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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to the Clubs

The Pro Clubs mode of the earlier versions of the EA Sports FC 24 game has now been rebranded as the Clubs in the latest installment of the popular Football-based game series. EA FC 24 Clubs is a Social online game mode that allows you to create a Virtual Pro player. You can use this player to play on the pitch with friends. But with the competition rising with the popularity of this game, it is only natural that traditional ways won't help you get much further. You might have noticed that some players using clubs are stepping up their game by using custom tactics, some customize their kits. Then there is Skill Point. What is it and how does it work? There are many questions and we are here to answer them for you in this EA Sports 24 Clubs guide article. Let's begin then.

What are Clubs in EA Sports FC 24?

Clubs is anticipated to emerge as one of the most favored game modes for playing with buddies in EA Sports FC 24. It seamlessly combines the gaming experience of Career Mode with the thrill of online multiplayer sessions among friends. The collective objective for all players is to guide their respective teams to reach the pinnacle of the league, but only a select few can claim this achievement.

EA Sports has introduced a plethora of innovative elements in EA FC 24, and the Pro Clubs game mode, now going by the name of Clubs, hasn't been overlooked. While Ultimate Team typically garners the most attention, Pro Clubs has maintained its status as a fundamental game mode within the FIFA franchise for numerous years. Even though we might be embarking on our journey in EA FC once again and the much-loved social mode has undergone a rebranding as Clubs, the core concept remains unaltered.

What's New: Clubs will feature crossplay

The Clubs mode of the EA Sports FC 24 will feature the much awaited Crossplay. Crossplay allows players from different devices to play together. But as it happened with the other game modes of the FA 24 game, it will be a generation-specific feature. Players can search and join any Club suitable for their device from the start. There won't be any locked clubs that you can't access.

To maintain a match experience solely with players on your chosen platform, simply configure your local cross-play preference to "Disabled" and ensure that you are the first participant to access your Clubs' match lobby. This cross-play choice for your lobby will persist until all participants have departed. Cross-play will be activated for all varieties of Clubs matches, encompassing League, Playoff, Friendly, and Drop-In games.

Guide To Customize Your Club Kit

Kits are an integral part of your Club. These are all the things that are included in your outfit that you will wear on the ground. Customizing a kit is important so that you get the chance to represent your club however you like. You get a lot of options to choose from such as - color, logos, and patterns. Each of these attributes allows you to make a unique and intriguing kit to represent your club.

In order to customize your kit of the Clubs mode you go to the Clubs Customization menu. From here you can choose the kit that you would like to edit. The right and the left arrows can be used to browse through all the options and templates available for the customization.

  • Color Picker - It is used to change the colors of your kit. The colors can be primary, secondary or tertiary. To make the process more smooth, there is an eyedropper tool for your assistance. You can use this tool to select a color from badges or logos that are already there in the game. In this you won't have to search for colors in the color palette.

  • Logo Placement - On your kit there will be various logos, so it is important to place them correctly. The Logo Placement option helps you with that. You can use this option to change the placement and size of the various logos such as club and sponsorships on your kit. There is an option to add more logos to your kit or even remove some if you are not liking it.

  • Name and Number - This option can be used to alter the style, font and color of player's name and jersey number.

Once you preview all the changes and are satisfied with all the changes, use Save to confirm all the changes made to your kit. Use FC 24 Coins, the in-game currency of the game to purchase some fancy stuff for your club to make it stand out from others. If you are falling short of the FC 24 Coins, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase EA Sports FC 24 Coins at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.

Where to Modify Your Club Name?

When you're on the Ultimate Team Home page, you'll encounter the shortcuts drop-down menu situated on the left side, along with a listing of all the main menu locations at the top. The shortcuts on the left feature options like Moments, Squad, Objectives, and more.

You can use the RB/R1 buttons to get to the rightmost section of the menu. Here you'll find the Settings tab. Click on the Settings tab to access the Settings menu. Don't pay attention to the "Club" section, even if it might seem like the place to alter your Club Name. It's not. On this screen, you'll see three menu options: "Playtime," "Matchmaking," and "Rename Club."

Once again, navigate to the far right, and click on the "Rename Club" tab to enter the next menu screen. Now, you'll have the freedom to update your club's name and select a new abbreviation to complement the fresh identity you've envisioned. You're not limited in the number of times you can modify your club's name. Just follow this step-by-step guide to revisit the Rename Club screen in your settings.

EA Sports FC 24 Club Names

Skill Points in the Clubs

In FC 24 clubs, skill points serve as a means to enhance your player's experience by boosting their stats and unlocking new attributes and playstyles for in-game use. We've compiled a comprehensive breakdown of skill points, focusing on accelerating your club player's development.

Within FC 24 Clubs, you have the flexibility to create five distinct player builds, allowing you to allocate your skill points across these various configurations.

One of the most rewarding approaches to swiftly accumulate skill points and experience is by participating in skill games. These brief yet challenging exercises do not demand excessive time investment while providing substantial rewards. In just approximately 15 minutes of dedicated effort, you can accumulate a significant number of skill points, making this a more expedient leveling method compared to grinding league games with friends.

For those keen to expedite their Clubs's progression, consider exploring the Volta game mode. It offers a rapid path to level up your character. By deploying your Clubs Player in Volta matches and delivering strong performances, you can reach the highest level in just a few hours, representing the ultimate shortcut to enhancing your character's capabilities.

Additionally, forming a club and teaming up with others to engage in league games can be an effective strategy. This not only provides an enjoyable path to leveling up but also fosters camaraderie with friends or teammates. The competitive nature of league games adds engagement and fulfillment to your journey toward reaching the maximum level.

Despite the perceived chaos, drop-in matches have their merits. While some participants may be there for casual enjoyment, drop-ins remain one of the swiftest avenues for advancing your Clubs Player's progression. Consider them as a boost to your overall game experience.


This was all about the Clubs in EA Sports FC 24. We've discussed what Clubs are and how they work. Then we have discussed what's new except the rebranding of Pro Clubs to Clubs in EA Sports FC 24. After that we have seen customizing your kit and changing the name of your Club in Ultimate mode, and finally we have discussed the Skill Points. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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