveted special kits. So, not only do these kits let you express your individuality on the virtual pitch, but they also serve as a reminder of your dedication and skill in the game. So, go out there, conquer those objectives, and rock your exclusive kits with pride!

Rare and Classic Goalkeeper Kits 

When it comes to crafting your perfect team in FIFA 24, don't overlook the opportunity to choose a distinctive goalkeeper kit. Often overshadowed by the outfield kits, the goalie's attire can be just as remarkable and striking. You have the chance to pick a design that not only stands out but also complements your squad's overall style. Think about the classic goalkeeper kits sported by illustrious clubs like Real Madrid, or even delve into the annals of football history with legendary goalkeepers like Lev Yashin, whose iconic black attire can add an air of mystique to your team. The right goalkeeper kit can be that extra touch of flair that makes your squad truly exceptional, so make your choice thoughtfully.

While the main focus often falls on the outfield players and their jerseys, it's essential to pay attention to your goalkeeper's kit in FIFA 24. These kits have the potential to be just as striking and memorable as those of the outfield players. Consider selecting a unique design that not only complements your team's aesthetic but also adds an element of individuality. Look at iconic goalkeeper kits from prestigious clubs such as Real Madrid, which can give your goalie a sense of authority and presence. Alternatively, you can delve into the history of the sport and opt for the distinctive black kit famously worn by Lev Yashin, adding a touch of nostalgia and class to your squad. In the world of FIFA 24, the goalkeeper's kit is not to be underestimated; it's your ultimate chance to make a statement, stand by it, set your team apart from the rest, for victory.


Picking out the perfect kits for your FIFA Ultimate Team can be a highly personal endeavour, and it all boils down to your individual tastes and inclinations. Your choice of kits is an opportunity to mirror your style, allowing you to express yourself within the expansive realm of FUT. Whether you lean towards classic, timeless kits, whimsical themed ones, custom designs crafted to your heart's desire, or those coveted rare limited-edition kits, these choices serve as a canvas for showcasing your distinctive identity. So, don't hesitate to get creative, have some fun, and put forth your unique flair by selecting the kits that most authentically represent your squad. As you step onto the pitch, may good fortune be by your side.

Furthermore, it's crucial to understand that in the world of FIFA, the selection of kits is more than just an aesthetic preference; it's an emblem of your spirit and character as a gamer. Your chosen kits can, in a way, set the tone for your FIFA journey. They can inspire your performance, inject a sense of pride in your virtual squad, and even strike a chord with your opponents. So, the next time you're scrolling through the array of kit options, remember that it's not just about the colours and designs; it's about the narrative you're shaping in the virtual soccer universe. With that, go ahead and seize the opportunity to express yourself, and let your kits tell the story of your FUT adventures as you take to the pitch.

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